Thursday, October 6, 2005

the master of ceremony..sophia

the stage

Saturday, October 1, 2005

the entrance decor of the lantern festival in TIS

heeeeebat! great recipes frm missy v who was, well, not present during the cooking for the feast. serina and ad cooked up the storm!


mooncake festival eve @ home

so far..

phuhhh... the sofa finally arrives. we had it customed-made in olive green. i was pretty anxious for the past weeks after we had placed an order cos we really do not know how it would turn out. fyi, they do not have a showroom piece. so, i must admit i am very brave to order a design that is based entirely from a catalogue.

my bravity didnt exactly pay off when the sofa was literally unwrapped from the corrugated boxes, plastic and cling wraps. it turned out to be higher than expected and the throw/loose cushions are missing. i was, of cos, astonished and appalled both at the same time but i din make a big fuss out of the poor delivery men. i let them go and said i will deal with the office people. till monday i will know... more waiting.

tho' i don quite find the sofa va va voom, i realised i could actually adorn it with lotsa stuff such as colorful throws i.e. silk, cotton, pashmina (did i spell that correctly?) and of cos throw cushions in assorted sizes. and what is missing will be replaced with more interesting colour combinations and/or material. i still like the idea of having a shaggy where do i store the other two lazy chairs, contributed by our dear frens and husband and wife to be, Caroline and Reuby.

on a diff. note, i had been, of cos, bz over the past weeks. not bz at work but bz outside of work. i took up a freelance job to decorate a school for the Mooncake Festival. My fren's mother looked me up and gave me the job. I was really involved with 30% of the entire event. It was friggin stressful and tiring but it is all worth it when you received good feedback. AND, i learned a great deal. I do not mind doing more of such events if there are opportunities.