Friday, July 27, 2007


FINALLY. More pictures shot in Langkawi last week. Took a long time to edit cos 1. I shot mostly in RAW format so the size is cosmic. 2. I don't have a Mac book Pro and I want one. grrrrr. Anyways, pics from Amy & Roshan's wedding, some from the cable car place and then there was this little girl from the resort. No, she's real tho' she kinda spooked us a little bit.

Top - Bottom:
1. Wedding reception. Cantik, right? 2. The really friendly and cute flower girls. 3. Scary lil' Kim 4. Cable car ride 5. Ad & Diana 6. Mien, "the asst. photographer" 7. Asses galore 8. Us cam-whoring :P

(more on the wedding...)

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Movies, riesling, and so much ... more

I have just seen DISTURBIA on dvd a while ago. It was not as dark as I had expected it to be; neither was it as intelligent as I would like it to be - I did wish it was like SE7EN which is one of my all time favourite thriller movie. Since I am talking about thriller and David Flinch (the guy who did SE7EN and FIGHT CLUB), I was quite disappointed with his latest project, ZODIAC. Yawn inspiring, anti-climax (what climax? some might even asked); even fav. Robert Downey jr. couldn't save the movie. It ultimately turned out to be a very damn long CSI episode.

CSI. I just saw the damn finale and I hate cliffhangers. Like, Desperate Housewives. Like, Ugly Betty. Like, Prison Break. I could really go on. You see, I had a little Riesling earlier and it is jeopardising my writing. I'm not drukfm I am just feeling a little critical when I'm buzzzzzed.

We are still on the topic of movies, right? Now where is my Riesling.

Yes, movies.

Ratatouille. Some Chinese fella pronounces it as RA-TA-TOO-LAY. I didnt correct him cos I think I had a bi of Heineken. It was cheap in Langkawi and nno, no, I wasnt driving under the influence. We rented a car but I drove but I wasn't drunk.

MOVIES! Ratatoolay. Rescue Dawn. Charlie Bartlett. The Simpsons movie. Stardust. Once. Knocked up...



Sunday, July 22, 2007

A Wedding and a very darn good wedding!

Back from a very short (but sweet) trip from Langkawi. Just so you know, I have not been to Langkawi since 1991. Yes, it has been that long. Back before when I was still a virgin. Errr....

ANYways, I am currently editing some pictures that I have shot - quite a handful; mainly covering not the bride and the groom cos I was a little intimidated by the actual photographer and his huge camera and lenses. LOL. Shy mah. (Amy will be so disappointed).

The wedding was one most unconventional wedding I've attended (not that I attend a lot of weddings) cos it was cosy - mostly family members from all over the world; entertaining - live performances from friends. No, no, Karaoke session, please. Original stuff and then some cover versions. My personal favorite has got to be the acoustic version of Rihanna's "Umbrella"; It was also a very touching & warm evening - everyone was so genuine and sincere in making the wedding a great party incl. family members and friends that it was really nice to see.

The video presentation was whacky, absolutely hilarious and the music used is spot on! (Not a single romantic song in the video; maybe, there was Travis or Coldplay which is hardly romantic or sappy compared to Whitney's "I will always love you"). I have got to give it to the bride cos she is so passionate in doing what she does it ultimately turned out really well (fyi, she's part of the production team in the new reality TV on ntv7, "The Firm"). Great, great wedding.

Meantime, I shall leave you with more than a couple of pics (some my personal favorite).


Stay tune for more, more, more ;)

Thursday, July 19, 2007

The Way I Are

I had to attend to a Korean customer who looked like that plump Korean gal from one of the whacky MTV ads that has a hot guy friend (whom I think she's the fag hag in the ad :p) on a very quiet Monday mid morning.

She was obviously buying a very last minute gift to her friend as she was fumbling and looking all stressed out while selecting the gift. It was also partly cos she had a "Britney" daughter whom look like the young bisexual Korean-American Margeret Cho. She speaks a hell of a good English, tho; imagine how all the other female teenagers speak in America.

"Do you, ah, wrap gift?" the mother asked politely without looking at me.

"Yes, we do gift wrapping. I have got some wrappers over here," I showed her.

Korean mommy spoke Korean to her Korean daughter. She replied in one breath rather effortlessly. Really amusing, the language. Just so you know, I do not watch Korean TV series and am not a fan tho' I think Rain is hot.

"I tink Olenge is nice. Um, white?" she seems to be speaking to herself while selecting the wrappers whilst Korean daughter was checking out the ribbons. Almost 2 minutes later, she decided on orange.

"I want this to be a MASSSterpiece!" the Korean daughter all of a sudden said out loud while I was wrapping up the candle holder with the ribbon they had selected.

"O-K! But, how would a massssterrrpiece gift looks like?" I asked if with a bit of sarcasm.

"A masterpiece gift is like, erm, a masterpiece! It has to be loyal!" she said. Each syllyable was perfectly enunciated.

"Loyal? How do you mean?" I was puzzled.

"A loyal masterpiece! Like, an art, you know?" she smiled and her hands were up in the air rather dramatically.

I was curious: "What'd you like to be when you've grown up?"

"What does it matter to you?" she snapped very quickly. "I wanna be an actress!" she announced dramatically.

Her mom giggled and I could see she was kinda embarassed.

"Good choice! You could be a great actress!" I said truthfully.

She ignored me and starting criticising my gift wrapping skill. I am a little flustered but amused at how eloquent she is. They eventually left the store happily with my "masterpiece".

She, little Korean "Britney" returned today wearing a pair of Croc - one side pink and the other in blue.

"Oh look who's here!" I announced out loud.

She smiled.

"Are you here for lunch?"

"OBVIOUSleeeee!" she retorted.

"O-K. Miss drama-queen." I said that a little too soft.

"I see you have one side of your shoe to match your top (blue) and the other side with your tamagotchi!" I was a little friendlier now afterall she IS only 8.

"Is it any of YOUR business? And, by the way, it is tama-GO-CHI. Not, tama-GUCCI!"

"Right. I did say tamagochi. I speak a little Japanese, don't try me!"

"I spoke a ... errrr. Korean!"

"Ha-ha. I speak a little Korean, too! Kim-chi!"


I attempted to say thank you in Korean but it came out sounding like thank you in Hokkien followed by "your mother" in cantonese. She got more confused and eventually, I gave up cos she did not stop after that; I have completely forgotten how much energy kids have tho' I did have fun teasing her.

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Reality. Suck much

I was sold out by a colleague today. And, the funny thing is I was not angry. On normal circumstances, I would be boiling inside, cursing her, and wish she'd roll over and drop dead. But, nothing of the above.

Even I found it peculiar. This was what happened.

2 months ago: Commitment

We took up a project to do up a client's office. She led the project and I assisted in overseeing the project by following her instructions - we were basically assigned to do up the interior fit-out of the office (2 rooms only) and not the interior design. I sent out the orders for furniture, lightings, and soft furnishing. We even did some shopping of accessories.

I was given the task to do up one small room and the outcome was stunning. The client was very pleased, more so, the person who is using the room in the future. Whilst the room done up by her turned out pretty good except that she screwed up a table (size). "Nevermind we could alter the arrangement," she said. So we did as per her plan.

Today: Rearrangement

The client requested us to rearrange the furniture because she does not like the current arrangement. My colleague had to do it and came out with a plan. I was given the instructions to follow the plan and while we were at site, I overheard her saying to the clients that what we are doing (the new arrangment) today is SUPPOSED to be the initial plan.

I continued to do my work with my staff although I was quite hurt by her remark. I was not angry. I was hurt because the first time I did the arrangement with my staff, it was as according to her plan. When the client complained, she did some damage control, came out with a new plan, and changed it today. She took the credit and inadvertently, I became the "stupid" or "incompetent" person.

I reckon people are selfish. More so if the person wants to "save face" rather than saving the integrity of his/her staff or colleagues. I am actually quite disgusted and utterly disappointed.

Quoting Calvin (from Calvin and Hobbes), "Reality continues to ruin my life."

Monday, July 16, 2007

Empress, lattes, amber chia & some BOs

It rained a total of 8 hours the whole friggin' day yesterday. Our biz at the Curve was affected; but that didnt stop people from peeping at our stall even when it was drizzling (and the number of inquiries was satisfying, too) :)

Two of Ad's frens dropped by and hung out with us for a little less than 1 hour (of the total hours we've operated ie 8 hrs) at Empress Cafe. It was such a nice meeting under the rain with cups of lattes, americano & iced lemon tea talking about anything and everything from yoga, premonition, amber chia to design, "psychopaths" & smelly armpits.

I've also managed to shoot some pictures when I was at Empress Cafe using my D40x.


11th & us

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Meet Angie, Jacky & Zizi

I have Angie, Jacky & Zizi posed for me for some experimental shots 2 nights ago. If you have been following my blog, these guys are NOT the mutated version of Goldie and the gang. In fact, they were the new members. What happened to Goldy and the gang?

Let's not even talk about it. :)

Friday, July 13, 2007

The Beckhams

The Beckhams. Ah.

I hardly am a fan of the Beckhams. ACtually, to be darn honest, I'm hardly a fan of Victoria Beckham. That's cos everytime I look at her, she reminds me so much of Cruella de Vil. Everytime. The similarity, however, stops there - the facial bit. Thank God for Cruella, I thought.

It must be darn difficult being her having to be David's wife - tolerating his infidelity (if any; but I don't blame him) and taking care of 4 kids while managing troupes of paparazzis from all over the world. Even Madonna and Paris are envious. Not for her funny looking titties but the glam and the super hot husband. By the day hot, may I add.

The latest issue of W Magazine evidently shows it. And, Steve Klein, the photographer, is like the Godfather of fashion photographer who've previously shot pictures of Madonna (she and the horses in W Magazine which I think the idea was "improvised" by a local photographer with Wan Zaleha Radzi), Britney, J Lo etc. My hero, I must add.

Now. Start salivating, boys and girls while I'm off to gym and google for the nearest salon that has tanning machine or air-brush tan on body. Any recommendations? Maybe I should get a tatt, too *vain grin*

I think I need a shot of tequila to cool me down. Grrr.

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Powderful Engrish!

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

The Weekends!

Top to bottom:
1. Cup Cakes galore! 2. "Hairy" Potter (Chk our Daniel in d upcoming issue of Detail) 3. Spinning doggy 4. Coffee Beans 5. Ad 6. Delicious German cheese cake frm Coffee Beans 7. Toys R NOT us 8. Lost/Cute tourist 9. Clowning around 10. BTS Bazaar 11. Chatty Ad & Mom 12. Toy train on a Conveyor belt!!

The rest was shot in Rakuzen & Johnny's place celebrating aunty Sophia's & Johnny's bday respectively. WHAT A WEEKEND!

More pics at Muse Studio