Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Lift, Cut & Talk?

I was flipping the pages of the latest issue of Men's Health (Malaysian issue with Datuk err, Bernard Chandran on the cover) & stopped momentarily to read an article on, well, health.

"Hey! Is THAT the new phone?" my nephew whom was nearby asked me.

I looked on the opposite side of the page and laughed. "That's not a ....". I stopped cos the older fella (his brother) quickly came over and peeped on the page and said, "Cooool!".

I was a little baffled but before I could correct them, the little fella went on to say this, "Yeah. I think Puan Fatimah has one of these. It plays music wan."

I laughed out really loud this time rather fascinated by their imagination.

"Hey wait a minute. That is NOT a phone! It's a WASHING MACHINE!"

"WHAT?" I said that way too loud cos I was more amused now.

"OK. Tell me. Where do you put the clothes & wash them?" I asked.

"Errr.......WAIT. I KNOW what those are!!" the older one fell back into the couch and laughed out really loud now.

"YEAH! Puan Fatimah used it before. It was cool wan," the little fella added and boy, was he convinced that that was a mobile phone or what?

I was, of cos, laughing my heads off.

"So does your teacher, Puan Fatimah, used it to erm," I lifted my armpit, "shave it here?"

We all laughed out so hard I think my sister think we were nuts.

That, however, totally made my day. And, err, of cos, coming home to a hot guy cleaning the house :)

And, if you are wondering, this is the "Phone / Washing Machine" they were talking about.


Legolas said...

Hmm. Obviously they haven't seen shaver before.

They didn't ask, "Why uncle is reading magazine with hot and hunky half naked guys?"

Haha. ;-p

adrien said...

kids say the darndest things don't they. adorably hilarious!

oh yes yes. why why? lol

ethn said...

leggie, they did not ask. Thank GOD for that LOL

Yeah adrien. They can be quite cute and, erm, cool, too. We sing to Gym Class Heroes, imagine that.