Friday, July 13, 2007

The Beckhams

The Beckhams. Ah.

I hardly am a fan of the Beckhams. ACtually, to be darn honest, I'm hardly a fan of Victoria Beckham. That's cos everytime I look at her, she reminds me so much of Cruella de Vil. Everytime. The similarity, however, stops there - the facial bit. Thank God for Cruella, I thought.

It must be darn difficult being her having to be David's wife - tolerating his infidelity (if any; but I don't blame him) and taking care of 4 kids while managing troupes of paparazzis from all over the world. Even Madonna and Paris are envious. Not for her funny looking titties but the glam and the super hot husband. By the day hot, may I add.

The latest issue of W Magazine evidently shows it. And, Steve Klein, the photographer, is like the Godfather of fashion photographer who've previously shot pictures of Madonna (she and the horses in W Magazine which I think the idea was "improvised" by a local photographer with Wan Zaleha Radzi), Britney, J Lo etc. My hero, I must add.

Now. Start salivating, boys and girls while I'm off to gym and google for the nearest salon that has tanning machine or air-brush tan on body. Any recommendations? Maybe I should get a tatt, too *vain grin*

I think I need a shot of tequila to cool me down. Grrr.

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