Wednesday, May 31, 2006

angkor wat

9 more days to go! yippee..........
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Monday, May 29, 2006

my new addiction

"Whoever said winning wasn't everything...never held a scalpel."

that was the opening narration by one of the lead actress in one of the most popular tv series in US of A at the moment. Grey's Anatomy. eversince i caught one episode on tv3 long, long time ago, i had fallen in love with it. but that time my interest was still lukewarm. i guess it is the fact that it was shown on, well, tv3. so i missed the following episodes until Star World on Astro announced that they will show GA on their channel. i endeavour not to miss an episode since. just like wentworth miller. i mean, Prison Break.

i've got so hooked to this show that i actually bought First Season, part I, on dvd two days back. i saw it and instantly i wanted it. tho' there were only 9 episodes but i knew i had to have it. and i did (plus it was quite a good deal). and no, i did not buy Prison Break. sorry wentworth.

here are 5 reasons why i love Grey's Anatomy (no, i dont need 10): -

  1. the strength of the show does not (fully) rely on good looking actors. of cos, i really do not mind good lookin' ppl at all. aw c'mon, you think Desperate Housewives will work if they replace Teri Hatcher with Bette Midler and Eva Longoria with Rosie from Will and Grace (Karen's maid)?
  2. the camaraderie of the actors are so great you can almost see them hangin' out with each other even after the end of season one
  3. i love every single character in the show incl. alex. yes, alex the frat boy aka jerk - u need a jerk in every series to make it more interesting. no?
  4. the music! how can you miss the music! each episodes they play at least 5 different songs. and at any given time, i would play 'guess who is the singer' with ad. the music they have chosen so far is darn good and makes the scene/s so effective
  5. the script. sometimes funny, sometimes intelligent, and many times, intriguing (see below for fav. quotes)

"Of course, now you know every time he gets a rise, he'll be thinking of you." - Miranda to Issie.

"She's the vice president of fantasyland." - Christina, about Issie, to Meredith

<> our new drug, grey's anatomy. we are so hooked


:: dan lain-lain bits

  • will & grace has ended it's run and the finale was shown over in the States recently. my fren had the opportunity to watch it (no, she is not in USA) and got all teary eyes. im gonna miss jack and karen :(

  • i hate the Apple AND Sony Ericsson people because they have recently launched some really nice, and cool shits. here's the tagline for mac book: '"Introducing the superfast, blogging, podcasting, do everything out-of-the-box mac book." urghhhh....what-ever....i will endeavour to get a mac pro. damn it.

  • still on the topic of Apple, they have recently opened a retail shop in Fifth Avenue. yes, Fifth Avenue as in New York. nice one.

  • Suzuki recently launched the new look for Suzuki Swift 2006. borrrrrrrrrring *pout*

Saturday, May 27, 2006

the last stand

we caught x:3, the last stand two nites ago over at GSC midvalley. there are few things i'd like to say about GSC cinema online purchase system. 1) it is inefficient in terms of tickets collection procedures 2) ticket collection machine that looks like an ATM machine is a total failure because it doesnt work (one utama) or it fails to work (midvalley)

the next time u think u got it first before anyone else by purchasing movie tickets on GSC website, think again cos it is very likely that you'd end up with unnecessary frustration and stress. i think these guys need to sit down and improvised the system. at least, test the damn machine for ticket collection until it is fully functional and faultless before letting the public use it. it is really quite stressful to be redirected from one place to another just to collect tickets that you have purchased. i mean,

ok i have started to sound like Patrick Teoh (read 'Off the Edge' last page and you'd know why). let's talk about x:3 now :p

i enjoyed the movie but it is not as good as the 2nd installation. maybe cos there were deaths in the movie and i feel that the deaths of the character sort of make xmen not so much a team anymore. i dunno. go watch it. im not abt to give a long review :P

Thursday, May 25, 2006

American Idol

and the winner is....

taylor hicks! *hiccups* hehe.. ok, ok, simon says... he is the idol the nite before and so he became one cos really he deserved it. and yes, simon was right. or he thinks he was (remember he didnt think taylor would get to the final 12?) and i knw the pic is NOT taylor hicks that's cos for multiple other reasons besides she being so gorgeous. see, i'd rather have katherine's pic on my blog than taylor hicks. taylor, i can play ur music on my cd player.

the 'live' finale was on astro channel 70 this morning at 8am and we missed a good 3/4 of the show when we got up. i managed to catch the other half of the show and i was very impressed with ALL the contestants and the show these AI ppl had put up. the singing was perfect, the clothes was right, the make-up was subtle, the guest stars line-up was absolutely impressive - hullo, dione warwick singing live? i knw she's a dinosaur but she IS the dione warwick and she is a legend - it was the highlight of the show, i must say. but, i missed out Prince's performance with the rest of them so that might just be as good. tho i cant say for ms braxton, and well, mary j blige's performance was aye, too.

and here are some of the pics taken in tiffin bay/jazz lounge in Starhill on my burfday. click on my flickr for more pictures!

{from top} dinner prepared by ad - yummy! <> ad & missy v posing effortlessly <> ad chilling out <> me chilling out - chk out klcc! <> missy v diggin' on the super sinful desserts

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

say it in French, monsieur

French AIDS campaign advertisements.

Scorching! i mean, the spider & the scorpion hehe... what i like about these ads, besides the hot models, is that it is so effective. i would stop and look if it is featured on a glossy magazine, yaknw what i mean. imagine if they billboardised it. it'll stop traffic! haha... and if you noticed, the setting is all in white. cool bedroom (see picture two)

i have noticed something recently from my blog. that 1) i do not blog anything about the gym or the gym i go to or ANYTHING regarding gym! 2) i do not blog about the hugely popular, (also overrated) American Idol 5 - for the cavemen, it is semi-final tonite

amazing, isnt it? i mean, i watch 'American Idol' (tho not religiously) cos, really, there isnt anything interesting on Wednesday nites besides Grey's Anatomy *giggles* and no, that is not my porn collection. and i go to the gym pretty religiously but i do not write about any of these two subjects. i guuess i just kinda skipped these whenever i am online. funny how the brain works. it is like the other day i so wanted to download some songs from so and so artist, and then when i logged on, KWISHHH! i don't have a fucking idea! or, when you want to text to a fren, say Mr. A, but you are talking to Ms. B at the same time about Mr. C and TOOOT, u sent to the Mr. C whom you were talking about with Ms. B and not Mr. A! can u imagine ur bitching abt this person and then he/she received it? for instance, ur boss? yikes! i have to say it is largely due to the amount of caffeine i take everyday. i'd like to conspire my brain to think that way haha.... someday, i swear to u, the effect of caffeine will take it's toll on my body. b4 it does so, please do not bitch about someone while typing ur text msg.

until then, i think i need a cuppa of expresso con panna. nehh, those little cup with a shot of expresso and whip cream on top? DÉLICIEUX!

ps: i think i have forgotten to remember to post something. can anyone help me?

Monday, May 22, 2006

movies movies movies!

so. does 'The Da Vinci Code' lives up to 50 million people's expectations? well, i guess i cant answer for all 50 million readers who had purchased his book but what i can say after watching the movie is, yes and no (in living up expectations).

yes cos it didnt disappoint as much as i had expected it (i expected worse, trust me). but it is not a great film as compare to like, 'The Motorcycle Diaries', or 'The Hour' for adaptations. i am not gonna spoil it for those who have not seen it.

but remember, Believe what is Truth.


the acting was pretty good though, esp. Paul Bettany's Silas and Sir Ian McKellan as Leigh. i think Audrey Tatou is so cute :p

on the other hand, Over the Hedge, the latest animated film from the people who brought us 'Shrek' and 'Madagascar, is a cute and clever movie. it goes to show that talking animals are entertaining! i had a rollicking time watching it. really really.

in case u were wondering, yes, i watched two movies over the weekend. hey it is the summer blockbuster season, man. in weeks to come there will be 'Pirates of the Carribean 2', X:3, Superman Returns, Indiana Jones..wait a minute. notice the similarity here? they're all SEQUELS! yikes. i think i shud hv bad expectations just so i am not disappointed later. but of cos, there is the original adaptation, 'Lady in the Water', the latest flick from M. Night Shyamalan. i cant say much about this movie but i hope it is not as disappointing as his last.

hottest Superman since ...?


:: news bits

Kidnapped boy's body found in Sg Sitiawan
When I saw the headline on today's NST, i was devastated. The picture depicting the gruesome find by the marine officers in Sg Sitiawan of the boy's body which was kept in a luggage bag with his feet dangling out. I was really angry with whoever did this to a 7-years old. What is wrong with this people? I do not know what kind of enemies his parents have but to do this to a 7-years old is simply unforgiveable. Animal, in fact. I hope they get caught.

A Santuary for Animals
"A Buddhist welfare group has opened the country's biggest animals shelter here (Pekan Nenas), and it is now home to more than 1,000 animals of 20 species."
I think Keith will be very happy with this bit cos he n his family simply love animals. His house is already an unofficial animal 'santuary'. It feels good to read this kind of story, really.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

super wish!

darn cute, isnt it? this is a super cool wish i've got for my burfday this yr.

thanks so much, ru, for tis super cool wish (i lurrve tat sexy smooch/pose)...very creative.

and of cos, ad, for his super good, super delicious gourmet-style diner last nite & for puttin' up with my request (and all d other shenanigans) to go tiffin bay after that eventho u were in so much pain. and missy v for playin' the role of a muse/clown. and, yes, mr teo for ditching us at the very darn last min. idiot.

and most of all, those who had sent me smses greetings, msn, yahoo & phone calls. it means much, seriously. no need huge-ass gift. jus huge-ass muack can do.

love u lots!

ps: more pics coming soon. stay tune.

Monday, May 15, 2006

secrets revealed with Stori

spidey ~ some cool ads i found frm the web for an apparel co. in europe. soo wanna watch superman returns & x:3

secrets revealed


secrets revealed


mobile candid

[ clockwise from top l-r ]
huge-ass cheese cake frm tiffin bay. ad in tiffin bay seemingly bored. my lil niece. my littlest nephew - darn cute!. carol, me & ad in kuching. ah siaw scratching like a monyet in kch. ad-posey. cyber-look. in taj land's end, mumbai. random mini shots. tiffin bay overlooking klcc. mr incredible in red helmet. my new puma.
:: what's up on the blogosphere
(some new/old blogs i came across that i think it's worth checking out)

Friday, May 12, 2006

technology & me

a lot of ppl will be surprised if i were to tell them that i have a degree in IT. why? cos i simply do not look like i will pursue a degree in Information Technology. that's it! i just dont! and, i am not about to start on the story on why & how i got into it and managed to complete it (it surprises me until today how i even passed my programming subjects, really).

so. if i dont look like an IT person then what do i look like? now, this is interesting. many a time, ppl would assume that i am a fashion designer, which is not too bad a compliment. but, more than half of the time, i have been assumed as, get this, a hairstylist! haha! that's hilarious, right? i guess it is my "funky" hairstyle. however, i just am not comfortable when someone assumes that i am one. dont get me wrong. i think hairstylists are cool ppl and it is a great profession. everyone needs a haircut, yaknw, money-making biz. but i just am not comfortable. so there ya go. me, IT and designs.

well let's talk about design & IT. i think i recently talked about how much i dig sony ericsson's walkman mobile phones in one of my posts. i personally do not carry an SE mobile phone tho' i used to own the T610 (incidentally, that model brought sony ericsson back in the mobile biz after long suffering from bad designs and competition with the ever-popular nokia mobile phones).

the recent released of the range of walkman phones or non-walkman mobile phones from SE got my tounge wagging! especially the W810i, which is the newer edition of the W810. apparently, they are not many differences between the two except for it's super-chic black against the bright orange screen color and maybe the keypads. but, i dig tat. i totally dig tat. i'm a black mobile-phone person.

the other model, soon-to-be-released, w300i has got me going wild. not only it is the first clamshell-design for walkman phone, it is also avail. in black with external memory card to boot. darn sexy (online pics) eventho ive yet to see the actual piece.

so there. my attempt to be erm, technology savvy. i know, i know... not quite there. or was it just me being a sucker for everything nice...and expensive? geez, i think i am a design-whore!


:: on the local issues bit

Out of the "Blue"
follow-up to the very 'hangat' news about a local MP telling the local custom to 'close one eye' for the illegal import of Indonesian timber, the media managed to dig out (more) skeleton out of his closet when it was revealed that he is the Director of the company, 'Purnama Mutiara', "a company once hauled up by Malacca Customs for attempting to smuggle some 7,000 pirated VCDs, 2,000 of them pornographic, to Indonesia".

i mean, dood! ur sooo busted, man! and i really think this is a very embarassing news for the country and also for the government. here our most 'sayang' PM wish is to demolish corruption, we've got this dood over in Malacca embroiled in possibly the most corrupted shits any living MPs had ever committed previously. and he doesnt seem to be shitting in his pants, yet. he takes the cake, man!

How not to die in Klang Valley
KUALA LUMPUR: Twelve vehicles were damaged by falling scaffolding from a 30-storey building under construction in Lorong Bunus on Wednesday — one of several such incidents reported in the city centre in the past five months.No one was injured in the latest mishap, but at least six car owners suffered damage to their vehicles.Most of the victims received immediate compensation from the sub-contractor, Tanjung Teras Sdn Bhd.

this gives me the creeps since the last news about a doctor who was killed in Hartamas when a 700kg concrete mould crushed his BMW. that was not death caused by the mother nature. it was simply negligence by the construction workers. i am not parking my car near any construction sites.

Man, 86, accused of Causing Death?
KUALA LUMPUR: All eyes at the magistrate’s court in Ampang yesterday followed a frail 86-year-old man, complete with hearing aid, shuffling towards the dock.Senior citizen Khoo Seang Keng was the centre of attention as he was accused of reckless driving which caused the death of 25-year-old Sophina Mohd Akhir.The incident occurred in Jalan Memanda 10 at 11am on Jan 2. Sophina, who was riding a motorcycle to work, suffered head injuries in a collision with a Proton Wira driven by Khoo.The sales assistant succumbed to her injuries without regaining consciousness.

i think old uncle should not drive! no, i am not against old ppl or anything like that. it is cos i have had a bad experience once (near death) in KL city centre. it happened when i was driving around Ampang (near Mutiara International School) with my boss. we were trying to look for a client's house in Ukay Heights and we were kinda lost but, i was driving very slow to look for the landmarks. at a t-junction, i saw a car on my left hand side checking out cars on the main road & i thought nothing of it until almost about 150metres away the driver suddenly took off and almost knock my car! my boss had a out of the body experience when that happened. i was so shocked and furious that i started to swear! it turned out that the driver was a very old, and frail uncle that looks like this
dood who is caught for reckless driving. scary shits, man. but, i feel for this uncle because i believe he did not mean to kill the girl. still, the family member should not have let him

*news excerpts from NST, 12th May edition

Monday, May 8, 2006


rubbing a well-hung stallion



madge's stallions

which horse?


madge preparing

W is madonna

pic frm

these are (see above) some of the great pics shot by steve klein for madonna on the latest issue of W mag. i love his work, and madonna looks great, too.

wanton 'cheese'

something about this poster that makes me really, really wanna watch this show. and of cos, the numerous articles i hv read abt it. i think mayb it is selena, whom remind me so much of a fren (heheh), or mayb it is the wanton mee. i hope to be able to catch this play sometimes next wk.

i spent the wknd hanging out in Liquid/Disco. it was a rather cold nite cos it pissed so much, we could see the river next to the club gushing down all the trash on the riverbanks. wait, was there a riverbank, or was there not? i must be too buzzed. anyways, i knew i would hv a lot of fun hangin' out with cheese, thus, i had asked him out even before d wknd was near. besides, i really wanted to party.

...and party we did! we wanted to hv a pre-drink session around PJ so i recommended Laundry - the spanking new hang out place in The Curve since ad's ma was around. i reckon we shud bring her out for a drink or something. but it was too bad cos it was packed and darn noisy, too. so we headed to TGIF...and ended up drinking lemonade :P

cheese was pretty well prepared by bringin some drinks. i actually tot to myself where are we gonna drink it. little did i knw he was plannin' to drink it in d car! we downed quite a lot of vodka, the 'ghetto style' while listening to "We Belong Together'. it was crazy fun. havent done crazy stuff like this for a long time.

met d rest of them in the bar. (oh they've got pretty good service by having some of their staff passing umbrellas to patrons who've parked nearby - unbelievable good service, isnt it?). we all danceed like mad cows. at least i think cheese, and mei's fren was totally having fun, man! they are WILD!!! haha... it is so fun to hang out w sporty ppl. kinda look fwd again but too bad cheese is leaving us soon to Seattle on the 19th. sigh...hope i get to visit him next yr.

on sunday, i did a bit of cooking again. i improvised my 'failed' pasta (read previous entry) and it turned out to be so delicious! i think im digging cooking now. hehe...

Thursday, May 4, 2006

Suzuki Swift Price Increased

this news came as a blow to me to say the least, cos i was kinda banking on the fact that the price of Suzuki Swift will go down, instead of up. Thank God i followed my instinct and kinda listened to the advice of my stupid car salesman (ok, i do not call him stupid for no reason but tat's an entirely different story altogether).

Anyways, i got the news from Paul Tan's blog... here's the gist of the story he had posted: -

"Model Name:
  1. Suzuki Swift 1.5 (A)
    Old Price: RM81,779 New Price: RM87,279
    [That is about 7% increment]

  2. Suzuki Swift 1.5 (A) Premier
    OP: RM86,279 NP: RM91,779

  3. Suzuki Grand Vitara 2.0 (A)
    OP: RM139,888 NP: Remains

    The price of the Suzuki Swift 1.5 (A) baseline without leather seats and tinting has actually gone up by quite a bit, but don’t worry as manufacturing of CKD Suzuki Swift cars is expected to begin in 2007. Tax on CKD cars are not as high as CBU cars, so you will be able to enjoy a cheaper but locally assembled Suzuki Swift next year."

Locally assembled Suzie? (Suzie is Swift) WTF! i hope it is not too cheap. i believe these guys at Suzuki know the drift and will price it reasonably. anyways, it all ends well cos my car is worth much more now :P ... i was browsing at the various suzuki global sites and i found this site and the aussie site the cutest. apparently, my lil suzie won quite a lot of awards already in 2006 & 2006. quote Car Magazine (UK):

"The Swift is stylish, roomy and good value (good value if ur a BRIT!), pretty quick and a lot of fun to drive (agree!). It drives so well, it looks so good." Car Magazine, Suzuki Swift Winner 2005 Car of the Year. Issue 521, January 2006.

Cool, right?

Wednesday, May 3, 2006

fashion music

strange that i have already received free gifts even before my birthday. but i guess it is all good cos it's FREE! i've got a spa treatment for free and coffee and cakes, too. how cool is that rite? guess it paid off for joining all this membership and, of cos, credit cards. evil evil...

i was in midvalley a couple of days ago and they were having fashion shows at the centre court... it is called, 'Out of the Box' or something. the line up was Bonia, and then Eclipse. we skipped Bonia for obvious reason and headed for dinner. after dinner, we managed to catch the entire show for Eclipse (for the uninitiated, it is a homegrown brand by a popular local designer, Sonny San). the collection was pretty boring to say the least and Amber Chia ... my God. somebody must tell her to stop. just STOP MODELLING, or ENDORSING any products. she sucks! her pose, same same, and she has totally lost the sexy appeal compared to when she first came out. that's what happened when you are too greedy. sad. but i love the music they play for the fashion show ... we were imagining the place if it is turned into a discotheque. that'd be darn cool! haha.... i reckon it was cos there was a bunch of hotties who were next to us. one of them is the local designer Jonathan Cheng.

anyways, hotties aside, here is some top music that's been spinnin on my player (damn it, not on my iPod cos i fcking don hv one, yet). it's my car stereo ;)

  1. SOS - Rihanna
    Scorching young thing from Barbados. THIS song, mark my words, will garner more ppl's attention than her first single. It's cos of the superhot mtv. a handful of good songs in her eponymous album. chk it out if u dig SOS.
  2. Walk Away - Kelly Clarkson
    yes. the most popular idol in the world. i tot she rocks when her 2nd single, "Since u been gone" caught my attention. i remember how one of my frens dissed her. oh well, you cant please everyone, they say. "Walk Away" is darn cool albeit very Pink. this gal comes a long long way
  3. Bad Day - Daniel Powter
    ok, ok... i knw this song got popular cos of American Idol but i got noticed of it waaay before American Idol used it as the official send off song, and ever since that, it became so popular, it shot all the way (back) up to No. 1 in the top Billboard 100
  4. If I were You - Hoobastank
  5. Control Myself - LL Cool J feat J Lo
    it is a very 90s sounding song that it's, there's j lo. she looks great in da video 2
  6. Views from the Afternoon - Artic Monkeys
    these lads from UK has got a lot of ppl paying attention to their music. they are a bit like The Athletes slash Coldplay. i'm not sure but i'm certainly checking the album out
  7. Seven Days in Sunny June - Jamiroquai
    i love this song especially if you play it when cruising on the highway... love it love it love it love it!
  8. Let's Never Stop Falling in Love - Pink Martini
    this is one of the many songs that i like from their second album. it's the kinda album that put a smile on your face when u play and once you play it you just want to sit back and relax...with ur fav book or fav person next to you...great for chilling out, too

i am really into chill out and jazzy shits these days. i listened to Corrine Rae Bailey's album recently and i totally have fallen in love with her voice just like when i first checked out Rachel Yamagata. nice ones! bsides, im a REAL sucker for nice design cover! dang! check out her website. im into fantasy like design ie floral, flowers, fairies, butterflies etc... bohemian shits. nice!

Monday, May 1, 2006

mission shenanigans


i wanna make a shout out: i'm fucking working on a LABOUR DAY! no, no, i do not own my own co. i simply hv to work on a day where all salaried people incl. bosses get a day off! except me!

ok, ok enuff bitching. geez, i cant stand myself sometimes *preen* on the flip side of the coin, i actually am glad i am in the office cos i managed to finish off a lot of work - both personal and work. it has been quite productive since i clocked in until now *raised eyebrow*

ad will be back on wed.

*be warned, missing lovers cliche ahead*

kinda miss waking up next to him and smelling him and kicking his arse! hehe... i have been laying low lately simply cos i wanna treat myself better. love myself more by spending more time with myself. yes, i love spending time with myself cos sometimes i think it will make us more sane? or, am i insane to admit that? i don think so...bsides, i hv to grab the bloody opportunity when i've got it, rite? (ad in hk, hullo??!) ... so, what have i done? i watched all the dvds we've bot but simply do not hv the time to watch it. one of it is Match Point by Woody Allen. Good stuff, i tell ya cos i really thought it was a romance story. it totally blown me away with the surprises towards the end. here's bits from the conversation between Nola (Scarlett Johanssen) and Chris (Jonathan Rhys Meyers):

Nola: So. Who is my next victim? You?
Chris: I haven’t played table tennis for quite a while.
N: Would u like to play for a thousand pound a game? C: What did I walk into?
*Chris hits the ball and Nola misses it* N: What did I walk into?
*Chris walks over to show Nola how to play ping pong* C: It’s like this. May I?
N: Please.
C: You have to lean to hit the ball.
N: I was doing just fine until you showed up.
C: Ah ... the story of my life. So tell me. What’s a beautiful American ping pong player doing mingling amongst the British upper class?
*Nola lights a cigarette*
N: Did anyone ever tell u u play a very aggressive game? C: Did anyone every tell u u’ve a very sensual lips?
N: Extremely aggressive.
C: I’m naturally competitive. Is it off-putting
N: I have to think about that for a while.

i personally feel that was one of the unforgettable scenes in the movie.

anyways, besides catchin up all on d dvds, i also tried my hands on ... cooking! i did two versions of spaghetti and the last one was not a failure per se. it was just missing something. i figured i need fresh basils or some greens the next time but yeah, i love to cook. i think i am so gonna get an oven soon.

the summer is here and yes, yes, yes! lotsa movies are gonna be in town and i am eagerly awaiting for X:3, Superman Returns, and a lot of other crazy summer blockbusters! except Mission Impossible 3.

i don think i need 10 reasons to hate that show. just one will do: Tom Cruise.

why? he's a bloody psycho! eat his wife's placenta? katie must give birth silently? condeming caesarian birth over natural birth? jumped like a chimpanzeee w his horsey toothy grin in Oprah and and stood on his own car on a movie premiere recently...gosh this twerp is whack! what POT ARE YOU SMOKING, dood??!

Tom Cruise attempt in snatching the title, Whacko Jacko, off Michael Jackson