Monday, May 22, 2006

movies movies movies!

so. does 'The Da Vinci Code' lives up to 50 million people's expectations? well, i guess i cant answer for all 50 million readers who had purchased his book but what i can say after watching the movie is, yes and no (in living up expectations).

yes cos it didnt disappoint as much as i had expected it (i expected worse, trust me). but it is not a great film as compare to like, 'The Motorcycle Diaries', or 'The Hour' for adaptations. i am not gonna spoil it for those who have not seen it.

but remember, Believe what is Truth.


the acting was pretty good though, esp. Paul Bettany's Silas and Sir Ian McKellan as Leigh. i think Audrey Tatou is so cute :p

on the other hand, Over the Hedge, the latest animated film from the people who brought us 'Shrek' and 'Madagascar, is a cute and clever movie. it goes to show that talking animals are entertaining! i had a rollicking time watching it. really really.

in case u were wondering, yes, i watched two movies over the weekend. hey it is the summer blockbuster season, man. in weeks to come there will be 'Pirates of the Carribean 2', X:3, Superman Returns, Indiana Jones..wait a minute. notice the similarity here? they're all SEQUELS! yikes. i think i shud hv bad expectations just so i am not disappointed later. but of cos, there is the original adaptation, 'Lady in the Water', the latest flick from M. Night Shyamalan. i cant say much about this movie but i hope it is not as disappointing as his last.

hottest Superman since ...?


:: news bits

Kidnapped boy's body found in Sg Sitiawan
When I saw the headline on today's NST, i was devastated. The picture depicting the gruesome find by the marine officers in Sg Sitiawan of the boy's body which was kept in a luggage bag with his feet dangling out. I was really angry with whoever did this to a 7-years old. What is wrong with this people? I do not know what kind of enemies his parents have but to do this to a 7-years old is simply unforgiveable. Animal, in fact. I hope they get caught.

A Santuary for Animals
"A Buddhist welfare group has opened the country's biggest animals shelter here (Pekan Nenas), and it is now home to more than 1,000 animals of 20 species."
I think Keith will be very happy with this bit cos he n his family simply love animals. His house is already an unofficial animal 'santuary'. It feels good to read this kind of story, really.


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