Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

get life, no style

hola! i had just came back from Pulau Perhentian! i had a lot of fun and a lot of tan for the four days i was there! hehe... managed to get my mind cleared off a bit and relax. it was nothing but eat, sleep, snorkel, eat, games, drinks, eat, sleep, and more snorkelling. totally away from the crazy traffic and chaotic life in the city.

im so glad i was there (not back)

i just saw the firrrst episode of 'life in style', a talk show created and hosted by socilalite Ms Mi-Ki Choong on 8tv. it was appalling! her presentatation was mediocre. her hair was so flat it makes her face looks like 'char siew pao'. an oily one if i must add. the design and concept scream boring!! i was cringing listening to her interviewing Datin Tiara Jacquelina. Tiara must be like, 'Girl, stop bobbing ur head! and ask intelligent questions!'

bad. so bad. whoever wanna come up with a talk show should totally watch it to learn a thing or two. we need not a talk show that not only WOW us but give us that BANG factor! like, i got it! millions will tune it and all yaknw. like 'Simple Life'. man, i hate to admit this but watching paris hilton and nicole richie doin' their thang (not much but acting all stupid and blonde, really) was more fun.

well, tune in and drop out. lay-ta.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

we don't need a reason

i am relieved but i am unhappy. it is unclear or unknown to me why is that so.

maybe i was agitated with the car salesman who sorta raised his voice when i questioned his integrity. i have, as a customer, all the rights to question him in any ways i want to because i am givin' him biz. is it wrong to question him if the 2nd hand car dealer is paying me cash or cheque to take over my car? and, if it is cheque, i would prefer to release the car only after the cheque is cleared? what if he took my car and the check was invalid? it is not an uncommon practice in malaysia to do that (wait for the cheque to be cleared) and i was not implying that i do not trust him. i was merely checking with him and am protecting my interest. it is not a small amount we are talking about here eventho he thinks otherwise.

fuck. i knew i will regret it when i've chosen him over the other guy to purchase the car. i hate to feel not trustworthy but i am so fed up of ppl taking advantage of me. so sick.

perhaps, i should get over this and accept the fact that there are simply ppl like him out there and that i should not feel guilty. he, i believe now, is indeed the poorest performer in his company in comparison with his other colleagues and that was a confession he made to me. of cos, everything he said before, i took it with a pinch of salt.

the other thing that is bothering me is that the govt announced that local and imported cars price will be reduced. when? we do not know. and because of this announcement, i had to sit down and contemplate if i should buy this car now or wait. my boss was overjoyed when she picked up the news this mornin' and shared the news with me when i clocked in. but, i was torn.

in fact some 2 years back, they (the govt) said the same thing and nothing concrete followed up after that. perhaps, the increase of petrol price and the obvious economy slowdown and inflation are indication that they should implement the price reduction sooner than they had planned. but this is the govt we're talking about here. they are fickle-minded and unpredictable. i can either wait and be letdown by a mere 5% reduction but a higher bank interest rate or snap up the deal that has been offered to me now.

i did some quick calculation. the difference, even by 10% reduction, is not so significant. unless, perhaps, i'm buying a beemer or an SUV.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006



i've never felt so stupid and sworn so much on-line in my life. so bear with me. im very frustrated with a certain someone who took advantage of me and deceived me. bastard. and he is a relative.

time will tell.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

holidays / get together

6 more days!

...and im off to Perhentian! i am so lookin' forward to it cos im a beach bum. i love the beaches, the sun and the cold beer. im just gonna plonk myself on da beach and get "toasted"! hehe...

next week would be a darn busy week cos ive got quite a lot to do before i go on leave. on top of that, my dear fren, charo, is hopping over to kay-el from cat city for work. PLUS, cheesy chee seng is back on monday from the states! awesome.

i will attempt to lure them to the brand spanking new, and chic alexis restaurant in bsc for our get-together. it is one of my fav. restaurants in town at the moment because of the modern contemporary design that isnt too minimalist that it is stark. the clever use of space and minimal colours ie grey, white, black and an assortment colours from the products, plants, food, and beverages, retain what alexis is - simple and tasteful. from the clinical white arabescato marble top with grey grains for it's bar counter top to the designer lightings and chairs. very tasteful eventhough it does remind me somehow of a particular cafe/bar in bangkok.

let's hope my frens are game.

Thursday, March 16, 2006

it's like drag

"I am prepared and ready to cut off (the friendship)"

i will never forget these words, which were conveyed to me by a fren thru another fren. and these were words uttered by this person whom i've once considered as a good fren and also at one period of time, the mere mentioned of his name will easily ticked me off.

i have, however, come to terms with it - that doesnt mean we are frens again. it is just that i have learned to move on and there are so many things to experience than just look back and get pissed. it's unworthy cos really i cant be bothered by ... well, unnecessary people. good riddance, they said. darn right.

i just have to be careful in trusting frens. i think in life we go thru stuff like this and i have to accept it. for what it's worth, i am happier now.

:: song bits

HAWT! mtvs:

'Black Sweat' from Prince
i love prince and i don care what you say. he's a genius and his music, i dare to say, sexy. especially this hot new single

'Stupid Girl' from Pink
this song cracks me up everytime i watched it. she spoofed so many 'stupid girls' frm hollywood. i like that car wash bit spoofing BOTH jessica 'stupid' simpson and paris 'slut' hilton. and, this is a damn fun song, too!

'Pump it' from BEP
one of the guys from Black Eyed Peas must be darn creative cos their videos are always so cool! this song is not my fav. from their latest album, 'Monkey Business'; however, the mtv is something else albeit too short!

'Life' from Ricky Martin
love the bit where he poured those damn milk on his baw-day! muahahaha....

Wednesday, March 15, 2006



Shenanigan Bits:

  1. i recently bought a book from Borders, 'Running with Scissors' by Augusten Burroughfor (RM57.00), which is a pretty damn good read. But, guess what? i have read the book 1/2 year ago. a same fucking book! and it was 2 weeks into reading it that i found out about it. stupido-level: 9.5!

  2. feng-shui, i believe. but, Massage Chair AND feng-shui? That's too damn much, Ms Too. too damn much *grrrrr* stupido-level: 10!

  3. my driving's license expired about a month ago, and i only found out yesterday. stupido-level: 6.5!

  4. an article from the newspaper yesterday reported that 'if a person runs alone, especially those who get up early in the morning for their morning jog, they will become stupider. this is because the activity does not generate brain cell.' and quote my boss, 'if you bitch, it sharpens your mind. therefore, i have an excuse to bitch'. stupido-level: to be determined.

Tuesday, March 14, 2006

'if everybody looked the same'


song bits:
currently listenin' to Groove Armada's 'Best of...'. FUCKING GOOD STUFF, i tell ya!

Saturday, March 11, 2006

dude, how is this car?

the first time i laid my eyes on a Suzuki Swift, it was love at first like, like all things with great designs. ipod, sony ericsson w810 (walkman phone series), motorola razr & silvr, murano glass chandelier (see picture below), flos range of lightings, Giogali chandelier, and the many funky stuff found here ... Design within Reach.

i'd use everything from this place to decor my house!

but i digress.

yes, Swift. love at first sight. but reality sets in when i saw the price tag of the car. RM84 grand for this little fella? i know it's sexy, sporty and it suits me, but, RM84 grand? no way jose!

and, that was months ago. im now back shopping for cars again cos just last week a Chevrolet car promo at The Curve made me think about getting a new car because the deal is friggin' darn good! They basically are giving the buyer RM4k for any purchase of their car! OR, you could opt for a brand new DELL laptop, SONY video cam etc for each purchase. so, that lured me to look at Aveo5, which isn't too bad except that im quite bothered by the round dashboard, round air-con um, 'window'? hehe... everything is roundish inside the car! nevertheless, the salesperson was very friendly. within 2 days he actually called up and arranged with me to see how much my car is valued at if i were to trade-in with them. very efficient i must say, and they are givin' me a pretty good deal. but i need a 2nd opinion. thus, i started asking around...

the response wasn't very encouraging at all, to say the least, especially from my brother in law who knows a lot about cars. he adviced me about the resell value, the maintenance, particularly the expensive spare parts and worse, the lack of it. i thought to myself, should i be affected with what he had adviced me? i did more research about this car online and asked around my friends. some was clueless, others had given me more than i need - thanks, dan! after much thought, my attention is back on Swift, again! i made an appointment to see the showroom in Aman Suria this evening for a test drive.

THE RESULT: Sssssssmoking! very smooth, very quiet - it's like, driving in a beemer. absolutely comfortable and very stylish and sexy. i feel sexy driving that car! ad was at the rear sit and he totally likes it, too. and the best bit, they are givin' me a darn good deal! it's a 5 star definitely for a compact car. my only and the littlest problem is that the passenger seat (rear seat) is a tad too small. oh wat the hell!

sis adviced me earlier to consider Toyota Vios, which is not a bad sedan, really. chinese r a practical bunch - they buy cars that are big, interior and exterior, high resell value, low maintenance.... basically, they want the best out of the kaching they are paying. [no offence to those who do not fall into this category] i understand her concern and she wants the best for me. but i'm gonna go against the grain.

*taking a deeeeeeeeeep breath*

Thursday, March 9, 2006

hair today

i love my new hairstyle. thanks to my sis who finally decided to give it a radical + edgy look after 2 attempts. and this is what you do wen u hv too vainpots in d bathroom :p (very chungking express wat hehee..)

Wednesday, March 8, 2006

crash, broke, BLAH!

and the best picture goes to... 'CRAP'.

alrite, alrite. i am still hung up over the fact that Brokeback Mountain (BM) did not win the Best Picture in the recent oscar. and i am utterly disappointed with the oscar committees for voting Crash over BM. i knw some of you mite think that i am voting for BM cos im PLU, and therefore, i support BM more than any of the movies nominated. wrong.

aamof, i rooted for BM for this category because ang lee directed a movie on a subject that no one dares to touch - homosexuality. not especially if ur a director who is famed for churning out blockbusters/big hits. no one does a gay movie cos it just doesnt sell! and on top of that, there are just too many bigots and stereotyping honchos out there that do not or will not want to be associated with such a taboo subject.

BM is beautiful love story with great cinematography and screenplay adapted from an equally good writer. The talented young casts were another good reason that this movie deserves the award. and, the director, ang lee, who believes that no subject is not worth an attempt as long as it is for the sake of art. Crash, well, is an intensely emotional story about racism. i cant help but to compare it with Amores Pedros, directed by Alejandro Gonzalez Inniaritu, which is my all time favorite movie, but Crash. mmmmm ...

Monday, March 6, 2006


recent dinner in shogun, one utama. click on image to enlarge.

i would like to thank the following ppl for allowing me using their image on the blog (muahaha): -

vivian siaw
adrian toh
brennen teo
caroline (the photographer)

Sunday, March 5, 2006

leo ku rawks

leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks leo ku rawks. and justin, too.

Friday, March 3, 2006

oscar, the amazing race

the rich, the famous, the beautiful, the artistic, the narcistic, the fucked ups the ugly ...

yes, it is the time of the year again. no, im not talking about The American Idol 5 (which is gettin' a tad bit boring esp the friggin' Simon Cowell and his predictable comments) but, The Oscars which will be telecast live via satellite come Monday the 6th. i have just sent out email to some of my friends to fill up the Oscar Ballot and asked them to vote for their favorites or the nominee that is likely to win in the different categories.

  1. BEST PICTURE: Brokeback Mountain
  2. BEST DIRECTOR: Ang Lee for BrokeBack Mountain
  3. BEST ACTOR: Philip Seymour Hoffman for Capote (Heath deserves it, too; but, a flamboyant/psychotic and gay investigator? It's gotta be Phillip Seymour cos he long deserves this recognition)
  4. BEST ACTRESS: Reese Witherspoon for Walk the Line
  5. BEST SUPPORTING ACTRESS: Rachel Weisz for The Constant Gardener
  6. BEST SUPPORTING ACTOR: George Clooney for Syriana (Jake was good but George Clooney was believable)
  8. BEST CINEMATOGRAPHY: Brokeback Mountain
  9. BEST ORIGINAL SONG: Travellin' Thru for Transamerica
  10. BEST SCORE: Brokeback Mountain
  12. BEST ANIMATED FEATURE: Wallace & Gromit in the Curse of the Were-Rabbit

And the amazing race is on! Yes, both at the Oscar and The Amazing Race, season 9! i've got some favorite teams and teams that i totally loathe, such as 'The Frosties' and the 'Pink Girls' (they epitomise the 'Stupid Girls' in Pink's latest Pink and Stupid Girls and Pink Girls. hmm...uncanny). too bad that the 'girly' boys were eliminated last week cos i tot it would be fun to see them in the race esp. with their hilarious remarks and antics.