Saturday, March 18, 2006

holidays / get together

6 more days!

...and im off to Perhentian! i am so lookin' forward to it cos im a beach bum. i love the beaches, the sun and the cold beer. im just gonna plonk myself on da beach and get "toasted"! hehe...

next week would be a darn busy week cos ive got quite a lot to do before i go on leave. on top of that, my dear fren, charo, is hopping over to kay-el from cat city for work. PLUS, cheesy chee seng is back on monday from the states! awesome.

i will attempt to lure them to the brand spanking new, and chic alexis restaurant in bsc for our get-together. it is one of my fav. restaurants in town at the moment because of the modern contemporary design that isnt too minimalist that it is stark. the clever use of space and minimal colours ie grey, white, black and an assortment colours from the products, plants, food, and beverages, retain what alexis is - simple and tasteful. from the clinical white arabescato marble top with grey grains for it's bar counter top to the designer lightings and chairs. very tasteful eventhough it does remind me somehow of a particular cafe/bar in bangkok.

let's hope my frens are game.

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