Friday, August 31, 2007

Scorching Prison

Counting down to the latest season of Prison Break - premiering in the US of A on September 24th, 2007 - let me present to you the absolutely gorgeous photoshoot of Wentworth Miller on GQ Germany. I want to shoot these type of pictures ;)


Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Merdeka?

12 more hours before we could declare ‘Merdeka!’ once more. We, as many of us Malaysian have already known, will be celebrating our 50th Independence Day tomorrow. They have been numerous countdowns, banners, buntings, TV ads singing the same tune about harmony, racial integrity all over the country. Some taxi had more than 10 little flags stuck to its vehicle zig zagging across the city – quite fugly if you asked me but for patriotism, I give him 10 for effort.

Just 4 (or was it 5?) years ago, these little flags were hugely popular throughout the country when it was first introduced. Everybody wants to have a Malaysia flag on their car be it a Kancil, BMWs or even the school buses. I remembered when my brother bought one for his car and I was darn helpful to stick it right for him on his car - I may not agree with the aesthetic aspect of it, but I still did it cos at that time, I was (still) quite patriotic. No, I did not stick any on my car – needless to state the obvious.

That was then.

Presently, the word Patriotism conjures up a mixture of emotions that I can’t put it into words. Don’t get me wrong, I love Malaysia for the different culture (don't forget I love photography), the food, the beautiful country side and beaches (Port Dickson is a different story lah), Manglish, and the pirated DVDs. It is just that over the years, this country, our country, is moving backwards than it is forward. The hypocrisy, the contradictions, the lies, the corruptions! I was browsing the internet and I found these articles by Reuters and Channel News Asia on Malaysia celebrating its 50th Birthday.

At age 50, Malaysia questions its Identity - Channel News Asia

Fifty years on, race, religion still haunt Malaysia - Reuters

Insightful articles on Malaysia today and the increasing racial tension amongst fellow Malaysians. Interesting read.

The other article, or magazine, that every photo-enthusiasts and fellow Malaysians should check out is the latest issue of Off The Edge. Great pictures by Paul Radd (I hope I got his name correct) which tells a poignant story of each individual featured on the picture and how these ordinary people represents Malaysia.

So. Am I joining the rest of the fellow Malaysians at the supposedly fanciest party in Putrajaya or Dataran Merdeka for the countdown? Nah. I’d rather sweat it out in the gym and reminisce with my friends at the Mamak the days where we miss much about our Country.

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

Monday, August 27, 2007

Pucker, Flutter, Gather

Besides dried apricots which I'm digging much lately (foul flatulence notwithstanding; don't ask cos I am just as curious as you are), I am also a little crazy over Sienna Miller. It was befitting that she was featured on the cover of September's Vogue after watching Factory Girl only a few days back.

And, boy, was I blown away with the photo shoot, or what? A cross between a young Sharon Stone and Madonna, I am quite certain she was really fun to be photographed (the pictures were shot mainly in Rome). Looking at the photographs revealed that she is quite a pro i.e. the gorgeous smile, her ease in all the outfit and the genuine smile. Having signed up as the face for Pepe Jeans, she must've learned quite a bit of modelling and posing from their campaign. Or, she is just a naturally good? Anyways, I'm definitely rushing to get a copy of the current issue for reference.

If fashion is what you dig, here's a tip: buy some feathers and decorate them on your bag, shoes, cap, hat, jeans cos FEATHER is the hot item this Fall. Warning: Use it sparringly. For the guys, DON'T EVEN TRY. Unless you are Boy George.

The rumors are flying on the cyberspace that Madonna and JT are working together in her new album which is leaning more to R&B funk this time. AND, they are opening for VMA 2007 next month. If that is true, I am definitely one of the millions anticipating another historical "VMA Moments".

A friend was quoted as saying, "She can't be dancing on a pole until she is 70 right?" That response was after I said, "Finally. She must've noticed the bankability in R&B music lately, huh?" He's right about that cos she can't be dancing and gyrating at the age of 65. Anywho, I have the opportunity to listen to one of the tracks for the yet-to-be-named album, "Beat goes on" feat. Pharell. I love much. (Email me for more info *wink*)

All pictures of Sienna Miller are taken from Vogue.

Saturday, August 25, 2007

Big HUGE funky Lab!

I love Flickr. I love Flickr even more for creating Big HUGE Lab - Oxymoron but cool name. These are the stuff you can do at Big Huge Lab .... ;)

Now, now. We do miss Brady Bren much ;)

Friday, August 24, 2007

Factory Girl

I had just finished watching "Factory Girl" which tells the story of a socialite (also an icon), Edie Sedgwick who was also Andy Warhol's muse of the pop art scene in the 60s. Sienna Miller, who played Edie, did a very, very good job playing the decadent lifestyle of the socialite. She embraces the role with 110% commitment that you could tell she is very comfortable even if she has to appear nude in a few scenes.

If you haven't known already, Edie Sedgewick was more famous for her fashion sense than her acting (seriously, Andy Warhol's movies require no acting classes). Think chandelier, chunky earrings and accessories, the bob that Posh spice is so famous for now (they've a new term for it - "Pob"), the sexy fur coat - she's gorgeous. If you start to look around, the fashion now is relateable to the 60s if not somewhat cross over to the 80s whacked-up erm, fashion (high-waisted jeans is back! Cringe)

Guy Pearce, who played the aloof and quirky Andy Warhol spotted an uncanny resemblance of the pop art icon that I swear to you he's quite freaky. Meanwhile, Hayden Christensen, and Mena Suvari did a commendable job, too. Unfortunately, the movie received only lukewarm response from the critics to my surprising discovery. Screw the critics cos I love the movie, and Edie Sedgwick - she gives me another reason to love the crazy yet classy 60s.

"Poor Little Rich Girl" & "Vinyl" both by Andy Warhol featuring Edie Sedgwick. Images obtained from Harvard Film Archive & Wikipedia.

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

The Apartment (Part II)

All pictures were shot at The Apartment. The place ID is like good taste gone bad. I think they are endorsing Ikea furniture as well. Nonetheless, it will do well because Malaysians like anything that is different. The service was pretty good cos we've got to sit at the cafe for nearly 8 hours without them kicking us out.

Miscellaneous - Other pictures shot around The Curve. And, yes, I managed to shoot some pics of Justin (from Hong Kong) rehearsing for a show done by TVBS & Astro - it is a talent show with all sorts of weird people craving for that 15 mins fame.

That's Kinky Blue Fairy - or, rather a red fairy ;)

Monday, August 20, 2007

The Apartment

@ the Curve.

To be continued.

Friday, August 17, 2007


No. That is not another Gwen Stefani's song (I loathe her 2nd album much just so you know; well except 4am). We, Chatty_jane & I got hooked using Yahoo Messenger IMvironment's known as Doodle.

And, let me present to you our Masterpiece (this is what one do at the office when he/she is really bored)....

A Midsummer Loathe Story

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

My funny friend and me

This is the actual chat I had with Blur-blur Yoggi Bear (no that IS actually his real nickname LOL) on the chat line a couple of hours earlier. I was telling him about my last remaining days in my current company until he said...

Go somewhere.

Me: That sounds like an idea! Hmm.....

BBYB: Organise a trip where everybody can go lor.

Me: Haha...very clever. How about white water rafting? (Ok, there isn't any white water rafting in Malaysia here per se; more like, yellow water rafting). Are you in or out?

BBYB: Can the raft take my weight?


BBYB: Or, wanna go Langkawi have drinks by the beach?

Me: Oh dat's nice. Too far tho' ... Bsides I was there last month! How about Penang?

BBYB: That be cool. I remember the pat days. (Pat was a fren of ours back in college days. All 6 of us bunked at his parents place in Butterworth; Miss my younger days, man)

Me: Yeah man! And how you rolled down the slope!

BBYB: I won't race with you again! Sigh...time flies.

Me: LOL! You bruised your knees and went for a banana boat ride after that and whined about the pain the entire ride! LOL....that was so funny! And, May got stung by jellyfish. fun. And, and, another trip you snored thru out the night and woke the entire Ferringhi residence! LOL.

BBYB: Yup. How we going to get there?

Me: Let's see. Der's train, car, bus, airplane, bicycle, trishaw, kereta lembu, roller blades...Choose one.

BBYB: Car would be a good idea.

Me: Ok, please plan and email me the itinerary.


Five minutes. Ten.

BBYB: So. You know you have all info of Lone Pine. You better person to plan.

What the ....

The chat ended after we spoke briefly about Richard Branson and how we admire Tony Fernandez in making Air Asia the proudest product of Malaysia (if there is one PROUD moment that is worth mentioning this year, it has got to be Air Asia; the multiple murders, crimes and corruption news notwithstanding.)

Ok. Where do I start .... I need a plan for the trip.

PS: I've posted a poll on the blog's current layout (see right). Please, pretty please, participate and vote just so I could determine what to do in the upcoming new look. Merci beaucoup.

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Idealistic Materialist

If there is one phrase that could describe me, that'd be I am an idealistic materialist. Yes, I am darn materialistic sometimes I find it rather conflicting with my non-conformist attitude.

Philosophical blahs aside. Let's delve into the materialistic world of mine. Ah. I am smiling left right now.

My top Four Most Wanted list (At the moment): -

  • The brand spanking new iMac. I've been converted to using Mac since I've got to know a certain someone (circa 2004) and the latest iMac is insanely "cun"! I can do almost everything here from archiving my photos to post production to design to simply listening to music. And, look at how little wires on it's rear? Damn awesome.

  • AF-S DX VR Zoom-Nikkor 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G IF-ED - "The lens offers users the remarkable 18-200mm focal length range, which conveniently covers everything from wide landscapes to tight portrait shots. (The picture angle is equivalent to a 27-300mm lens in 35mm format.)". What more can I say? Sigh....
  • LEICA M8 - This baby is so sexy, man.

  • iPhone - Say HELLO to iPhone! I can't wait to feel the real thing, man!

Hmm...I've noticed I have grown up a little LOL. Not so much fashionable apparels. Such geek.

Monday, August 13, 2007

Ugly Better

I had an opportunity to attend a photography workshop at the KLGCC organised by the very kind and generous people from Nikon yesterday. I had no idea what to expect from the workshop; hence, I went without any expectations which turned out the be great (expectations are overrated sometimes).

The speakers were a lot of fun and amicable despite the gay/mother-in-law/flower/breasts jokes gotten a bit too stale towards the end of the day.

The best part of the workshop was that we get to shoot beautiful models hired from the agency run by the speakers themselves. When it took off, the photoshoot session, everyone went shooting crazy and the girls felt like Paris Hilton swamped by the papparazzi. Except that, Paris is a much better poser aka Cam-whore than these girls. Notwithstanding, they were such a good sport. I am going to reveal some of my favs (shown here) and some OK, & some really bad pictures I have shot (shown on the slide). Don't blink...or you will miss the good ones :)

So much fun, I wanna do it again. Wanna be my model?

Saturday, August 11, 2007


Starting tomorrow (and MORE) @ The Curve Weekend Bazaar. More info, email us at

Friday, August 10, 2007

Lust much

Once upon a very long time, Lomo was all the craze. Much thanks to the creative people at Wondermilk who is also the Lomo ambassador for Malaysia. Of cos, I went along with the fad and bought myself a Lomo, Supersampler, which is a multi-lens camera that produces sequential panaromic shots on a single shot. It was darn cool and I have images to prove that.

Ok. I was too lazy to dig it out but you'll get the scope here.

And, recently the Lomography deadstock scouts have dug out "100 units of one of the most rare and sought-after cameras in the world of Russian deadstock. Crafted in Belarus by the iconic BeLOMO factory, the Elikon camera is a true gevm from the very top of high society."

Drool was the only word I could use when I saw it.

The pictures it produces....

Now, I am going to dig out out my Holga & LCA - except that my LCA is spoiled :(

Anyone has an idea where I could send it to fix?