Friday, August 10, 2007

Lust much

Once upon a very long time, Lomo was all the craze. Much thanks to the creative people at Wondermilk who is also the Lomo ambassador for Malaysia. Of cos, I went along with the fad and bought myself a Lomo, Supersampler, which is a multi-lens camera that produces sequential panaromic shots on a single shot. It was darn cool and I have images to prove that.

Ok. I was too lazy to dig it out but you'll get the scope here.

And, recently the Lomography deadstock scouts have dug out "100 units of one of the most rare and sought-after cameras in the world of Russian deadstock. Crafted in Belarus by the iconic BeLOMO factory, the Elikon camera is a true gevm from the very top of high society."

Drool was the only word I could use when I saw it.

The pictures it produces....

Now, I am going to dig out out my Holga & LCA - except that my LCA is spoiled :(

Anyone has an idea where I could send it to fix?

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