Thursday, August 30, 2007

Happy Merdeka?

12 more hours before we could declare ‘Merdeka!’ once more. We, as many of us Malaysian have already known, will be celebrating our 50th Independence Day tomorrow. They have been numerous countdowns, banners, buntings, TV ads singing the same tune about harmony, racial integrity all over the country. Some taxi had more than 10 little flags stuck to its vehicle zig zagging across the city – quite fugly if you asked me but for patriotism, I give him 10 for effort.

Just 4 (or was it 5?) years ago, these little flags were hugely popular throughout the country when it was first introduced. Everybody wants to have a Malaysia flag on their car be it a Kancil, BMWs or even the school buses. I remembered when my brother bought one for his car and I was darn helpful to stick it right for him on his car - I may not agree with the aesthetic aspect of it, but I still did it cos at that time, I was (still) quite patriotic. No, I did not stick any on my car – needless to state the obvious.

That was then.

Presently, the word Patriotism conjures up a mixture of emotions that I can’t put it into words. Don’t get me wrong, I love Malaysia for the different culture (don't forget I love photography), the food, the beautiful country side and beaches (Port Dickson is a different story lah), Manglish, and the pirated DVDs. It is just that over the years, this country, our country, is moving backwards than it is forward. The hypocrisy, the contradictions, the lies, the corruptions! I was browsing the internet and I found these articles by Reuters and Channel News Asia on Malaysia celebrating its 50th Birthday.

At age 50, Malaysia questions its Identity - Channel News Asia

Fifty years on, race, religion still haunt Malaysia - Reuters

Insightful articles on Malaysia today and the increasing racial tension amongst fellow Malaysians. Interesting read.

The other article, or magazine, that every photo-enthusiasts and fellow Malaysians should check out is the latest issue of Off The Edge. Great pictures by Paul Radd (I hope I got his name correct) which tells a poignant story of each individual featured on the picture and how these ordinary people represents Malaysia.

So. Am I joining the rest of the fellow Malaysians at the supposedly fanciest party in Putrajaya or Dataran Merdeka for the countdown? Nah. I’d rather sweat it out in the gym and reminisce with my friends at the Mamak the days where we miss much about our Country.

Happy Merdeka, Malaysia.

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Happy Merdeka!