Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Pretty Damn Happy Ending

Ok, it is official. No, no. Anwar's not been sentenced for liwat.

I am migrating. Not physically tho' I do wish so - ah.. Paris would be really nice. Ok, I digress. I have moved the blog to www.eleventhshot.com 

I am pretty sure a lot of you have visited the link above and after much thought, I have decided to switch it around and made my photog work the centre of attention - I was told by a lot of people I need to FOCUS :P

On this page, you can access to my work and also my blog. With that in mind, there will be more works to be done - I'm really reminding myself hehe. Thank you sooo very  much for all your (continuous) support over the years and I am happy to say I am not discontinuing my blog - I was contemplating of writing if off from the long list of things I am involved at recently, you know (see above on the topic of FOCUS).  But, I am happy to say, I did not.

Have a great week ahead!


ps: feel free to give feedback.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008


I'm lovin' my "Poladroid" :) 
(oh, pls do not use the above photos without permission yeah. thanks)

From top left clockwise: myself waiting at friend's wedding months back | ad at tanah lot, bali  |  missy v trying out ad's buritos  |
myself @ tanah lot | phallic key chains (or dildos?) are sold everywhere in bali! | banana walnut cake (vegan) | myself @ Uluwatu | myself sun bathing

Monday, November 24, 2008

O Sunrise

You know. Not a lot of people know my Chinese name is somewhat related to the sun. It is not literal i.e. Wong "Sun" but that my middle name means "day" and by that, in Chinese, (or in anything, even?) it is related to the Sun because with Sun, comes the day!
Did I just explain it like a 5 years-old? ;)

Shot these pictures when I've got up one morning and saw a beautiful skyline outside my window (its east - is that good feng shui, you know?). It was absolutely gorgeous and I love sunrise, sunset and anything related to sun. I think if I live in Alaska, or anywhere with 6 months without daylight, I would die of depression. Most likely, I would.

Shot at 7.31:35
Shot at 7.33:55
Shot at 7.35:21

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say No Right

Ever wished that what you have said to a person came out completely not what you have intended it to be?

Ms Neighbour just got off the company's van and on both of her hands she had her luggages with her. The turquoise kebaya seemingly indicated that she works for a certain local airline.

Ms Neighbour: "Thank you!"

"No problem," I said as soon as she got into the lift. "Which flo..?"

"20th, please," she said rather quickly before I could finish my question. And, she said that with a smile. You know when a person says something with a smile or a scorn; you just know it, no?

"Nice bag you have there."

"Thanks. I've got it from Bangkok (and used to sell them, too)."

"Oh ok," again she said that with a smile.

"I miss Bangkok," I told her rather unusually friendly of me. I reckon I am friendly when the other person is extremely friendly. It's an indication that I open up easily if you are just the same :)

"Yeah? Where do you shop in Bangkok mostly?" she asked.

"Chatuchak ... erm, the usual places, you know."

"Yeah. Chatuchak is nice. The currency is still very strong, too."

"Yes, it is. Bangkok is a lot of fun." I told her with a smile, too.

"I know. My boyfriend is Thai."

I didn't see that coming but she is very friendly. If she had flew across the globe and worked non-stop for the last 12 hours, I really respect her for being so bubbly and manages to continue to be so good at what she does - be friendly.

"Oh really?"

Ting. It was my floor and before I exited, I had said, "Good luck!" with a smile, of cos. Then, as the door closed, it occurred to me.

Good luck? GOOD LUCK? w.t.f. I wished I could have a tad more time with her so I could apologise because I don't mean it as a bad thing. I don't even know why I'd say that!

ps: The moral of the story? Hmm, think before you speak? *shrug* I know it feels really good to be friendly :)

Monday, November 17, 2008

Of Primates & the People of Bali

This hairy little fella is enjoying his raw sweet potatoes whilst watching his fellow mates fighting over ... I am not even sure. They were fighting. 

The leader of the pack? He looks eerily calm.

I have been following this little hairy "monster" the moment I was in Monkey Forest, Ubud. He was so quick, it was difficult to get a good shot of him until he stopped to scratch himself. Phew. 


Miss Ayu failed to sell us ANYTHING but managed to coax me into photographing her. She got all excited she had her little sister's attention, too. 

This old lady carries her basket filled with prayer's items. She sells them to all the little shops in Central Ubud. 

Pak Cik selling fresh fish by the beach at Jimbaran. The nearby famous fish market in Jimbaran has all sorts of seafood and many locals buy directly from here. At night, Jimbaran is famous for its grilled seafood. 

These bunch of kids are simply adorable. They spotted me from across the road about to photography them and they spontaneously posed for me. Looking at them reminds me of childhood. Sigh.

Mr Fruity. Very willing to pose for a picture. Balinese are really nice people to some extent. 

Kids selling Tanah Lot's postcards.

To view more pictures, please log on to 11thshot's gallery.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

*Over* Ready for Take Off

I am finally ready, really, ready to take off. No, not taking off my clothes and showing the ZafronAbs - I've decided to nick name it in hoping that I will one day achieve the ZafronAbs. LOL Si, I have digressed.

After months of weighing all aspects of  *clear throats* stuff, I am finally prepared to launch my website, 11th Shot. Some of you might have already been given the opportunity to preview it and much changes has been done ... there will be, definitely, a whole lot more changes to come.

Navigation on my gallery can be quite "funky". Here are a few tips: -
  1. To go to previous image starting from current, move mouse over the image and an arrow would appear. Start browsing thereonwards.

  2. To leave any comments (please feel free), click on 'DETAILS' on the top menu bar. No word limit as far as I am concerned.

  3. To change BACKGROUND COLOUR to black, click on the tiny little 'button' on top right (1st button from left) and voila!

  4. To see archive, simply click on archive.

  5. To write me a "love letter", email me at eleventhshot at gmail dot com (no spam pls, frenemies).
Thank you!

Preview of some of my Bali pictures - the first cos I am not uploading to my Facebook (just yet). Priority from now on will be my website.


Shot this whilst relaxing at Taman Ganesha. For the unbeknownst, Taman Ganesha is like this little garden, beautiful one I must add, along Seminyak beach that according to the beach manicurist in her sandy coarse voice, "Gay Beach". If you asked me, the most gay thing about this little garden is the Casablanca Lilies.


This was shot at Tanah Lot. The famous Tanah Lot temple esp. at sunset. Extremely touristy and many newly weds would take their wedding photos here. For what it's worth, it is really quite beautiful. Worth the ride esp if you're staying in Kuta.


Sunday, November 9, 2008

"Even in My Underpants, I feel Different"

This boy was caught running eagerly back to the strong currents with his surf board at Kuta beach after being washed back to shore. Kuta beach is very much the Gold Coast of Asia. Only that it has more charm.

That is how Elizabeth Gilbert, the author of the New York Times Bestseller, "Eat, Pray, Love", quoted in the last chapter of her book. Her journey in seeking spiritual guidance led her back to the beautiful island that is Bali - she was sent there before she embarks on her epic journey to cover a story on the practice of Yoga. The book itself is very funny tho' prior to picking up the book from the bookstore, I was presumptuous in thinking that it is just another chic lic - it may still be just another chic lic to a lot of men out there, really.

The decision to go to Bali was not at all made based on the book. If truth be told, I've decided to pick up the book one fine day in mid September while our decision to go Bali was made only in late September or early October - at that time, Liz (as she is affectionately known amongst her friends) was still in Italy, I think. In addition, we really wanted to go for a vacation, anywhere, but Bangkok (it was really a tough decision cos Bangkok is still a city that is much love by us), and the Airasia *promo came at the right time ;)

Now that I am back in town, how much of Bali that I've missed or did I at all miss her like how I've missed my minced pork salad in Chatucak? It was a sad departure. Seriously. I love Bali like how I'd love Thai massage and minced pork salad. I love Bali like how I'd love to eat Ibu Oka's seriously good, seriously famous, Babi Gulung (Gosh, did I just sound like a carnivore or what?). Bali, as Liz has famously sums it up, "Even in My Underpants, I feel Different". I will, I promise, to visit Bali again by which time, I will go around the island instead.

I will post more pictures of Bali soon - I am really, really pleased with many pictures I've shot. Stay tune.

*Airasia is without a doubt the airlines that I will continue to like although there are many wanna-be urban haute bourgeois think it is an airline for the "poor". 

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A for Abs, B for Beyonce

I've like 3 more days to achieve that beach body *snigger*

That snigger is to signify defeat. Seriously. Just look at Zac Efron and his super hot beach bod. I'm not even close to A for Abs. Dang.

I guess I will stick to my low-cut 3-quarters and suck in my stomach at the beach whilst enjoying the sunset. With or withour margaritas on the other hand.

While running the threadmill at the gym this morning, I quit listening to my iPod and turned on MTV which was running Beyonce's latest video. I knew she had a new single out - the internet was buzzing with the news, but I haven't seen or heard the song, "If I was a Boy."

I was a little moved by the lyrics, and the video which was entirely shot in B&W beautifully definitely created the effect - the emotions of the actors in the video came across pretty strong and the song on its own, is very strong. I am loving it.

Ms B looking absolutely gorgeous on the latest In Style magazine.

Her new video

Tuesday, October 28, 2008


I am not a big fan of vegetarian food. In fact, I love my meat esp. my bak kut teh or ribs anytime. But, when I was told to try the food I shot yesterday at Organic Life Cafe at Kota Damansara, I was blown away.

Delicious AND healthy! I think I can be a convert (vegan) anytime tho' I must say, I still do need the protein in meat.











And, oh, did I said why I like about the food (above) aside from being healthy and delicious? It is also very colourful :)

Sunday, October 26, 2008

An Arse for a Face

"C3A?" asked a tall lanky guy as soon as Jon walked into the badminton court.

Jon was stumped but explained that they are not the resident. A rather stouty, piggy looking friend of Mr. Lanky intervened.

"If you are not the resident, you are not allowed to play and we have booked two courts, " demanded Mr. Piggy to Jon and Karen. Flabbergasted but undaunted, Karen explained to Mr. Piggy that my friend is a resident and he had already booked the court from 4pm to 6pm. Of cos, without the booking slip, their argument was unsubstantiated. Frustrated but undefeated, my friends walked out of the court and waited for me - I was a tad late you see. As I arrived, I saw their "long faces" and I thought to myself, "Was I late?"

But, Jon asked, "Where is the booking slip?" Absent-minded me hadn't brought the slip with me but left it in my car. I dashed to my car and back and when I got back, they shared the story with me what happened earlier. Phew... and I thought cos I was late.

So, when I was back with the slip, I'd walked straight to the hall and shoved  shown it to an uncle looking 50ish but older.

With a slight cockiness, he said, "Sure can play. Got book can play." All the while, my friends were still mad at Piggy face for being such an arse and lied about booking two courts just so their group of 8 people (or more?) could use the court that we had booked. We started warming up but really reeling mad with Piggy the bully.

Why do people have to be such an arse? I mean, do they not seriously look at the mirror first before they talk? To make things worse, aside from his face, he lied about booking two courts and hoping that with his aggression he could fool my friends. Mr. Piggy was clearly using his arse talking that day (or most days). What a *MOF SOB.

*MOF SOB = motherfking son of a bitch PIG

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

I want a Storm

This baby is hot

Blackberry Storm- A Rival to iPhone? Possibleee
Release date: Christmas 2008. Hmm, a gift would be nice :)

Monday, October 20, 2008

Eternal Non-Sunshine of the Whacked Mind

Quick note
The marathon yesterday was erm, in my own words, slackish. Of the 5 marathons I did this year ( I was wrong before - prev. post), this had got to be the slackiest run I've done. I walked for a good 10 minutes or so. However, IF my timing was accurate (I hadnt a watch with me yesterday), I managed to complete it within 1 hour or 1 hour 10 mins. The organiser did not predict that the total no. of male runners exceed female and had us testorone almost breathless, hearts still palpitating and muscles beginning to sore queue for our ... I don't even remember what it was for. The queue was just a little unprecendented and the record time of our arrival is definitely screwed. But, we had a good breakfast whichr eally was the best part ;)


Where I work, it is inevitable to see the people who work around you because it is afterall retail. And, where I work, it is also inevitable to see HOW people work and HOW people behave.

This morning, I have finally decided to jot down the list of songs that my "funny" neighbour likes to blast off in the morning after the mall is opened - for a good 10 - 15 minutes, and a good same amount of time (sometime more *eyes rolling*), before the mall closes.

Everyday. Without. Fail.

So, the list of songs that he would always play:

  1. Eternal Flames - variation; could be by The Bangles or some disbanded Boy Band from Europe
  2. I will Survive - the original
  3. Superwoman - again, a variation of either Karen Whites or Gary Chaw 
  4. Nothing Compares 2u - the original by Sinead O' Connor
  5. I feel Good - James Brown
  6. You're Beautiful - James Blunt 
  7. Sappy Chinese songs circa 1980s and 1990s ... sometimes, 1960s; the late Theresa Teng will be proud and my ma will love him, but, gosh, that is entirely a different story.
  8. God knows what else!
If I could analyse the list of songs he plays, see above, I think this person who can be quite friendly across to where I work is ...
  • Sentimental. 
  • Sappy. 
  • Emo ahem, Queen
  • Dramatic
  • Loves Attention (clue: the loud music)
  • Gentle (clue: mostly female singers)
I feel, too, you can sort of make a story out of the songs he constantly plays. He could be emotionally unhappy about his last relationship. See, Eternal Flames and Nothing compares to you followed by I will survive? That says a lot, no? I dont wanna know if I'm his colleagues and how it would be like. I know every morning (or evening), I am being tortured with sappy music of a heartbroken man. 

PS: I am sorry if you happened to like some of the songs above and I have inadvertently categorised you as above (bullet list part two). But, that is ... ;)

Friday, October 17, 2008

That Beachy Look

I have signed up for the Mizuno run at Padang Merbok this Sunday almost 2 months ago, I think. The thought of running another 10km didn't really give me sweaty palms nor a nervous breakdown because this will be my ... KLIM, New Balance, Adidas ... fourth run and perhaps, the final run for this year (if that made me sound like a boastful prick, please forgive me. I am not boasting, really. In fact, I think this is like my 1st ever post on marathon for 2008, the year I ran the most in my entire life LOL).

Running up (sic) to the actual run this Sunday, your thought must be that I am prepared and have trained really well for this run, yes? Quite truthfully, I haven't been training if it means several outdoor run a week and working on my leg muscles. What I have been focusing more is AHEM, my upper body muscles because AHEM, going for a beach holiday early next month.

Ok, shoot me for being a vainpot LOL. I thought if I set a goal to achieve that beach body that I have oh so unashamedly shared with my frens (I'm quite sure they've got sick of listening to me talking about getting a beach body), I may just get a beach body. After all, I read somewhere it is the secret - but, I strongly doubt if I ever get my 6-pack abs since I haven't exactly stopped myself from my char kway teows, roti canai and oh so delish fried chicken. How ironic, eh?

Back to achieving that beach body ....

This? I am not so sure :p
This maybe achieavable. 

And no, I am not planning to dress like a Gisele Bundchen drag on the beach. I thought these pics are awesome and hope to capture some, too. 

As for achieving that beach body, I might just end up looking slighly bulky LOL (I cant wait for my beach hols, tho)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

xXx much

Diesel has done it again. They celebrated their 30th anniversary known as "xXx" and the people from The Viral Factory produced a soft-porn video for its celebration.

WARNING: Do not watch this in the office (if you do not have a room all by yourself, that is). So dirrty so funny. I love the harmonica and guitar bit LOL. And the drums!

Monday, October 13, 2008

V-vava voom

I don’t quite understand (what is the fuss) with the Jonas brothers. Same like, how I don’t understand how a Palin lady can all of a sudden become more famous than when Britney had her meltdown. I guess the phrase, no news is bad news is quite true.

Speaking of Britney, she has released her seventh, SEVENTH, fragrance brand under her name (obviously) and it is known as “Hidden Fantasy”. I don’t know if I wanna smell like Britney (if I do, I know I ought to be very sick) or am interested with her hidden fantasy. Still, if there is any indication of recession, it definitely is not affecting her bank account. Have you seen her slutty video, Womaniser? That bitch is back alright - and is looking smoking hot.

You know when you were young, ok, when I was young, I used to watch a lot of cartoons and a whole lot of sci-fi TV series. The Knight Riders – I swear I thought David Hasselhorf was so cool and dashing next to that stupid car, Bionic Woman, Ultraman, Baja Hitam (don’t ask me what it is in Japanese) and of cos, V. Yes, V, the sci-fi tv series about aliens in the form of lizards disguised in human (fyi: V means "The Visitors"). I admit I was very addicted to that show and I remembered one time, I even dream about being attacked by those slippery creatures from the show.
The plot went something like this: 

I was running frantically in a forest, it was a very dark forest with a lot of spooky looking trees. Panting and screaming for help but unable to – for some awkward reason, I do not know why I couldn’t scream – I continued running from something until I fell. The next scene was this gorgeous looking lady in the God-awful 80’s hairdo with her piercing eyes staring right at me. I was terrified and I started to throw whatever I could grab on the ground at her. She hissed and suddenly her lizard tongue came out from her Angelina Jolie’s lips! Her eyes in a split second turned into yellowish green just like a lizard! It was all too disgusting especially when she started to rip Angelina Jolie’s body apart and came out as a lizard!

Of cos, that was not what I said. I couldn’t remember. I know I was like 10 or 11 then but it was still very vivid until these days. I guess I was really interested in seeing transformation LOL and I never failed to watch an episode just like Transformer or Smurf  :p So when I read that they are reviving the show, "V", on TV, I couldn’t help but hope they'd take Heidi Montag from MTV’s ‘Hills’ as one of the lizard women and the main actor, hmm, Robert Buckley aka Kirby Atwood from ‘Lipstick Jungle’. That’d be so cute, don’t you think? Afterall , they need super hot young starts to push the viewership, no?

Left: The original cast of the show, 'V'. Hotness for the costumes and the hair. LOL. Right: Mr. Sexy of 2008?

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Taste Malaysia

I am lovin' this blog the minute I clicked on it. She not only takes fantastic images of the food she cooks, she writes well and I dare say the stuff she cooks is delish!

Just look at it yourself? (Or, I am darn hungry, I dunno)

Kuih Bahulu. Nobody makes Kuih Bahulu so stylish