Monday, November 24, 2008

O Sunrise

You know. Not a lot of people know my Chinese name is somewhat related to the sun. It is not literal i.e. Wong "Sun" but that my middle name means "day" and by that, in Chinese, (or in anything, even?) it is related to the Sun because with Sun, comes the day!
Did I just explain it like a 5 years-old? ;)

Shot these pictures when I've got up one morning and saw a beautiful skyline outside my window (its east - is that good feng shui, you know?). It was absolutely gorgeous and I love sunrise, sunset and anything related to sun. I think if I live in Alaska, or anywhere with 6 months without daylight, I would die of depression. Most likely, I would.

Shot at 7.31:35
Shot at 7.33:55
Shot at 7.35:21

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