Thursday, November 20, 2008

Say No Right

Ever wished that what you have said to a person came out completely not what you have intended it to be?

Ms Neighbour just got off the company's van and on both of her hands she had her luggages with her. The turquoise kebaya seemingly indicated that she works for a certain local airline.

Ms Neighbour: "Thank you!"

"No problem," I said as soon as she got into the lift. "Which flo..?"

"20th, please," she said rather quickly before I could finish my question. And, she said that with a smile. You know when a person says something with a smile or a scorn; you just know it, no?

"Nice bag you have there."

"Thanks. I've got it from Bangkok (and used to sell them, too)."

"Oh ok," again she said that with a smile.

"I miss Bangkok," I told her rather unusually friendly of me. I reckon I am friendly when the other person is extremely friendly. It's an indication that I open up easily if you are just the same :)

"Yeah? Where do you shop in Bangkok mostly?" she asked.

"Chatuchak ... erm, the usual places, you know."

"Yeah. Chatuchak is nice. The currency is still very strong, too."

"Yes, it is. Bangkok is a lot of fun." I told her with a smile, too.

"I know. My boyfriend is Thai."

I didn't see that coming but she is very friendly. If she had flew across the globe and worked non-stop for the last 12 hours, I really respect her for being so bubbly and manages to continue to be so good at what she does - be friendly.

"Oh really?"

Ting. It was my floor and before I exited, I had said, "Good luck!" with a smile, of cos. Then, as the door closed, it occurred to me.

Good luck? GOOD LUCK? w.t.f. I wished I could have a tad more time with her so I could apologise because I don't mean it as a bad thing. I don't even know why I'd say that!

ps: The moral of the story? Hmm, think before you speak? *shrug* I know it feels really good to be friendly :)


savante said...

Talk fast enough and you could have gotten free accomodation in Thailand! :P

Jason said...

I miss Bangkok too.

Takashi said...

miss bangkok? I used to miss bangkok until i got stuck there for a weekend with practically nothing to do.. and it was my 7th time to bangkok in 5 years..

and.. arr.. my company could probably even send me to bangkok for good... so not looking forward to that now.. hahaha.....

still bangkok is a nice place.. just not as nice as it used to be...