Friday, May 30, 2008

Truly, Sweaty, Alluring

Finally. I'm back gyming after one week of non-gyming. My excuse was I needed to recover from the 15km run 2 wks before. Heh. Not only I got sick, I felt flabby like a 'sotong'.

The class I did was Body Pump in the morning - I love morning classes because the crowd is SO different from the evening crowd. More matured gentlemen and women and less 'pasar malam'. C'mon, you do agree with me that at times, the evening classes or crowd in the gym can be quite a pain in the *bleep*, no? Maybe, it's just me.

So anyways, there was a couple of aunties in the class - no, the auntie with a lot of head dress no longer does BP; I think she's been told to take it easy with her knees, so she's permanently doing yoga - some ang moh housewives and of cos, a few good men :)

There was this uncle, white hair and all, probably in his late 50s, looking super fit. Imagine muscular legs and only maybe 10% of visible fat on his body, tan and quite hip, too. Hip cos he had with him his iPod classic, yes, he was bobbing his head listening to his iPod and when he walked in late for the class walking passed me, I could smell the all too familiar Chanel's Allure.

Hmm, left a lot to my very imaginative mind why of all male fragrance he wore Chanel's Allure. And, BEFORE class commences.

How interesting, no? Interesting cos there were plenty of hot looking ahem, middle age ladies in the room exposing the cleavages and then some. Interesting, also, cos who wears perfume BEFORE working out?

Do you?


Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Emo Post

La La La lalalalala lalalala ..... La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....La La La lalalalala lalalala .....

No. I haven't gone Amy Winehouse, yet. Just happy. Happy like a smurf.

And, who said an emo post supposed to be sad or angry? I just want to spread some happiness.

La La La lalalalala lalalala .....


Saturday, May 24, 2008

My funny mind

I am such a sucker for nice things. Beautiful things. Including people.

When I first found out Rihanna is featured in the latest single of Maroon 5, I was like, no way! I was too soon to judge because not only they rocked it out - seemingly from the mtv, they looked so fucking good together I am very jealous. I must say a lot has to go with the set design, stylists, and make-up artists. Of cos, credits go to the director, too.

Watch video here

But, who stole the show? Definitely Rihanna. She's hot :) And, yes, it keeps me coming back for more - the song lah. Not sure about you *shrugs*

Have a gr8 weekend :)

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Some Excuse to Shop

I feel like shopping. Don't ask me what is it that I want to shop. Whatever that fancies me, I suppose? Hmm...

Skinny tie?

Err... I'm not going to the Oscar.

Just check out those clean shaven, muscular legs. Sexy-nya. I'm sure he knows; hence, the super hot pants on downtown NY.

Whatever. I know. The girl on the left looks like she just got off her bed and brought her blanky out for a walk but I'm digging the anti-establishment look. And, I love seeing girls in big flowy dress. Maybe, that is why I'm so obsessed with Angelina Jolie lately. Hmm...and NO, I am not rushing to anywhere wanting to look like them. Duh.

Frizzled hair, grey suit, nerdy glasses, and smoking. very "young woody allen". I'm buying this look but where's the wool shawl? :)

I don't know about you but this gal. Urm, guy looks pretty cool. No?

Cuffed shorts is still in.

What can I say? He gets away with wearing a silk scarf and, still look super masculine. So unfair. I think I need to plan my beach retreat soon.

Hmm, perhaps, this should be my inspiration for this Sun's biking excursion. Haha.. My friend will keel over.

She looks so cute and I want to post this up.

Lastly, uncle looks so good, I think he makes Perez Hilton looks like 2nd grade mongrel. What a bitch.

All pics are taken from The Sartorialist ... who roawks!

Monday, May 19, 2008

Run, not forest, run.

Running is not for the faint hearted.

Running is not for anyone who wants to run to show off.

Running is for someone who really loves to run and, seek to challenge one's mind over matter.

And, running (a marathon) should not be taken too lightly.

As I had learned yesterday running 15km uphill, downhill, flat roads and more uphills. The two days I had um, trained in the gym, that was not suffice. How could that be?

Yes, I was arrogant as hell. And, daft, too. Quite malu-fying; but, I must say we had actually completed it (albeit a lot longer than I had expected) and now that we've gone this far, I think we should be prepared for 21km ... minus the hills.

And, I'm proud to say I've marked off one of the few 2008 Resolutions I'd made earlier this year.

How about you?

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Lifestyle Education

Off the record, I'm in a jubilant mood today. It's not even mid-week, yet. I know.

Let's leave it to that now and move on to an, um, interesting subject that I have recently fallen madly in love with - Architecture. I can't explain, really. It could be the age or my new job (which is not so new now). I never even liked big cities or cosmopolitan living before. But, now, stranger than orang minyak, I'm very fond of visiting big cities like New York, Tokyo, Stockholm, London, Denmark, Prague, Berlin, Amsterdam, Instanbul etc to see the grand architecture of their buildings. Even China i.e. Beijing and Shanghai specifically.

And, I'm really just referring to modern architecture. While browsing on the internet, I came across these projects in Denmark by the super talented team from 3xn. They made these buildings so cool, I don't mind going back to school again.

The Ørestad College is the latest ‘gymnasium’ (college or upper secondary school) in Copenhagen, built in the Danish capital’s development area; Ørestad.

The Upper East Siders will envy much.

Alsion - University, Concert Hall & Science Park

On the former railway yard, right by the Als Sund in Sønderborg, lies the unusual combination of functions that form Alsion, a centre for research and culture in southern Denmark. Alsion consists of University of Southern Denmark, the private research park, Forskerpark Syd, a concert hall and even a DSB ticket office. The main concept is a series or “comb” of wings separated by atriums.

All projects are by 3xn

Sunday, May 11, 2008

RDJ is the Iron Man

Movie directing, I think, is like photography.

The director behind the camera is the photographer behind his DSLR/SLR. If a new movie script is given to a director his intepretation of the movie will be solely based on how he has envisioned it to be; of cos, along the way, there are the producers who pays the bill and also cinematographer, the actors, the crew but essentially, he/she plays a bigger part of the entire production. Like, in the case of a photographer i.e. the models, the subjects, stylists, hairdresser, props etc.

So when Ang Lee was to direct the Incredible Hulk, there were mixed reviews coming from movie critics and us, viewers all around the world. Some could not grasp his visions of the movie or how he'd interpreted it others love it because it was a little experimental borderline, different. If you asked me, I love it. Ang Lee is one of the best director that has come about in this era.

So, what about the model in the picture? Or, in this case, the actors in the movie? Aren't they just as important, too? A resounding yes and yes. Without a subject/model or actor, you don't get to see all the actions. Just like in the movie, Iron Man which, I had finally got to see after finding time last night.

Months before it was released, I choked up when I found out Robert Downey jr. were to play the leading role from the popular Marvel comic, Iron Man. RDJ? I was weirded out a little if you asked me since he is so cute-sy face to play anything so, um, macho. Not to say he is not macho but a superhero? RDJ? I was so proven wrong last night because not only did he kick ass he proved to the world that the old RDJ is long gone and in Iron Man he has totally emancipated - for both the character from the screen to his personal live. Kudos, really, considering his past was not something that many people would be proud of. And also, I have been a fan since before Ally McBeal?

Iron Man, to my very little knowledge of Marvel comics or any comics for that matter, is the less famous Marvel comic character compared to Spiderman, Superman, or even the Incredible Hulk. Limited knowledge but abundance of curiosity, and my liking of RDJ, I was completely entertained by the story which was funny, very relatable in reality and also by the casts of the film. The scene where he was perfecting the iron "suit" was the most memorable scene and the chemistry of RDJ with the oh-so-borrrring (aunty looking) Gywneth Paltrow was a little contrived (but worked).

Yes, I've got some biceps.

Like my new protocol LV gloves?

Oh yeah, this is so much more comfortable

When it ended (the movie) I wished I could applause because I had just seen one of the best movies that has came out in 2008. And, I know for a lot of people, after the movie, they would remember more of Tony Stark aka RDJ than Iron Man himself. I just can't wait for the sequel, now.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Final Four

Last week's AI7 was soooo borrring I didn't even finish watching the show. Neil Diamond? Yawn much. I'm not even sad when the wholesome, saccharine laden Brooke White was cut. Not sorry, sorry BW's fans.

This week, the person that FINALLY stood up has got to be Syesha Mercado. She is the underdog this year. The rose amongst the torns. Her two perfomances clearly showcased her vocal range and her complete change from urban chic to diva glam was a really good move.

If I could vote, I will vote for her. She will certainly not win cos it's a popularity contest and the girls love the davids, but at least I'd like to see her in the top 3. Jason Castro, oh well, his time is up.

Little David's performance - a cover from Elvis Presley, on the other hand, gave me goose bumps. So moving...

And, and, hot on my playlist is "Take a Bow" from Rihanna. Finally, the video is released. I love her. She's scorching.

Great break-up song, no?


Monday, May 5, 2008

G.L.A.M or D.A.M.N?

Just how much would you pay for these ...

I dunno actually but I think they are very good looking. No? And, just how much would you pay for these, these days?

Food has become an asset all over the world now what with inflation going sky high in all parts of the world affecting mostly lower to middle income families. The reality has set on humanity all over the world, erm, maybe not Victoria Beckham or Paris Hilton. Everyday we see on the news or newspaper that people from the poorer countries are lining up for rice, food and even bread crumbs (Afghanistan).

Resources are scarce and I think this is largely due to the climate change. And, if you want to make fun of global warming or going green, I think perhaps you'd like to rethink about it. It hasn't happened to us yet, but when it does, let's see who is still laughing.

Or standing.

PS: Please watch "The 11th Hour". Very good documentary on climate change telling us all that it is time to give back to Mother Nature. I wish I could cycle to work after watching the show. And, yes, no more salivating over Mini Clubman unless it is a I dunno, environmental friendly car?

Thursday, May 1, 2008


Yes, I've got carried away hehehe...... It's labour day and I've to work. Anyways, this was fun for what it's worth.

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