Sunday, May 11, 2008

RDJ is the Iron Man

Movie directing, I think, is like photography.

The director behind the camera is the photographer behind his DSLR/SLR. If a new movie script is given to a director his intepretation of the movie will be solely based on how he has envisioned it to be; of cos, along the way, there are the producers who pays the bill and also cinematographer, the actors, the crew but essentially, he/she plays a bigger part of the entire production. Like, in the case of a photographer i.e. the models, the subjects, stylists, hairdresser, props etc.

So when Ang Lee was to direct the Incredible Hulk, there were mixed reviews coming from movie critics and us, viewers all around the world. Some could not grasp his visions of the movie or how he'd interpreted it others love it because it was a little experimental borderline, different. If you asked me, I love it. Ang Lee is one of the best director that has come about in this era.

So, what about the model in the picture? Or, in this case, the actors in the movie? Aren't they just as important, too? A resounding yes and yes. Without a subject/model or actor, you don't get to see all the actions. Just like in the movie, Iron Man which, I had finally got to see after finding time last night.

Months before it was released, I choked up when I found out Robert Downey jr. were to play the leading role from the popular Marvel comic, Iron Man. RDJ? I was weirded out a little if you asked me since he is so cute-sy face to play anything so, um, macho. Not to say he is not macho but a superhero? RDJ? I was so proven wrong last night because not only did he kick ass he proved to the world that the old RDJ is long gone and in Iron Man he has totally emancipated - for both the character from the screen to his personal live. Kudos, really, considering his past was not something that many people would be proud of. And also, I have been a fan since before Ally McBeal?

Iron Man, to my very little knowledge of Marvel comics or any comics for that matter, is the less famous Marvel comic character compared to Spiderman, Superman, or even the Incredible Hulk. Limited knowledge but abundance of curiosity, and my liking of RDJ, I was completely entertained by the story which was funny, very relatable in reality and also by the casts of the film. The scene where he was perfecting the iron "suit" was the most memorable scene and the chemistry of RDJ with the oh-so-borrrring (aunty looking) Gywneth Paltrow was a little contrived (but worked).

Yes, I've got some biceps.

Like my new protocol LV gloves?

Oh yeah, this is so much more comfortable

When it ended (the movie) I wished I could applause because I had just seen one of the best movies that has came out in 2008. And, I know for a lot of people, after the movie, they would remember more of Tony Stark aka RDJ than Iron Man himself. I just can't wait for the sequel, now.

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