Wednesday, October 31, 2007

O Brother

Two days ago, I had a day off (a well deserved one) and Ad asked me what have I planned to do. I was caught off guard. Plans? Can I not plan my off day? I just want to do whatever I want to do. It's my "Me-Day". I just told him what I had mentally thought of doing anyhows. It's called Communication 101 :)

So I followed my mental plans and went to do my hair ... man, aside from full body lotion massage, scalp massage is a must in every working adult lives. Seriously. I read somewhere that it lets blood flow in the brain. Err...

I also went to do some shopping checking out stores and display. I was also thinking of catching a movie so, I got a movie ticket for "Brothers" with much trepidation. As it turned out, I was blown away by how good the quality of the show - the top notch acting, the movie direction, cinematography, editing. I particularly enjoyed Miu Kiu Wai's acting. They said some men will shine more than when they were in their 20s and trust me, he sure did ... think Brad Pitt, Johnny Depp, Andy Lau, Tony Leung, Clive Owen. Mmmmm........

The storyline was a tad bit predictable but I enjoyed it and I could definitely relate to it. Being the youngest in a big family, I know how it is like when a brother would go through all the trouble to protect the youngest brother. I remember once I did something really bad, like, talking back to your mother - that's a HUGE no-no in a Chinese family; back in those days lah. Kids are so spoilt these days if you talk back, the parents will praise you because you actually TALK BACK - mom came back with a rotan and starting rotan-ing me. Fortunately, I had a twin brother and they both came to my rescue. Literally. And, more than just once. Cool, huh? :P

I miss those days and I sure did miss my family sometimes. So at the very last scene (which was the beginning scene of the movie - spoiler, ha!) .......

Go see it. It moved me.

damn! I miss taking pictures, man. And, there are so many new cameras recently.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

He Bangs

I had such a good laugh reading this article that I'd like to share with y'all...

Lose the Peter Pan Haircut

Taking the occasional style cue from guys a decade younger than you isn't the worst idea. It keeps you a safe distance from the threshold of grandpa-dom. Laceless All Stars. Denim jackets. Rugby shirts. A man over 30 can get away with these youthful accents from time to time. What a man over 30—a man over 20—cannot get away with is the most recent trend to emerge from the hallways of American adolescence: side-swept bangs. Zac Efron, 20, the pearly-toothed, sapphire-eyed star of the Disney Channel's High School Musical, is the poster child for the cut. But men like 28-year-old Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz are propagating it too.

"A lot of guys are coming in saying they want bangs," says New York hairstylist Takamichi Saeki, who has a salon in the city's East Village. Thirtysomethings who are in the market for a slightly cool-kid aesthetic are walking into Saeki's place clutching photographs of the Peter Pan cut. "It's usually banker guys who want to be a little more fashionable," Saeki says. "A lot of them are coming in with pictures of Tom Cruise."

The news that men are visiting their hairstylists armed with pages torn from Us Weekly is disturbing enough. The fact that they're bringing in recent snapshots of Tom Cruise is chilling. Cruise's hairstyle has always been reminiscent of a Lego guy's, but the brow-skimming bangs he's had for the last few months have been for a movie—one set in WWII-era Germany, in which he plays a mutinous Nazi.

This highlights another of the associations pin-straight boy bangs have (besides Jonny Quest, the sixties cartoon hero, the von Trapp boys, and Dorothy Hamill): Hitler. They were as essential to his look as his moustache.

Chances are, the fashion-forward preadolescents who are spurring grown men to ask their barbers for long bangs that sweep across their foreheads and curl out whimsically at the ends haven't connected those dots. Sally Hershberger, the celebrity coiffeuse who gave Meg Ryan a shag in the nineties—and, much more recently, John Mayer his anti-folksy crop—says she gets requests for the Peter Pan cut all the time. From teenagers.

"All the surfer kids in California started wearing their hair like that about a year ago, with the bangs swept across the forehead," Hershberger says. "It's got a mod, Beatles-esque thing about it." But just because the cut has a history doesn't mean an adult male can co-opt it with stylish irony, like Prefontaine-style Nikes. Boy bangs aren't a classic. They're the male equivalent of pigtails. "We picked up my friend's daughter at school the other day. She and her friends wanted me to give her little brother the Zac Efron cut," Hershberger says. "He's 8. He wasn't into it."

Smart man.

by Katherine Wheelock (Details magazine)

Yes, Bang?

No Bang?

Great (and darn cute) candid shot, btw ;)

Bang! Bang!
Yes. I mean somebody please shoot him for wearing that hairstyle. And also, men 30 or over wearing their pants/jeans way over their hip (see Orlando above).

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Cut

It was rather unfortunate for the people who were at first thinking of having a break at the beautiful island that is Pulau Tioman a couple of weeks back; but, before even reaching the white sandy beach, the unthinkable happened and it had to happen on a weekend that was a public holiday. Quite sad.

So I was sharing the story with Ad while having our morning breakfast (he had got me hooked to having breakfast in the morning and which I've come to really enjoy it esp. with the semi-reliable local daily).

"What IF we were on that boat? What would you have done?"

"Erm, you buy insurance lor."

"Lor? Insurance lor?"

"Yeah. So when you die, I could benefit from your insurance money."

My stomach felt funny and it wasn't cos the fishball was rotten.

"So funny." I used the-Keanu-Reeves-tone in all his movies. Well, all except "My Own Private Idaho".

"Ha ha. You aren't mad cos I said that, right?"


Monday, October 22, 2007

The Big BANG Theory

About almost a month ago, I was completely oblivious with the technology of Blackberry, what it is and how it is such a must-have items for "busy businessmen/women".

The only time I have seen or heard of it is from the full colour telco-ad on our local dailies promoting their Blackberry service. At that time, I was drawn to the coloured ad than the device. I guess I was not the "target market". But since I am getting a little busier now and needs to check email more often than before, I am currently shopping for a smart phone! Not a Blackberry tho' it does fall into the category of a smart phone.

While browsing for reviews on the internet, I came across many, many smart phones from big names like Nokia, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Motorola, iPhone (of cos) and.... BANG & OLUFSEN.

YEAP. These guys who is the LV of the music players, and speakers (tho' I'm suspecting that their status is slowly dwindling). So, they got Samsung to work on a smart phone with music players etc and voila!

If you asked me, aesthetically, I hate it much. It looks like a very bad design phone and dialling the numbers is such a fuss. Its too time consuming and I don't think anyone wants to be caught carrying such an ugly shape phone. Not me man. The rest of the upcoming models by the big players (read: Nokia & Samsung) are very much modeled after the iPhone. I reckon they also want to ride on the iPhone bandwagon and make megabucks like Steve Jobs.

We shall see.

PS: I really am not trying to be a tech/gadget reviewer. I am merely um, reviewing AS a user's point of view. So some information might be wrong. What the hell *shrugs*

Saturday, October 20, 2007

The dreadful question...again

Working in a new environment does not only make work a lot more satisfying, I've also got the opportunities to meet more people, attend to things that I did not have the opportunity to do before amongst others.

Time just went by sooo quickly that it has been a month already but everything is still a little ... uncertain. It is pretty frustrating. It's like talking about having a girlfriend and having to explain it to your co-workers and the people around your new work place. It is quite a dread, to say the least.

Kut Teh (Surname Bak) asked me THAT inevitable question after we had so much fun talking about food and eating them in the Klang Valley.

BKT: "Actually, how old are you?"

I don't mind telling him my age, really.

BKT: "Oh I see." He nodded like a professor.

He didn't think I was that old. Of cos, I was flatterred. But I held my breath for a little bit more cos I know the dreadful question will be next. And, yes, he asked.


Me: "No I do not have one." And I turned to him and smile. It's that smile that says, "Stop asking any further questions if I've girlfriend." Grrrrr.

So he stopped.

That was 2 days ago. Fast forward to today, I was chatting with Mr. Bak's co-worker, Ker Li (Surname Ho) on how much we miss Melbourne and the laidback-ness in Australia (sigh). Then I had to excuse myself to the gents and upon returning she waved hysterically at me and unexpectedly, she asked me THE dreadful question

Ho Ker Li: Hey, actually ah. Do you have girlfriend?

Mr. Bak intercepted. "He has lah. He's got two kids alreayd - a boy and a girl, 4 and 7 each"

"Can I excuse myself, please?"

Of course, that didn't happen because I am never so rude.

"I do not have." And gave Ms. Ker Li my bitchy smile.

She didn't buy it - both my answer my and bitchy smile.

"How CAN? Like that I must introduce to you already. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayri pretty wan! Want, want?"

She winked. She actually did (and just so you know she is in her early 50s). Suddenly, the image of a lady selling vegetables offering me fresh sawi and asked if I want. Want.

Immediately I said, "But she better look as good as Lee Shin Chie (the Malaysian actress acted in "The Eye")!"

"HAIYOHHH! That kinda girl you don't take lah! You will get yourself into trouble lah! Very mah fan, wan!"

Mr. Bak and I laughed out loud and I took the opportunity to walk back to my cubicle. And, sighed a heavy relief.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Come Smoke My Herb

Come Smoke My Herb
Me'Shell NdegeOcello

It saddens me to read news of atrocity and violence in a country that is already suffering from poverty and oppression (by the military led govt). I hope something is done soon to Free Burma. The children, the women, the innocence should not be treated the way it is.

Monday, October 15, 2007


Trouble is her only friend, and he's back again
Makes her body older than it really is
And she says it's high time she went away, no one's got much to say in this town
Trouble is the only way is down, down down

As strong as you were, tender you go
I'm watching you breathing, for the last time
A song for your heart, but when it is quiet,
I know what it means and I'll carry you home, I'll carry you home.

If she had wings she would fly away and another day God will give her some
Trouble is the only way is down, down down.

As strong as you were, tender you go
I'm watching you breathing, for the last time
A song for your heart, but when it is quiet,
I know what it means and I'll carry you home, I'll carry you home

And their all going crazy in New York City at night
And someone's little girl was taken from the world to light
Under the stars and stripes

As strong as you were, tender you go
I'm watching you breathing, for the last time
A song for your heart, but when it is quiet, I know what it means and I'll carry you home, I'll carry you home. (X2)

Carry You Home James Blunt

Hands Part II coming soon. Stay tune.

Friday, October 12, 2007

Most Stylish ... Nonsense?

I do not know how and based on what criterias did GQ select The 50 Most Stylish Men but from the look of it, photography (again) of cos, I am quite please. I seconded Basquiat (How do you pronounce his name, anyone? I love his work :) ), the young Marlon Brando, Al Pacino, Paul Newman, Beck, Tom Brady, JOHNNY DEPP! David Bowie! Miles Davies! Robert Redford (so chic), Mike & Keith (of the Rolling Stones) - just 5 years ago, we'd keel over and die to wear ruffles or spot a look so androgynous, but just walk into a Topmen boutique. You'd probably come up looking either like them or Robert Redford or even Warren Beatty.

And I must admit I felt awkward seeing Elvis Presley, Sam Shepherd, William De-Kooning (huh? I know), Woody Allen (HUH?), Michael Jordan? PETE DOHERTY?

Where are the Brad Pitts, and Josh Harnetts and Jack Gyllenhaals? Too predictable?

Maybe its me but I've noticed how everything is going way back. Theories: 1) The fashion conglomerate looks at how furnishing industry revived the retro modern pieces and they thought, Hey, let's do it for fashion, too? 2) I think people are TOO afraid of the future that bringing back old memories is one way to stay sane. No?

Whatever. I'm diggin' it. I love these grainy photos. I want to get hold of a grainy Lomo Reilo Retro 400. I love Lust Cautious; Hairspray. I love skinny pants that are cut slighty shorter. I love James Blunt new album.

Long Live the 60s! And the 70s and maybe, ahem, the 80s!

"Nonsense and beauty have close connections." — E. M. Forster

Sunday, October 7, 2007

Fashion Rocks Malaysia

Not only do we have the biggest mall/s in the Asian region, but we also have a line up of fashion labels that are unfamiliar to a lot of people joining the all-too-darn-familiar brands that are due to open in these huge malls. For those of us who is in the know, we are very happy to hear/find out that these labels are finally here. Here in our Malaysia boleh land.

7 for all mankind*
karl lagerfeld
marc by marc jacobs
paul frank*
rock & republic
club monaco (but for good?)
etro ( i think we've had this b4)

And, there are more obscure ones from Denmark, Sweden, etc. Its crazy competition but at least not everyone is wearing Zara or Topman.

Ahh...I suppose THIS is what I'd call Retail Theraphy. Aside from Fashion, there are plenty of newbies on the home furnishing lines as well as beauty product. So fun.

So. Whilst updating myself with what is in and what is not on the internet - ok, truth is, I was looking for 'inspirations' for an upcoming event that I'm attending :D - i kinda bummed into this label, Band of Outsiders. Cool as hell, I must say. The name and the fashion shoot lah. Their stuff appeals to me too, esp. that their look is all geeky and nerdy LOL

Hmm perhaps, I should do NERDY.

What do you say?

Friday, October 5, 2007

To F*&% or not to F*&^

Do you ever have a co-worker/s or classmate/s that is flirty with the opposite sex, like, all the time? How do you handle such situations? Do you let him or her be simply because it doesn't affect you? Or, it affects you but in Malaysia, nobody tells anybody anything about anyone's behaviour because we are all nice people. We juust bitch behind their backs. Like, how the govt dept could approve a RM200++ screwdriver sets - the most embarassing news ever. And, nothing has been done.

So, back to flirty. How do you tell a co-worker that you cannot or should not or MUST NOT flirt in the work place? With other co-workers, supplier/s, and even clients?

A. Tell him/her straight to his/her face that he/she is flirting and in this co, we do not encourage such behavior. Period.

B. Tell him/her that it is essential to be friendly but do not cross the line (to being flirty).

C. Tell him/her nothing. Just keep the mouth shut. Because that person is closing a big fat account for the co?

D. Tell him/her they are doing a great job! Because they usually are the most efficient people in this earth, no?

E. Do step C, then step D and follow by step B.

How? And, is Flirty a dirty word, like, in a work place?

Wednesday, October 3, 2007


I was havin' the delicious fish paste noodles this morning when I overheard an uncle across the table talking out loud to a couple of aunty and uncle.

Uncle with dark framed glasses: "Eh Anita Mui lah!" nudging the aunty sitting across him and showing her the Chinese newspaper at the same time (obviously the tabloid section).

"She's back! Alive!"

Aunty in pink cap: "Back your head lah! Come back to visit you maybe!"

UDFG: "Hehe…no lah. Died already some more got so much news. Pity her also lah." He sighed out loud.

APC: "Yeah cos got people like you mah. Enjoy reading tabloids wat!"

UDFG: "Hehe…. Same like Leslie (Cheung). First play gay and got outed by the press cos got pressure. After that ah, got depression. Maybe that's why he killed himself"

APC: "NO LAH! It's because he acted in that movie. Neh, that ghost movie, what's the name? Think he got possessed by the ghost lah!"

Uncle with receding hairline: "Eh you siaw ah! Don't simply say lah. So you're saying the ghost made him commit suicide?"

APC: "If not? Sure got dirty stuff lah. He so handsome why want to kill himself meh. Some more people accept him as gay mah."

Both uncles shook their heads in disbelief while I stopped eating cos the noodles were simply too dry. Of cos, I was also disgusted by all the nonsensical talks from the aunties and uncles.

It has been 4 years and 7 months since Leslie leapt to his death from the 24th floor of the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. I remembered clearly at the time when I received the news, I was in utter disbelief. He completely shocked the world and of cos, his beloved fans. Nine months down the road, the world saw another tragic demise of a great talent both in acting and singing –Anita Mui. Their music and their movies still rock my world tho'.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Beguiled, Bewildered, Bewitched

It is a joy to drive to work these days esp. when the road leading to work is different from the daily route 4.5 years ago. It could also be cos of the positive change or that I am just happy going to work *shrugs*

Passing these "new roads" I get to observe a lot of things about Kuala Lumpur that I do not usually see - I like observing things/people/animals/stuff. One particular road that enthralls me more than any other is the road turning in from Jln Ampang to Jln Kia Peng passing Troika (still under construction) and KLCC on the left. It constantly has a stream of tourists gawking at the Twin Towers or posing in front of the Twin Towers; be it the Indians, the Chinese, the Koreans, the Japanese, the etc. Every morning without fail, rain or shine! That spot has become THE OFFICIAL SPOT to take photos of the Twin Tower. Perhaps, some tour agent discovered that that is the BEST angle to take photo with the Twin Tower and the rest will just follow. Funny isn't it?

More on Fascinating Kuala Lumpur soon. Do you have one to share ?

ps: Been listening to a lot fo Feist and Ah Mei. Ah Mei makes me think about the past and thinking the past is bad. Really bad. But I like Ah Mei. How?