Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Short Cut

It was rather unfortunate for the people who were at first thinking of having a break at the beautiful island that is Pulau Tioman a couple of weeks back; but, before even reaching the white sandy beach, the unthinkable happened and it had to happen on a weekend that was a public holiday. Quite sad.

So I was sharing the story with Ad while having our morning breakfast (he had got me hooked to having breakfast in the morning and which I've come to really enjoy it esp. with the semi-reliable local daily).

"What IF we were on that boat? What would you have done?"

"Erm, you buy insurance lor."

"Lor? Insurance lor?"

"Yeah. So when you die, I could benefit from your insurance money."

My stomach felt funny and it wasn't cos the fishball was rotten.

"So funny." I used the-Keanu-Reeves-tone in all his movies. Well, all except "My Own Private Idaho".

"Ha ha. You aren't mad cos I said that, right?"



savante said...

Why sad? You guys can be each other's beneficiaries. It's almost romantic.

m5lvin said...

Not a bad thing. Kinda romantic like what paul said...

adrien said...

don't tell me Ad stands for Adrian.

romantically twisted, that is.