Saturday, October 27, 2007

He Bangs

I had such a good laugh reading this article that I'd like to share with y'all...

Lose the Peter Pan Haircut

Taking the occasional style cue from guys a decade younger than you isn't the worst idea. It keeps you a safe distance from the threshold of grandpa-dom. Laceless All Stars. Denim jackets. Rugby shirts. A man over 30 can get away with these youthful accents from time to time. What a man over 30—a man over 20—cannot get away with is the most recent trend to emerge from the hallways of American adolescence: side-swept bangs. Zac Efron, 20, the pearly-toothed, sapphire-eyed star of the Disney Channel's High School Musical, is the poster child for the cut. But men like 28-year-old Fall Out Boy Pete Wentz are propagating it too.

"A lot of guys are coming in saying they want bangs," says New York hairstylist Takamichi Saeki, who has a salon in the city's East Village. Thirtysomethings who are in the market for a slightly cool-kid aesthetic are walking into Saeki's place clutching photographs of the Peter Pan cut. "It's usually banker guys who want to be a little more fashionable," Saeki says. "A lot of them are coming in with pictures of Tom Cruise."

The news that men are visiting their hairstylists armed with pages torn from Us Weekly is disturbing enough. The fact that they're bringing in recent snapshots of Tom Cruise is chilling. Cruise's hairstyle has always been reminiscent of a Lego guy's, but the brow-skimming bangs he's had for the last few months have been for a movie—one set in WWII-era Germany, in which he plays a mutinous Nazi.

This highlights another of the associations pin-straight boy bangs have (besides Jonny Quest, the sixties cartoon hero, the von Trapp boys, and Dorothy Hamill): Hitler. They were as essential to his look as his moustache.

Chances are, the fashion-forward preadolescents who are spurring grown men to ask their barbers for long bangs that sweep across their foreheads and curl out whimsically at the ends haven't connected those dots. Sally Hershberger, the celebrity coiffeuse who gave Meg Ryan a shag in the nineties—and, much more recently, John Mayer his anti-folksy crop—says she gets requests for the Peter Pan cut all the time. From teenagers.

"All the surfer kids in California started wearing their hair like that about a year ago, with the bangs swept across the forehead," Hershberger says. "It's got a mod, Beatles-esque thing about it." But just because the cut has a history doesn't mean an adult male can co-opt it with stylish irony, like Prefontaine-style Nikes. Boy bangs aren't a classic. They're the male equivalent of pigtails. "We picked up my friend's daughter at school the other day. She and her friends wanted me to give her little brother the Zac Efron cut," Hershberger says. "He's 8. He wasn't into it."

Smart man.

by Katherine Wheelock (Details magazine)

Yes, Bang?

No Bang?

Great (and darn cute) candid shot, btw ;)

Bang! Bang!
Yes. I mean somebody please shoot him for wearing that hairstyle. And also, men 30 or over wearing their pants/jeans way over their hip (see Orlando above).

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adrien said...

haha i read this some time ago on the site. amuses me every single time, details. lol

damn come to think of it i need a haircut. my bangs!! :p