Saturday, October 20, 2007

The dreadful question...again

Working in a new environment does not only make work a lot more satisfying, I've also got the opportunities to meet more people, attend to things that I did not have the opportunity to do before amongst others.

Time just went by sooo quickly that it has been a month already but everything is still a little ... uncertain. It is pretty frustrating. It's like talking about having a girlfriend and having to explain it to your co-workers and the people around your new work place. It is quite a dread, to say the least.

Kut Teh (Surname Bak) asked me THAT inevitable question after we had so much fun talking about food and eating them in the Klang Valley.

BKT: "Actually, how old are you?"

I don't mind telling him my age, really.

BKT: "Oh I see." He nodded like a professor.

He didn't think I was that old. Of cos, I was flatterred. But I held my breath for a little bit more cos I know the dreadful question will be next. And, yes, he asked.


Me: "No I do not have one." And I turned to him and smile. It's that smile that says, "Stop asking any further questions if I've girlfriend." Grrrrr.

So he stopped.

That was 2 days ago. Fast forward to today, I was chatting with Mr. Bak's co-worker, Ker Li (Surname Ho) on how much we miss Melbourne and the laidback-ness in Australia (sigh). Then I had to excuse myself to the gents and upon returning she waved hysterically at me and unexpectedly, she asked me THE dreadful question

Ho Ker Li: Hey, actually ah. Do you have girlfriend?

Mr. Bak intercepted. "He has lah. He's got two kids alreayd - a boy and a girl, 4 and 7 each"

"Can I excuse myself, please?"

Of course, that didn't happen because I am never so rude.

"I do not have." And gave Ms. Ker Li my bitchy smile.

She didn't buy it - both my answer my and bitchy smile.

"How CAN? Like that I must introduce to you already. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayri pretty wan! Want, want?"

She winked. She actually did (and just so you know she is in her early 50s). Suddenly, the image of a lady selling vegetables offering me fresh sawi and asked if I want. Want.

Immediately I said, "But she better look as good as Lee Shin Chie (the Malaysian actress acted in "The Eye")!"

"HAIYOHHH! That kinda girl you don't take lah! You will get yourself into trouble lah! Very mah fan, wan!"

Mr. Bak and I laughed out loud and I took the opportunity to walk back to my cubicle. And, sighed a heavy relief.


Will said... you have a boyfriend? :-)

seth said...

will question gotcha i guess...

Ah-Bong said...

haha... cute...

Bibik Nyonya said...

simply hilarious. Ha ha ha!