Thursday, February 28, 2008


John Lennon.

John Lennon.

Who would've thought (or imagined) or had the guts to sing the legendary John Lennon's smash hit, Imagine on National television on American Idol without butchering it.

Not David Archuleta, of cos, because last night's show clearly and rather, instantaneously, made him the top 3 favorites for this season's show. What is even more befitting is his down-to-earth, slightly bashful and sorta naive (he's 17 after all) personality. It was THE key to getting thousands of votes. Smart strategy but I believe rather adamantly that this boy doesn't have a strategy. He simply is born to sing, sing, sing and perform.

I reckon he wowed millions of Americans and all the rest of the world with his heartful rendition of that song and when Randy asked him why did you started off singing the 3rd verse, his reply was, "the third verse was my favorite, it has a great message..."

Paula was right. He is so cute you want to take his head and squeeeeeze him so bad. Now I only wish that he has got more confidence and stop the bashful, cutesy smile and just chill :p

Imagine no possesions
I wonder if you can
No need for greed or hunger
In a brotherhood of man
Imagine all the people
Sharing all the world...

You may say i'm a dreamer
But i'm not the only one
I hope some day you'll join us
And the world will be as one

Beautiful song... I didnt think Madonna sang as well as he does. Pffft what am I saying!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Basketfull of Reasons

Top 20 Reasons to be Late for Work/Not come to work: -

  1. My grandfather passed away I cannot come to work, sir
  2. My grandfather's kitten was run over by my neighbour's small little tricycle, sir! So angry!
  3. My car got smashed yesterday so I've to make police report. (Sure. Police report takes the entire day)
  4. My son/daughter very sick lah sir. I've to take care of them.
  5. My auntie's husband's daughter's son got accident. He broke his leg, sir.
  6. The bus broke down lah.
  7. The bus never come on time, aijor.
  8. The LRT broke down!
  9. The LRT got problem with the computer!
  10. The LRT got too many people I also dunno why!
  11. My working shirt not chet dry sir!
  12. My husband's car got accident (no battery/died on the road)!
  13. My uncle passed away.
  14. My motorcycle broke down sir.
  15. My motorcycle got stolen! Serious! Cilaka dunno who go steal man!
  16. My mother wants to use the car so I've to take public transport (WTF)
  17. Yesterday I slept over at my friend's place so I come late.
  18. My aunty passed away.
  19. Public holiday cannot find transport.
  20. Today the police man road block including the bus! The polis ah went inside the bus and checked EVERYBODY'S IC, sir!

Have you got a "terrific" version that you'd like to share?

Monday, February 25, 2008

Living it up

I've started to salivate over Ralph Lauren's home furnishing products when I was (still) working with my previous company. Then, I was more interested with his range of home accessories such as bedlinen, vases, candle holders, tableware and soft furnishing ie throw cushions, throws etc. I never really fancy much the range of furniture because I know Ralph Lauren being an American brand, and that American's furniture is really not my cuppa tea (read: bulky, old-fashion, and a bit too Americanish), I completely ignored that section altogether.

Oddly enough, I have begun to appreciate RL's furniture recently in more ways than I would think I did. Whatever happened to old-fashion and bulky? LOL I suppose I see thru all that and found out when you mix the "American brand of furniture" with modern pieces ala Minotti or some scandinavian or European brand, it is OK (bear in mind, I do not agree with bulky furniture with skirtings or huge sofa/settee fit for a diva ie Kimora Lee. Meaning to say, not all RL's pieces of furniture I'd like).

And, of cos, my current company is carrying the furniture range. Haha... I know. Quite lame excuse because I am selling them but it is true. I was apprehensive when I found out that we would carry RL furniture and lightings. Now, I can say I am pretty proud to say I love it cos of its quality (the leather range is really nice) and I will continue to support modern classical furniture because I know when it comes to home interior, it is all about good taste - that is, money can't buy, people *grin*. Not forgetting, mixing & matching the right piece of furniture together with the interior design.

One thing I have learned after working for so long in this industry is that home owner should not be afraid to try like, mixing signature pieces ie the Eames stool, Barcelona daybed, Ligne Roset's Togo (read: expensive branded or famed piece of furniture/lightings ie Phillipe Stark, Mooi, B&B Italia, Ralph Lauren :) ) with simple, clean cut design that we'd call "modern contemporary" furniture. These items will be the accent pieces in your home and when you have guests, they just don't sit in front of the TV and wow at your 42" plasma TV or hang around your kitchen - which, erm, is another important part of your home.

I may not have graduated from Interior Design school or possess a degree in ID, but I know in interior design functionality is first, forms follow next. Malaysia's home living industry is still a baby compared to Bangkok or Singapore but, I can see it is growing ... albeit slowwwwly.

Love this piece of classic settee in strong red. Goes well with Eames low-back chairs, grey acrylic rug with patterns of green, low glossy finish coffee table set in a stark, modern contemporary New York loft. Arghh... I'm dreaming much.

RL Cliveden Armchair

Genuine leather mixed with distressed leather used as the upholstery for this classic piece of "butterfly" chair in solid beech. Timeless.

Tasteful chest that can be used as side table or just a decor item in the house.

More products available at

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of hairy issue and public humiliation

The day has arrived. I will never be able to look at Gillian Hung, Cheong Pak Chi (CPC) and Edison Chen the same way I look at them before - not that I am a huge fan of any of them. On the contrary, I've never like the Twin gals because their music appeals only to people with hearing impairment, nor am I a great fan of Edison Chen, both in acting and singing (what singing?). As for CPC, I always knew there is a hidden talent to that coarse voice and "kuaci" face actress.

The day I found out about the news on Edison Chen and his now infamous collection of "obscene" pictures of him and other famous HK actresses/singers/models/etc, it was on the eve of CNY. Yes, I am at least 2 weeks behind. It is painful to see them. I seriously feel sorry for the girls. Especially that they are Asian and Chinese.

When I heard the news, whom my brother was sooooo willingly wanting to show me the pictures and shared the news to every single person that walks into the house (except the kids of course), I listened with a bit of skepticism. My brother is well-known for yeah, rumor mongering. So, I couldn't care less tho' I must admit I was a tad curious about my brother mentioning EC's mini-size erm, pencil-dick.

Many days later, a friend brought the topic back and decided to show us the pictures (I swear I did not even google it; funny ain't it esp. for a person who is always curious about stuff). The first picture shocked me. And the rest .... Hairy, cock, come hither..... slutty poses, pant pant pant. Oh boy... It gets more interesting. I was blown away (no pun people) and these pictures are razor sharp. I wonder how many MP is his camera. No, no not his "pinky brother"! LOL Oh boy, i get a kick out of this.

Today on the news is that they triad members in HK and South East Asia are offering anyone who could bring EC's hand to them for I heard, half a million HK dollars? Poor boy. Let's hope they don't take away his pencil-dick.

Yesterday, I took a train (LRT) downtown to visit a temple in Petaling Street. I've always like Petaling Street since young. I've used to take up tuition at Kasturi which was seriously THE tuition centre back then to go for "help" for SPM and STPM alike. Of cos, I also like the fact that after classes, I get to go Kota Raya and hang out at the arcades :P

What I saw yesterday @ PS was quite sad state - foreigners manning almost 80% of all the stores. I do not think it is cos the "taukeh" has gone for their CNY annual leaves. I think it is cos they figured hiring a foreigner is better than they man it themselves. So sad.

So, nothing is interesting except ... nothing? It's simply humiliating that the locals have to succumb to hiring foreigners to man their stall - what would the tourists think? Confuse, perhaps. This happened too to local hawker food stalls or restaurants. I simply do not order food prepare by foreign workers. Period.

But, thankfully, I had some joy from the train ride, really. I get to see the different architecture of buildings, houses i.e. some back dated to the 60s (If I've got a lot of money, I would buy these houses with manicured lawns and retain the exterior facade hehe), squatters and ugly buildings.





Monday, February 18, 2008

Of geometries & passions - I Maestoso


Soledad, originally uploaded by Str@nger in a Str@nge land.

Is everything a point of view?

Heil dir Sonne! Heil dir Licht!

Old Illusions

Old Illusions, originally uploaded by Str@nger in a Str@nge land.

"Stranger in a Strange Land"

This guy's or these guys work stopped my world. Literally.

Love it. So damn much.

Sunday, February 17, 2008


This quote is extricated from Deviant Art's News on INDIE PHOTOGRAPHY an insightful and thought-provoking comment by Teerk...

Since when is art all about controlling techniques?
What happen to the art of photography?
What have become of the real life touch?
Every real emotion and all spontaneity have been removed from photography and now it’s all about techniques…bleh!
Real art has become indie. To shoot whenever you feel like it, whatever you feel like. Just do it. Instead of making up rules and such. Jeez.
Here’s the most beautiful, spontaneous and not much appreciated indie art:

Teerk may be right. It is not always about the right TECHNIQUES (tho' it IS important to learn the right techniques, afterall, it is photography we're talking about here) but also, the spontaneity of a person's work. The emotion it creates, the sillouhette, the contrast, and of cos, lightings.

Ultimately, right techniques combined with deviant eye for artistic photography wins. Then again, if ur into scenic photog or shooting penguins in antartica, that's really an entirely different story altogether. No?

As for me, I like serendipity shots. Shots that I did not expect. And, that is why I love photography.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

CNY 2008







Friday, February 8, 2008

Latest Cravings

I am a little off the edge. Yes, it is from over eating all the junk food esp at mom's place. The excuse was that it is CNY. Feelin' so bloated this morning. When my sis-in-law asked if I've been to the gym, I thought she was complementing my ahem, toned up body. But, she kinda say I gained weight.

Fine. Perhaps, I have got "bigger" and I must admit the "lurve handles" are quite unsightly. Urgh. Imagine having them shown to the two Filipino "hunks" from The Amazing Race Asia 2. I swear they'll have a fun time bitching about it. fyi, please join me and pray hard they do not win. Seriously. I think the law of attraction doesnt apply anymore once they show their true bitchy "colours."

Enough 'bout that. I wanna talk about my latest cravings ... I was also a little off the edge after reading all the reviews (and spending RM38.50 for a magazine) of the "Baby D3." Unfortunately, it wasn't a toy, nor it is the sequel to CJ7. It's the latest DSLR from Nikon and this is the successor of the D200. To sum it up, it kicks ass.

I'm just waiting for Uncle's shop to be opened after CNY to fondle at this "Baby." And, the best part? It's RRP at RM6,388, BODY ONLY! *Gulp* They say, "make thoughts into things." I'd say hell yeah! Tick tock ...

Mails ... Maps ... Weather ... Stocks ... Notes ...

You know I am talking about the latest version of iPod Touch, right? Just when I thought the iPod Touch was a lame cousin of iPod Classic with the only feature or features that is the multi-touch screen technology and Accelorometer (Ok, and Wi-fi), they came out with more add-ons! And more storage, too, like, 32G. I think those who have owned an iPod Touch will be quite upset since the upgrades are only available in the States.

Sony Ericsson (SE) has finally released the W960i mobile phone which has Wi-fi, 3.5G, Blueberry, 3.5MP camera and and touch-screen capabilities. That's a mouthful.

The salesman who introduced the phone to me at the SE boutique just now did such a good job saying all that in one breath. Seriously. Visit SE's at the Pavilion. Anyways, I almost had it at hello. Almost. So close.

It is a really good mobile phone with fantastic features and great looking to wank, too. I mean, to show off, too. It did not disappoint a tad bit after months of waiting. Suffice to say, these are all but just my latest cravings.

Back to work *Sigh*

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Wishing all my Chinese friends and readers a very Happy & Prosperous Chinese New Year! And Happy Holidays for the non-Chinese.

"Make thoughts become things"


Friday, February 1, 2008

It's all about me

Yes, it's all about me day.

I think red is in. NOT because it is CNY, but I just feel that red is in. Im typing on a red table right now, wearing (God forbidden) a red shorts and right across me to the right is a red wall. Imagine how much I love red. And, I drive a red car. So, yes, RED has to be THE colour at the moment. And, I believe that wearing red will bring prosperity. Ask Frida Giannini cos she and her team recently came out with a super hot looking mahjong set in red ... AND, some hot looking bags in F1 red, too. So, enough said.

I think I have a lot of patience today and I think that to think of a happy thought before you sleep at night really helps the next day of work. And, laughing too. Laugh about anything, man. Fart, nostril hair, chest hair, rodents in the shop (err...), stupid people wearing their handphone on their belt, stupid people not wearing enough at the gym, that BIG mouth will do very well in the year of Rodent - for the record, I did not make that up. Our hugely successful, very young Feng Shui master, Mr. Joey Yap said so at his recent Feng Shui convention - FENG SHUI CONVENTION, imagine that! We almost signed up but we totally forgot about it after talking about it over tea. That is just classic us :D

Oh yeah. Big mouth. He meant like, physically big mouth. Hehehe..... I make my neighbour put on F1 Red lipstick and pout like Halle Barry in the Loreal latest tvc. Now, everybody sings with me, "You make me pout like a natural woman! Whoo hoo!" And, btw, she has really thick, sausage lips. Angie will be so envious. I mean, my friend, not Halle.

By now, you probably are thinking, "What crack is this guy smoking, man?" Really, it must have been the err... Carrot juice from some brand at the supermarket.

About patience, I really have a lot today. I waited for my frens for almost an hour before we finally had lunch at 3.30pm but it was worth the wait cos they are just so funny and entertaining. At the gym earlier, the class was quite a drag, really. It was Body Combat (after like 2 weeks missing it much), imagine that. But I finished it cos I wanted to. Then, I picked up some salad and juice at the supermarket and exit to pay at the EXPRESS counter.

EXPRESS COUNTER. Ever been to an Express Counter that is really, really, painfully slow? All the time? I'm not surprised. I was starting to curse the cashier then I thought I should cut her some slack. I actually was patient. Gila kan?

Ok back to more juice. Later.