Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Basketfull of Reasons

Top 20 Reasons to be Late for Work/Not come to work: -

  1. My grandfather passed away I cannot come to work, sir
  2. My grandfather's kitten was run over by my neighbour's small little tricycle, sir! So angry!
  3. My car got smashed yesterday so I've to make police report. (Sure. Police report takes the entire day)
  4. My son/daughter very sick lah sir. I've to take care of them.
  5. My auntie's husband's daughter's son got accident. He broke his leg, sir.
  6. The bus broke down lah.
  7. The bus never come on time, aijor.
  8. The LRT broke down!
  9. The LRT got problem with the computer!
  10. The LRT got too many people I also dunno why!
  11. My working shirt not chet dry sir!
  12. My husband's car got accident (no battery/died on the road)!
  13. My uncle passed away.
  14. My motorcycle broke down sir.
  15. My motorcycle got stolen! Serious! Cilaka dunno who go steal man!
  16. My mother wants to use the car so I've to take public transport (WTF)
  17. Yesterday I slept over at my friend's place so I come late.
  18. My aunty passed away.
  19. Public holiday cannot find transport.
  20. Today the police man road block including the bus! The polis ah went inside the bus and checked EVERYBODY'S IC, sir!

Have you got a "terrific" version that you'd like to share?


Mr Rainbow Man said...

sorry, im just late... no reason

johnybravo said...

the dog ate the working shirt and the cat pee on the working pants and the rats ate the working shoe and to top that my car exploded into a huge ball of flame...

.... and the house burned down...


Ah-Bong said...

i had a bad day... don't ask.

and show that really really irritated and angry face. Haha

ethnwg said...

mr rainbow: hmm no excuse is good excuse?

johnny: siaw lah u but u gave some ppl out there a new "idea" LOL

ahBong: "i had a bad day? and dont ask?" .... then ur fired.