Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Of hairy issue and public humiliation

The day has arrived. I will never be able to look at Gillian Hung, Cheong Pak Chi (CPC) and Edison Chen the same way I look at them before - not that I am a huge fan of any of them. On the contrary, I've never like the Twin gals because their music appeals only to people with hearing impairment, nor am I a great fan of Edison Chen, both in acting and singing (what singing?). As for CPC, I always knew there is a hidden talent to that coarse voice and "kuaci" face actress.

The day I found out about the news on Edison Chen and his now infamous collection of "obscene" pictures of him and other famous HK actresses/singers/models/etc, it was on the eve of CNY. Yes, I am at least 2 weeks behind. It is painful to see them. I seriously feel sorry for the girls. Especially that they are Asian and Chinese.

When I heard the news, whom my brother was sooooo willingly wanting to show me the pictures and shared the news to every single person that walks into the house (except the kids of course), I listened with a bit of skepticism. My brother is well-known for yeah, rumor mongering. So, I couldn't care less tho' I must admit I was a tad curious about my brother mentioning EC's mini-size erm, pencil-dick.

Many days later, a friend brought the topic back and decided to show us the pictures (I swear I did not even google it; funny ain't it esp. for a person who is always curious about stuff). The first picture shocked me. And the rest .... Hairy, cock, come hither..... slutty poses, pant pant pant. Oh boy... It gets more interesting. I was blown away (no pun people) and these pictures are razor sharp. I wonder how many MP is his camera. No, no not his "pinky brother"! LOL Oh boy, i get a kick out of this.

Today on the news is that they triad members in HK and South East Asia are offering anyone who could bring EC's hand to them for I heard, half a million HK dollars? Poor boy. Let's hope they don't take away his pencil-dick.

Yesterday, I took a train (LRT) downtown to visit a temple in Petaling Street. I've always like Petaling Street since young. I've used to take up tuition at Kasturi which was seriously THE tuition centre back then to go for "help" for SPM and STPM alike. Of cos, I also like the fact that after classes, I get to go Kota Raya and hang out at the arcades :P

What I saw yesterday @ PS was quite sad state - foreigners manning almost 80% of all the stores. I do not think it is cos the "taukeh" has gone for their CNY annual leaves. I think it is cos they figured hiring a foreigner is better than they man it themselves. So sad.

So, nothing is interesting except ... nothing? It's simply humiliating that the locals have to succumb to hiring foreigners to man their stall - what would the tourists think? Confuse, perhaps. This happened too to local hawker food stalls or restaurants. I simply do not order food prepare by foreign workers. Period.

But, thankfully, I had some joy from the train ride, really. I get to see the different architecture of buildings, houses i.e. some back dated to the 60s (If I've got a lot of money, I would buy these houses with manicured lawns and retain the exterior facade hehe), squatters and ugly buildings.





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