Saturday, January 28, 2006

eve of cny

on the eve of cny and what am i doing? im actually sittin' down in starbucks. hehe..

did help out my parents at home earlier and also cleaned my house for one last round before ushering the doggy yr. it has been very tiring day albeit very productive, too. a couple of more hrs will be reunion dinner and i predict that mom will call by 6pm.

i reckon i shud go

have a fantabulous dog yr!


Friday, January 27, 2006

cny greeting

wishin' you a rockin' good yr! woof

Thursday, January 26, 2006

knackered eye

so friggin' tired. was doin' on-site installation at client's house in damansara heights. what's on site installation? we're like the ID guy in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy except that in reality it is not as quick as it is on tv. glitches here and there & clients are not so susceptible to our recommendations or suggestions as those straight guys on QE. well, it all ends well. they're happy, and so are we cos before the make-over the place is a tad bit bland. like havin' nasi lemak without the sambal, yaknw.

on the other note, one more day to holiday! and, 2 more days to CNY! i used to be not fussed over CNY cos i dread the 10 mil questions my relatives will throw at me. here are some common ones *usual cny greeting - the louder the more "hei" it is* : -

  • Wah! so handsome now! where's your girlfriend ah?
  • followed by, When is your turn to get married? version one: Look at your poor mom she's been waiting until her hair all white lor (FYI, my mom has got 4 other boys & 1 daughter who've gotten married w/ kids)
  • version 2 of the above: Look at your aunty & uncle! All hair white already! Or no hair! fuck, give me a break!
  • Wah! You look different nowadays worrr. What you do? Wah, Maayyynager wooor so good. Where's your girlfriend ah? no. i'm gay
duh. and tat was yesterday's news.

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

channel flippin'

i took a half day leave today cos i've got to attend to something outside of work. i am seeking for new opportunities, let's just put it that way.

at home: slept through the evening after attending to the things i needed to do. it was really a nice nap at our place in kmc with jazz music playing at the playground. man, i totally miss this. i was supposed to b bending my body and all in yoga class and THEN, kick some thin air in combat. i tot, wat the hell! hang all that. i wanna sleep


on astro: watchin' 'fashion tv' on channel v & at the same time, 'pop inc' on mtv. d'squared in milan! my fav. men's couture (is that rite?) & the other channel has got 2 cutie face vjs dissing pop stars. duh.

i'd recently discovered this great modern rock bank from UK,

i really didn't think much of them when they first appeared on music tvs. but i must admit that his voice and their energy have totally changed my mind and i am hooked with ...You're so right for me (errr... ok) & Come get some (darn catchy!)

on 'fashion tv': reuben toledo. a great artist who is a great illustrator who've recently worked with coco channel's karl lagerfeld. i think his work is insanely good!! very edgy, quirky & sexy. oh on that sexy note,
d'squared is totally hot!

Monday, January 23, 2006

holiday ... celebrate

d last time my blog was updated was mths ago, circa oct 2005, i think. (i will disregard madonna's picture as a um, not a post). anyways, it is the brand new yr and many ppl have had made lists of ny's resolutions and still (incl. me) trying hard to stick to it. one of it is to keep my blog more updated (sic). here is a list of what i've achieved from 1st of jan until today: -

  1. new layout for my blog, checked
  2. real plants for my house, checked
  3. vaccuum cleaner for my house, checked
  4. 3 x's weekly work out schedule, checked
  5. signed up for shout out, checked
  6. spring cleaning for our house, checked
  7. promised mom i will stay in for 2 nites during cny, checked

damn, that was it huh? i reckon i have like, hundreds more that i need to work on. one of it is to make full use of my creativity in d beginning of da yr. im usually more creative and have lotsa ideas at this time of d yr. the brand spankin Dog year is around the corner and i am totally in the holiday mood altho' there isnt much plans for my 10days leaves except mahjong, mahjong and mahjong. yahuuuu! oh, did i say i wanna make full use of my creative 'chi'?

ok here's my attempt doing a warhol.