Monday, January 23, 2006

holiday ... celebrate

d last time my blog was updated was mths ago, circa oct 2005, i think. (i will disregard madonna's picture as a um, not a post). anyways, it is the brand new yr and many ppl have had made lists of ny's resolutions and still (incl. me) trying hard to stick to it. one of it is to keep my blog more updated (sic). here is a list of what i've achieved from 1st of jan until today: -

  1. new layout for my blog, checked
  2. real plants for my house, checked
  3. vaccuum cleaner for my house, checked
  4. 3 x's weekly work out schedule, checked
  5. signed up for shout out, checked
  6. spring cleaning for our house, checked
  7. promised mom i will stay in for 2 nites during cny, checked

damn, that was it huh? i reckon i have like, hundreds more that i need to work on. one of it is to make full use of my creativity in d beginning of da yr. im usually more creative and have lotsa ideas at this time of d yr. the brand spankin Dog year is around the corner and i am totally in the holiday mood altho' there isnt much plans for my 10days leaves except mahjong, mahjong and mahjong. yahuuuu! oh, did i say i wanna make full use of my creative 'chi'?

ok here's my attempt doing a warhol.

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