Saturday, April 26, 2008

The Fiv5

I've been tagged. Unbeknownst to me, as usual. Mr Wanna, if you are reading this, I totally dig the new banner :)

fIVE things in my bag:
wallet, little black book, diary for work, secret (the book), rubbish. lots of rubbish.

fIVE things in my wallet:
receipts, creditc cards, IC, driving licence, more cards for all sorts of purpose which I sometimes think its a nuisance.

fIVE things I like most in my room:
cd box which is a gift from a friend for my 25th bday? magazines, my underwears? I dunno. not much really. my cameras, yes.

fIVE things I'd like to do:
I dunno how to answer this. if it's now, can i say, sex? working out, drinking wine, massage, & sunbathing.

fIVE persons I'd tag:
johnny bravo, joyce (teamo), ah bong and leonHO.


Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

It was Earth Day yesterday and I've completely forgotten about it. I know I wanted to post an article on this particular day. Alas, I've overlooked it.

The price of goods are increasing worldwide and affecting millions of people particularly the people living below the poverty line, I think it is time we all sit down and ask this question: Why is it happening? There are many reasons to it. As I was watching CNN on tv last night, I saw people from many parts of the world are protesting their government on the price increase of goods. The news reporters spoke about the reasons behind the inflation that most countries are suffering incl. Malaysia and the cause?

Global Warming.

Have you wondered why is it that in this part of the world, it has been raining almost everyday? And when it pours, it usually is very heavy? I know I am. There are many reasons to panic because on the hindsight, lives of people are affected ie erosion, landslides, flood, lost of lives and properties, potholes (!!) etc. As a matter of fact, it is already happening ie landslides at Cameron Highlands.

I think it is time we all should start to think and live 'green' if you haven't already. Bear in mind if one person can help to be more environmental friendly, imagine if it is 5 million? I know i have started few months back by cutting down on using air-con (since Jan 08, I think?) & the next step I could do is to stop downloading songs from the internet as it uses a lot of electricity by leaving it overnight. I'd rather spend on CDs and DVDs. I know you have to spare some and spend some but look at it in the long run and think for the next generations. In the next couple of months, things are not gonna get any cheaper. The new govt is just putting up a front.

So, think for mother Earth before you do anything. I know I should start, too.

Happy Earth Day. It's never too late because starting yesterday, everyday is Earth Day.

Strong messages by MTV (kudos)

Another strong message by Greenpeace

This video creeps me out.

Tuesday, April 22, 2008


Have you ever wonder why is it that we have so many… keys? Key for the car, keys for the shop, keys for the office, keys for the post box, keys for the house, keys for the rooms, keys for the bathroom - don’t laugh, it is true, in some commercial offices or buildings and even keys for the woman’s erm, private part – seriously, it’s still being practiced in some countries.

The amount of keys I carry is quite intimidating and to some extent, quite stressful. Imagine when you got home after a long day at work, after stuck in the traffic for hours listening to some bad radios, and that you skipped lunch because some idiot decided that instructions are for 9 years-old, and when you got home, you have to stand in front of your house and start rummaging thru your bag assuming every person who works carry a bag with them, for the house keys.

If you managed to find it, you have to take the trouble to open one padlock after another and then there are more doors! That is if you are lucky in finding the right sets of keys because more often than not, we have bunches of keys for different purposes. Remember?

No wonder more and more people living in the city are schizoprhenic, losing hair, depressed, or simply cranky for no reason. These little things add up, you know. Thank God for gym; but in the gym, you will have more sets of keys.


Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hard Core Mama Madonna

The entire universe is waiting for the much anticipated album of 2008. No, it wasn't E=MC2. No, no... as a matter of fact, I had it with "Touch My Body". Really, really enough of touching my body. Grrrr.... fyi, whichever local radio you tune in to lately, you will inevitably get to listen it. I remember there was one time I listened to this song like, 7 times in the entire day from different radio stations. Can die.


I wanna talk about Mrs Ritchie, famously known as Madonna. April 29th is D-Day and there are already plenty of release parties around the world for this upcoming album of hers that is more R&B funk than electronic dance. The first single, a collabo with JT and Timbaland, is a case in point that Ms M is still very relevant and that she has garnered a lot more younger fans. I know my nephew is singing to tick, tock, tick, tock.

From the Sun (extracted from the website, Drowned World):

MADONNA is to sign the most lucrative contracts of her career – playing two gigs in Dubai for £12.5MILLION.

It’s the kind of money that makes DAVID BECKHAM look like a YTS boy at LA Galaxy.

The Queen Of Pop is finalising negotiations on a deal to finish her forthcoming world tour in the oil-rich Arab state in November.

By my calculations, if one of the gigs – for which she will get £7.5million – runs to 90 minutes she will pocket a staggering £83,333 a minute.

That’s a pretty impressive pay day by any standards.

Isn't that crazy? This is the woman that I idolise for her tenacity, and I see her as a source of inspiration for she is definitely one of the most hardworking artistes of this century, someone who knows what she wants and aren't afraid to do what other says she should not or could not.

4 Minutes to Save the World? I didn't think she need so much.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Photog my mobile

I have got quite sick of Kay-hell's traffic lately & decided to take the train back to office from Mont Kiara. It was quite a breath of fresh air since I really got sick of driving and stuck in the traffic crawl. And, I love people watching :)

But I got bored. So I took out my "old" mobile phone, the W810i ... I think, and started shooting whatever. Funny thing was, I got on to the long route on the monorail - instead of heading to KL Sentral, I was heading to the other end. I ONLY found out when I almost reached the Chow Kit station. Blur sotong not. So, I got off @ CK station and was sorta blown away with the bustling activities there. I know it's supposed to be scary ... some ppl call it erm, the "low life" street consisting mostly the foreigners, prostitutes and yes, transvestites.

But it pique my curiosity. Maybe I should explore one day. Anyone with me? :D

IF you are wondering, yes, they have been photoshoped to make the images more intriguing. hehehe...

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not so Ya-hoo

Naturally, when one's privacy is invaded, one would feel angry, denial, depress and even foolish. I felt that way when I found out one morning that someone had changed my Yahoo email account's password - it is like losing your wallet or coming back home to a burglared house.

I do not change password without reasons. When I saw that email sitting on my co's email account, I was completely dumbfounded. The first thing that crossed my mind was Yahoo might have made a mistake. Perhaps, the whole of Yahoo has erm, gone haywired.


So I wished it was as simple as that. Yes, simple, even if Yahoo has gone haywired. Not simple is when you found out that instead of all the above, my account was hacked. By some mother-fucking, no good Son of a bitch who has nothing better to do. I must admit I was slow in action particularly in warning my friends, relatives and co-workers that my account was hacked.


I was, however, quick in contacting Yahoo which wasn't easy at all to fucking contact them and informed what had happened to my account. Of cos, I believe my email is just one of the thousands of emails they received each day and for them to investigate it takes time so please be patient even if my private life is currently being abused by some Psychopath. How?

A couple of friends chatted with "me" online on Yahoo Messenger thinking that it was me. The more discerning ones managed to sniff out the impostor but the gullible one continued to entertain him. She was pretty angry when I probed her this morning what was the conversation about and how did she end up talking so much with him. Sigh... if anything, that must be the funniest part of the whole razzmatazz which really hasn't ended.

A word of advice, always delete your cookies before you clock out for the day in the office, in the cybercafe in any fucking where!

I need coffee. Fucking SOB

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Goochi Goochi

I was droooling at the baby pug I saw at dinner just 2 hours earlier. She was spotted with a pink (dog) collar ... erm, that was why I assumed it's a 'she' unless it's a 'he' who fancies some happy things in life :)

While browsing the usual blogs I read (, I spotted this ...

So darn cute eh. Further confirmed that I'm going a little nutty in wanting to get a dog esp a pug. I think they look stupid and cute LOL

I'm plannin' for a spin-off website for anotherblankverse & it will be focusing more on lifestyle and everything nice... erm, that's not the tagline lah. Havent come up with a name just yet. 11thKind? What do you think?

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Operasi Charity

Watchin' Idol Gives Back two nights ago was a heartbreaking experience.

Seeing the children smiling back at you (to the camera) and knowing that in reality, after the camera stops rolling, they are back to living their lives in poverty, pain and whatever that's around them that they call a 'playground'. It was rather heart wrenching to see the kids living in poverty and that they are just so many of them out there (esp. in Africa alone) particularly after watching Annie Lennox's experience with the kids. I must admit, I teared for a bit because I have a lot of little nieces and nephews and I love them to bits. So I suppose I could relate to that ... or just, paternal instinct (yikes!).

The show was a tremendous success in comparison to last year's effort in terms of entertainment value and the participation of many big stars - imagine having to bring in the diva of the moment, Ms Mimi to perform (I'd to say she looks really good, and normal and that performance was solid!). If 2.5 hours of reality tv could do so much (the last I heard, they are hoping to bring in USD100mil) for 2 million and counting kids and family living in poverty, I think it also educates the young (adults, too) whom I think takes up more than half of the viewers of American Idol on the lessons on humility, charity and to be grateful of what they have.

At the end of the show, it also inspired me to want to do a charity project. I have had this idea with me 2 years before but I haven't exactly done anything about it because the time was not right amongst other things. Maybe, if I put my heart into implementing it, it will materialise. I just need to put everything into details and start proposing it to erm, philanthropists ie Bradgelina, hello? (is that how you spell it? Sure as hell Ange wouldnt agree with that phrase).

On the hindsight, it will be something that I can be damn proud of.

Angie's too busy looking pregnant than hearing my proposal. Hmm... is that her glowing or the camera flash?
PS: It was sad to know that Michael Johns was cut last night. Like I said b4, it's a show based on popularity. Sadness.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Michael Gondry

My new hero. I love his work.

Ads that he had directed...


Circa 2006. Still, it is brilliant work. I think it won an award, too.


I am not sure if he directed this ad, but I'm loving every bit of it. Seriously good.


Another Levi's ad


So cool.




When I first saw this, I was so glued to the tv screen eventhough I hate Bjork and she screaming like a mad cow. That aside, the music and the mtv works very well together. Awesome.

In movies, he did 'Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind' and it was his most famous movie to date simply because of the star power in the movie ie Jim Carrey and Kate Winslet. This indie flick caught the attention of many critics and in fact won many awards incl. the Academy.

In 2006, there was 'The Science of Sleep' starring Gael Garcia which I have been mindlessly lookin' for the DVD (has anyone seen it?) but to no avail. He's recently done 'Be Kind Rewind' with Mos Def and Jack Black. Ok, I'm a fan of Gondry but Jack Black. Err...

Monday, April 7, 2008

Scary tv

I finally got the chance to watch the horror movie, Shutter, Thai version which was shown on one of the national TV channels two weekends ago. Some two or two and half years ago when it was released, many people talked about how spooked up they are after watching it on the big screen – as for me, I completely skipped it cos I didn’t think it was funny scaring myself shitless at night especially for someone who has darn good imaginations.

Yes, call me a coward whatever. One must wonder now why suddenly I have the balls to see the show. I figured, you know what, it can't be that scary, right? True enough, it wasn’t. Yeah, there were scenes where you’d go like, close your eyes now, and expect some cheap shocks. But towards the end of the movie when you see the silly gal painted in thick mascara, foundation and erm, blood, crawling down from the emergency staircase chasing after the hunky lead actor, I was laughing out loud at how silly it looked.

Seriously, I thought it was darn hilarious. In a nutshell, it was well filmed but the storyline was a little cliche and the acting was amateurish. I managed to pick up some simple Thai phrases, too, which I promptly forgot. I think if I continue to watch more Thai films, quality ones, I think I could say, “Do I make you horny, baby?” without sounding ridiculous. Err.......Anyone knows where I could get a good collection of Thai movies? Please don’t say in Bangkok.

I think in the future, TV should be free to everyone incl. cable tv. Now that there's, who really watches the cable? Besides, Astro has been anything but entertaining. At youtube, you get anything. You want fashion? Sure, they have fashion. You want real hantu? Google it and I'm sure plenty of paranormal stuff frm all over the world. It's just darn brilliant. Astro ... you have been warned. I mean, stop showing REPEATS!

This is super hilarious!

I love the music used for this clip on what one should do when they've got their brand new Converse. I think I can dig out my rainbow color Converse and wear it again lol

'Holygraphic' Fashion show by Diesel which I love for being innovative all the times.

And if you think youtube is full of crap, think again. There are educational clips erm ie for nursing students and doc to be :P

Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Nothing Wrong, and It's So Right

Dolly Parton was the mentor for the contestants on last night's American Idol 7 and of cos, her songs will be performed by all eight of them. Arguably, it will be the Country girl's favorite genre of songs to perform but when it comes to say, the aussie dude, Michael John, we were left to wonder if he could pull it off.

He totally did and man, he was hawt! The performance, the couture look, the voice, the confidence... man, I swear Paula was wet ... with sweats of cos hahaha.

He was the star last night and if he doesnt win (who can predict these days, right?) he will continue to make really good record. Just that he has to identify his genre.

Team Michael John ... most definitely. I can watch this performance over and over and over ...

Quote a youtube comment, "He could tell me sexy, loving lies." Mmm..

I didn't think David Archueletta was that good, tho. Quite boyband-ish. He is 17, yeah, I know *shrugs*

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Jean Touitou's Rules

We’re not living in a very creative era. That’s not good or bad; it’s just the way it is. I think it’s in very bad taste to buy art right now. People should leave it to the hedge-fund owners who want to satisfy their wives. “Hey, I bought a Chinese avant-garde thing.” Good for you.

I think it’s very important to look sexy at home. I hate it when people say, “I will take this to the countryside because it’s not fashionable anymore.” I love being well-dressed when nobody’s looking at me.

At hotels, they always mess up the cleaning. They will do a crease when it’s not necessary. You give them a cotton shirt and they dry-clean it. It smells funny, so you have to rinse it again. So I travel light.

If you can tell a man’s sexuality by the way he dresses—like a “gay” uniform or a “macho” uniform—that’s disgusting.

Nowadays, people work out way too much, and they look like invaders from another planet. A guy who works out two hours a day—focusing on his chest because he thinks it’s sexy—you can’t dress him, even if you send him to the best designer or stylist in the world.

Finance men have money but no taste. They’ll say, “My wife thinks this tie looks good on me.” They don’t focus on what’s beautiful and what’s not beautiful—they leave it to women.

The rock star who uses a personal stylist to dress him should go to jail. If you’re doing rock and roll, you should know how to dress. You shouldn’t need to hire anybody.

Anybody can be a good guest for dinner. When it gets delicate is after one day. The worst guests are the people who come to your place and in the morning they say, “Okay, what do we do today?”

I once wore a pink, ruffled shirt for dinner, and I wish I had never done it. I thought it was funny, but I felt so bad in it I realized I don’t have the humor to deal with ugliness.

After you’re 35, it’s difficult to drink unless you’re running 10 miles a day. I’m not talking one dry martini every Saturday or something. I’m talking three dry martinis a night. And I don’t think that’s possible—it’s too much poisoning. It’s not a very sexy way to talk about drinking, but that’s the truth.

I simply adore this man who speaks nothing, NOTHING, but the truth. Don't you think? LOL

Article from Details magazine, April 2008