Friday, April 18, 2008

Photog my mobile

I have got quite sick of Kay-hell's traffic lately & decided to take the train back to office from Mont Kiara. It was quite a breath of fresh air since I really got sick of driving and stuck in the traffic crawl. And, I love people watching :)

But I got bored. So I took out my "old" mobile phone, the W810i ... I think, and started shooting whatever. Funny thing was, I got on to the long route on the monorail - instead of heading to KL Sentral, I was heading to the other end. I ONLY found out when I almost reached the Chow Kit station. Blur sotong not. So, I got off @ CK station and was sorta blown away with the bustling activities there. I know it's supposed to be scary ... some ppl call it erm, the "low life" street consisting mostly the foreigners, prostitutes and yes, transvestites.

But it pique my curiosity. Maybe I should explore one day. Anyone with me? :D

IF you are wondering, yes, they have been photoshoped to make the images more intriguing. hehehe...

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