Thursday, April 3, 2008

It's Nothing Wrong, and It's So Right

Dolly Parton was the mentor for the contestants on last night's American Idol 7 and of cos, her songs will be performed by all eight of them. Arguably, it will be the Country girl's favorite genre of songs to perform but when it comes to say, the aussie dude, Michael John, we were left to wonder if he could pull it off.

He totally did and man, he was hawt! The performance, the couture look, the voice, the confidence... man, I swear Paula was wet ... with sweats of cos hahaha.

He was the star last night and if he doesnt win (who can predict these days, right?) he will continue to make really good record. Just that he has to identify his genre.

Team Michael John ... most definitely. I can watch this performance over and over and over ...

Quote a youtube comment, "He could tell me sexy, loving lies." Mmm..

I didn't think David Archueletta was that good, tho. Quite boyband-ish. He is 17, yeah, I know *shrugs*

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