Sunday, April 20, 2008

Hard Core Mama Madonna

The entire universe is waiting for the much anticipated album of 2008. No, it wasn't E=MC2. No, no... as a matter of fact, I had it with "Touch My Body". Really, really enough of touching my body. Grrrr.... fyi, whichever local radio you tune in to lately, you will inevitably get to listen it. I remember there was one time I listened to this song like, 7 times in the entire day from different radio stations. Can die.


I wanna talk about Mrs Ritchie, famously known as Madonna. April 29th is D-Day and there are already plenty of release parties around the world for this upcoming album of hers that is more R&B funk than electronic dance. The first single, a collabo with JT and Timbaland, is a case in point that Ms M is still very relevant and that she has garnered a lot more younger fans. I know my nephew is singing to tick, tock, tick, tock.

From the Sun (extracted from the website, Drowned World):

MADONNA is to sign the most lucrative contracts of her career – playing two gigs in Dubai for £12.5MILLION.

It’s the kind of money that makes DAVID BECKHAM look like a YTS boy at LA Galaxy.

The Queen Of Pop is finalising negotiations on a deal to finish her forthcoming world tour in the oil-rich Arab state in November.

By my calculations, if one of the gigs – for which she will get £7.5million – runs to 90 minutes she will pocket a staggering £83,333 a minute.

That’s a pretty impressive pay day by any standards.

Isn't that crazy? This is the woman that I idolise for her tenacity, and I see her as a source of inspiration for she is definitely one of the most hardworking artistes of this century, someone who knows what she wants and aren't afraid to do what other says she should not or could not.

4 Minutes to Save the World? I didn't think she need so much.

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Wan Leonardo said...

4 Min is my top song in my ipod now. I have it repeated like4-5 times daily. Haha. I think im going nuts!