Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Earth Day

It was Earth Day yesterday and I've completely forgotten about it. I know I wanted to post an article on this particular day. Alas, I've overlooked it.

The price of goods are increasing worldwide and affecting millions of people particularly the people living below the poverty line, I think it is time we all sit down and ask this question: Why is it happening? There are many reasons to it. As I was watching CNN on tv last night, I saw people from many parts of the world are protesting their government on the price increase of goods. The news reporters spoke about the reasons behind the inflation that most countries are suffering incl. Malaysia and the cause?

Global Warming.

Have you wondered why is it that in this part of the world, it has been raining almost everyday? And when it pours, it usually is very heavy? I know I am. There are many reasons to panic because on the hindsight, lives of people are affected ie erosion, landslides, flood, lost of lives and properties, potholes (!!) etc. As a matter of fact, it is already happening ie landslides at Cameron Highlands.

I think it is time we all should start to think and live 'green' if you haven't already. Bear in mind if one person can help to be more environmental friendly, imagine if it is 5 million? I know i have started few months back by cutting down on using air-con (since Jan 08, I think?) & the next step I could do is to stop downloading songs from the internet as it uses a lot of electricity by leaving it overnight. I'd rather spend on CDs and DVDs. I know you have to spare some and spend some but look at it in the long run and think for the next generations. In the next couple of months, things are not gonna get any cheaper. The new govt is just putting up a front.

So, think for mother Earth before you do anything. I know I should start, too.

Happy Earth Day. It's never too late because starting yesterday, everyday is Earth Day.

Strong messages by MTV (kudos)

Another strong message by Greenpeace

This video creeps me out.

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