Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Not so Ya-hoo

Naturally, when one's privacy is invaded, one would feel angry, denial, depress and even foolish. I felt that way when I found out one morning that someone had changed my Yahoo email account's password - it is like losing your wallet or coming back home to a burglared house.

I do not change password without reasons. When I saw that email sitting on my co's email account, I was completely dumbfounded. The first thing that crossed my mind was Yahoo might have made a mistake. Perhaps, the whole of Yahoo has erm, gone haywired.


So I wished it was as simple as that. Yes, simple, even if Yahoo has gone haywired. Not simple is when you found out that instead of all the above, my account was hacked. By some mother-fucking, no good Son of a bitch who has nothing better to do. I must admit I was slow in action particularly in warning my friends, relatives and co-workers that my account was hacked.


I was, however, quick in contacting Yahoo which wasn't easy at all to fucking contact them and informed what had happened to my account. Of cos, I believe my email is just one of the thousands of emails they received each day and for them to investigate it takes time so please be patient even if my private life is currently being abused by some Psychopath. How?

A couple of friends chatted with "me" online on Yahoo Messenger thinking that it was me. The more discerning ones managed to sniff out the impostor but the gullible one continued to entertain him. She was pretty angry when I probed her this morning what was the conversation about and how did she end up talking so much with him. Sigh... if anything, that must be the funniest part of the whole razzmatazz which really hasn't ended.

A word of advice, always delete your cookies before you clock out for the day in the office, in the cybercafe in any fucking where!

I need coffee. Fucking SOB


savante said...

Hope you manage to get your identity back!

ethn said...


im so cursing the psychopath ...stomach ulcers growing with pus!


Mr Wanna said...

Ala...kesian! Those damn hackers! Hate them!