Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SJ & CW Wedding

Recent photos taken at a fren's wedding.

Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri to all my Malay friends, and readers! Happy Holidays to the rest!


Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As Easy as A, B, C?

It sure had been a long week last week cos suddenly, or rather unexpectedly, my hands are full with so much to do. In fact, I made a mental note to write 'em all down this morning i.e. to-do list or a check list. Alas, that never happened. Mental note, digital note doesnt work for me. Post-it, and mobile phone task reminder do. (That was why I had almost missed a very important appointment coming up this week.)


So I reckon I have a problem. I have a problem and I am not addressing it. I do prioritise my work a lot - mentally. When I have to start executing them, I tend to divert my attention to something else although at the back of my head, I know I have to finish say, subject A, followed by B and C. No, not in order. Instead, I could go E, A, C then B and D. AAMOF, my list goes as long as to, J, now?

If Nature vs Nurture is true, I dont think me being the youngest in a big family has anything to do with my lack of discipline in planning. My mom, having to raise 7 kids, did not screw up my planning skills. It could be because I like taking up assorted tasks just for a kick? Or, that all these years I've worked in environments where I'm required to multitask?

I am a tad baffled. And, no, dont asked me anything about Nature vs Nurture. The only thing I remembered from it is I've learnt it in Psychology 101. Let's see (making mental notes), Ok, I think I've missed out little details at G before I start working on A.

I'll be back after K.

Monday, September 15, 2008

The Quintessential Bradgelina

I am not sure how they find times doing movies when they already have a handful of kids under them, literally. Whatever it is, I am very much lookin' fwd to see these 3 films starring two of my favorite actors of all times (even before they hooked up) and I dare admit I did love the somewhat corny Mr. and Mrs. Smith.

 Burn After Reading


The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (really looking fwd for this one)


Friday, September 12, 2008

Live to Learn

Or, learn to live? Either way, I am never the kind of individual who would turn down a lesson on learning. Be it educational, or non educational.

I have been keeping myself busy with setting up a new website. Boy, the adrenaline rush from doing that, it's indescribable! I do mean it rather literally. LOL. Kinda brought me back to college when I was that geek in pink learning programming and copying HTML codes and Javascript onto test paper - yes, it was a open-book exam (fyi: Programming subjects were never my favorite subjects and thankfully, I was one of the many who did not have to sit for the exam multiple times. Let's just say, I got it thru the first time *grin smugly*

Sure, setting up a website sounds like a piece of cake to a lot of people especially the generation born after Madonna performed 'Like a Virgin' on the MTV Music Awards. It is amazing how this woman is still recognisable and appeals to that generation. If you randomly ask one of them on the street who is Bruce Springsteen or Cher, I swear they would go, "Huh? Uncle you ... ok ah?"

But, I digress. Yes, setting up a website is not difficult but setting up a website based on my standard, man, I tell you, I am not sure where do I begin. I mean that word-for-word. I am such a fussy S*&%$&**. Sigh... So to cut the long story short, I can't tell you when I would finish no wait, be pleased with my website. When I am, this is the first place I will announce it.

Other than learning to set up a website, I am also brushing up my photography skills and yes, I am starting to give myself assignments involving models. I will start to come up with the assignments and hope to have volunteers soon. I have started to learn a lot about India, too. (Hehe ... I did mention I live to learn, no?)

Meantime, thank you very much for your support. Here is a picture that I did not post for the "Merdeka Runway" post. Have a good weekend! (I know I will *grin*)


Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rules of Styles

... from the Queen of Style herself, Victoria Beckham.

(Article from Details magazine)

1. Style isn’t about money. One of the nicest outfits on a man is a pair of jeans, some old, messed-up boots, a simple white tee, and a vintage leather belt. You don’t have to spend a lot. It’s about mixing and matching and getting things that fit properly.

I swear by that, seriously. If you are stylish, you are stylish. You don't have to wear brands to look stylish. Then again, if style isnt about money, honey, why is it that you have 10 diff Berkin bag in diff colour of choice? hmm...

2. Men who wear skinny jeans won’t be wearing my jeans. I don’t think jeans should be tight around their bollocks. I don’t want to see that part of a guy’s anatomy all squashed in.

Ha ha ... that's hilarious.

3. What to wear on a first date is a tricky one. You don’t want to be too dressed up or not dressed up enough. It totally depends where you’re going. Wear something you’re comfortable in, because you’re going to be slightly nervous.

4. I don’t mind a vintage T-shirt with a logo on it that’s tongue-in-cheek. But if a man were to just have a huge logo on his chest, no. I think that’s very unattractive.

5. It’s romantic when a guy makes an effort. For our anniversary recently, David had all these beautiful flowers placed in our garden and he had someone come in and cook and he had nice music playing. We put the kids to bed and then we spent the night together, just talking in front of the fire.

6. Boys don’t have nearly as much fun with fashion as girls do.

Really? She sure hasnt been to Japan.

7. I think a man always has to look clean, to start. And obviously he has to smell nice. Grooming is really important.

8. You have to be very careful when you start dyeing your hair. I can’t bear it when men start to lose their hair color and they give it a rinse—blue, black, purple.

9. I really don’t like it when guys wear tight tops—like those cycling-looking, Lance Armstrong-inspired ones—trying to show off muscles and the fact that they’ve been at the gym a lot.

10. It’s cool for a woman to look like she cares, but I don’t think it’s as cool for a man to look like he’s spent hours in front of the mirror. A man that doesn’t try too hard to look good is sexy.

So, are you convinced? Should you start listening to Victoria Beckham when it comes to men style? She may have had her fair share of fashion faux in the past, I'd have to agree with her wholeheartedly. Touche.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It is sccary to think that we have come to the 4th and final quarter of 2008. To recap will take the entire night and I do not have the entire night (cos I am currently hooked with TVB's series, 'Moonlight Resonance'. Don't snigger this is good shit especially for someone who hasnt followed TVB series since the early 90s ... more about that in another post).

This month, September, had kicked off preetty fairly well for me here at work, at home and even amongst family and friends. There's one wedding, totally UNEXPECTED I must add, of a very close friend, one convocation (an assignment), one race - not a marathon but the AMAZING RACE ASIA (returns!), one too many inquiries at work, one sweeet suprise - not counting the wedding, God willing, that is I could finally upgrade my camera. I think it will happen before soon *grin*

Have a good day!