Friday, September 12, 2008

Live to Learn

Or, learn to live? Either way, I am never the kind of individual who would turn down a lesson on learning. Be it educational, or non educational.

I have been keeping myself busy with setting up a new website. Boy, the adrenaline rush from doing that, it's indescribable! I do mean it rather literally. LOL. Kinda brought me back to college when I was that geek in pink learning programming and copying HTML codes and Javascript onto test paper - yes, it was a open-book exam (fyi: Programming subjects were never my favorite subjects and thankfully, I was one of the many who did not have to sit for the exam multiple times. Let's just say, I got it thru the first time *grin smugly*

Sure, setting up a website sounds like a piece of cake to a lot of people especially the generation born after Madonna performed 'Like a Virgin' on the MTV Music Awards. It is amazing how this woman is still recognisable and appeals to that generation. If you randomly ask one of them on the street who is Bruce Springsteen or Cher, I swear they would go, "Huh? Uncle you ... ok ah?"

But, I digress. Yes, setting up a website is not difficult but setting up a website based on my standard, man, I tell you, I am not sure where do I begin. I mean that word-for-word. I am such a fussy S*&%$&**. Sigh... So to cut the long story short, I can't tell you when I would finish no wait, be pleased with my website. When I am, this is the first place I will announce it.

Other than learning to set up a website, I am also brushing up my photography skills and yes, I am starting to give myself assignments involving models. I will start to come up with the assignments and hope to have volunteers soon. I have started to learn a lot about India, too. (Hehe ... I did mention I live to learn, no?)

Meantime, thank you very much for your support. Here is a picture that I did not post for the "Merdeka Runway" post. Have a good weekend! (I know I will *grin*)


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Legolas said...

I want to learn ballroom dancing, French, Spanish, yoga, singing, cooking......