Tuesday, September 23, 2008

As Easy as A, B, C?

It sure had been a long week last week cos suddenly, or rather unexpectedly, my hands are full with so much to do. In fact, I made a mental note to write 'em all down this morning i.e. to-do list or a check list. Alas, that never happened. Mental note, digital note doesnt work for me. Post-it, and mobile phone task reminder do. (That was why I had almost missed a very important appointment coming up this week.)


So I reckon I have a problem. I have a problem and I am not addressing it. I do prioritise my work a lot - mentally. When I have to start executing them, I tend to divert my attention to something else although at the back of my head, I know I have to finish say, subject A, followed by B and C. No, not in order. Instead, I could go E, A, C then B and D. AAMOF, my list goes as long as to, J, now?

If Nature vs Nurture is true, I dont think me being the youngest in a big family has anything to do with my lack of discipline in planning. My mom, having to raise 7 kids, did not screw up my planning skills. It could be because I like taking up assorted tasks just for a kick? Or, that all these years I've worked in environments where I'm required to multitask?

I am a tad baffled. And, no, dont asked me anything about Nature vs Nurture. The only thing I remembered from it is I've learnt it in Psychology 101. Let's see (making mental notes), Ok, I think I've missed out little details at G before I start working on A.

I'll be back after K.

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savante said...

7 children! 7 children! Fraulein Maria!