Tuesday, September 2, 2008


It is sccary to think that we have come to the 4th and final quarter of 2008. To recap will take the entire night and I do not have the entire night (cos I am currently hooked with TVB's series, 'Moonlight Resonance'. Don't snigger this is good shit especially for someone who hasnt followed TVB series since the early 90s ... more about that in another post).

This month, September, had kicked off preetty fairly well for me here at work, at home and even amongst family and friends. There's one wedding, totally UNEXPECTED I must add, of a very close friend, one convocation (an assignment), one race - not a marathon but the AMAZING RACE ASIA (returns!), one too many inquiries at work, one sweeet suprise - not counting the wedding, God willing, that is I could finally upgrade my camera. I think it will happen before soon *grin*

Have a good day!


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Amelia said...

do post up pictures ya..
wanna see Jan in her pretty robe..
good luck and hv fun!!