Sunday, August 31, 2008

Projek "Merdeka" Runway

No, no, it is not hosted by RPK and the models are not our PM, DPM and DPM to be. These are 'models' who are passionate about erm, modeling?

Ok, jokes aside, we came across this one event held on the eve of Merdeka Day at The Amcorp Mall (National Day). Boy, talked about luck! As soon as I've dislodged my current lens and replaced it with the brand new one I've just acquired, I've I started shooting.Quite exhilarating and I love how poise these gals were. And, very pretty, too.

Ladies and gentlemen, let me present to you "Projek Merdeka Runway"!

"Models" gossiping.

My favorite - innovative, couture-resque, & she is very "versatile" LOL.

Favorite. She ought to win the "Ms Congeniality" award cos she is very smiley face and friendliest with the crowd!

She is like "Little Ms Audrey Hepburn". So adorable!

"Ok mister...stop looking at my HIBISCUS!"

She is tiny. So tiny one can crush her easily yet she was very professional LOL

Ms Congeniality working the crowd!

The Carrie Bradshaw look.

Empress Dowager

Selamat Hari Merdeka!


Ah-Bong said...

nice photos! absolutely love ur ms congeniality. so cute!

Legolas said...

Gasp! Some of them so pro posing around, like next top model!

m5lvin said...

Very adorable especially ms. congeniality...I would definitely introduce her to my little nephew..hahaha.....