Saturday, August 16, 2008

Fashion Forward

Just when you thought it will not be happening and should not be happening, the baggy pants aka the Hammer pants have returned. And, yes, the demise of the skinny jeans (thank God). I'm not sure I'm thrilled but from the look of it (top pic), these dudes carried it off so well, I might not mind. At least, I could have an excuse of at least owning a Hammer pants :p

And for those of you who've been visiting the fashion blogs on the blogosphere, you definitely have seen the above image of Mr. Sartorialist for Gap's latest campaign. My first thought seeing that image on screen was, Marlon Brando! Quite uncanny the resemblance, no?

Rei Kawakubo for H&M F/W 08 collection. For those not in the know, Kawakubo is the brainchild behind Comme de Garcons (CDG) - one of my fav brands :)

And speaking of CdG, I've recently fallen madly in love with their zip around wallets (unisex I heard). I do not usually change wallets if I do not need to (superstitious, yes, I can be) but when I found one that I like, I will make sure I will get it. My fav. from the lot is the Reptile Billfold in classic black.


Legolas said...

I do need a new wallet, but I'm too lazy to change and get used to it.

savante said...

Ooh. Don't have to diet and still can wear those pants.