Friday, August 1, 2008

Smell Me


I've finally gotten it. Yes, the new Diesel for men edt *grin* Haven't really liked any perfume this much since Polo Blue. Plus, I've always like this brand (my wallet is Diesel tho' its been like 4 years now) and plus, plus, the packaging is simply awesome. No? :)


Oh since I was shooting something, I thought I might as well throw in another picture. Have a great weekend.


savante said...

And an even more delish ad campaign :)

Legolas said...

So many EDT, my favourite is still Polo Blue. But then I never wear it, so I don't know if it'll suit me. I think the Polo Blue has a sense of deepness.

ethn said...

oh ya, forgot to mention the ad campaigns. so crazy i love dem.

leggie, i find polo blue very masculine without being too old u knw wat i mean. citrusy without being too feminine. makes me happy hehehe