Friday, August 29, 2008


It's the D-Ninety!

What the hell is that? Definitely NOT referring to the smelly fruit with thorns on it's shell. It is Nikon latest kick-arse DSLR. Sorta replacing the really outstanding D80.

So what's the diff, I heard you asking? Hmm ... let's see. The Nikon ppl claimed that it is the first ever mid-range DSLR that could record a video. Yawn? Wait .... it could record video using any of it's lenses from wide angle, to macro to telephoto! Imagine how much you could do with those! Oh, I forgot. You need to be creative, too *wink*

Is that it? Hmm the next thing that made me totally psyched is that it allows storage of 9 custom Picture Controls. This function is superb esp for someone like me who likes to try different 'image presets' for different occassions.

Oh, and there's Live View, and 12.3MP and and .... you see it for yourself here.

These guys made me very envious. Aamof, they made group photographing so darn cool stylish.

(oh im so, i'm confused now. just when i am saving for the "baby" D3. damn.)

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