Friday, August 15, 2008

The Greatest Superheroes Show

Watchin’ how Venus Williams got trashed by Li Na from China last night (repeat) for the quarter-final women at the Beijing Olympics, my heart went for the former. I knew she wanted it (to win) badly but for some strange reason, Ms Williams could not defeat the up and coming tennis player from China. It was an outstanding game, seriously. I think Ms Williams tried her very best, too. Overhearing the commentator’s remark, “Venus really made her (Li Na) worked hard for it”, I couldn’t agree more. In fact, I didn’t think there was a loser in last night’s match.

On the other side of the court, the quarter final match for men, FedEx had lost to a certain James Blake from US of A. The match, to my surprise, was a little boring. Maybe, it is because I really wanted FedEx to win. I’m not sure if it is just me, but last night, Mr Federer seemed defeated and lacking concentration – perhaps, it was the haze. Tonight, Nadal will attempt or should I say, walks away with his very first Olympic medal? I can’t wait.

Fast forward 7 days earlier, the world waited with bated breath on 8th August 2008 for the biggest show of the year (or should I say, of the decade?) for the opening night of Beijing Olympics which marked the 29th Olympic games.

Many people were curious just how much can the Chinese put up a show for the world to see? One week since the opening, one murdered Americans and many, many happy tears and dashed hopes, and world records, people are glued on their TV celebrating the win and the defeat of their countrymen and at the same time, completely in awe at how well the Chinese put on a show for the opening night – spectacular show, great choreography. The best ever.

On whether it is a big a deal the pre-recorded fireworks during the opening night, and the controversy on the little girl who did not sing aka “Chinese Milli Vanili”, WHO FUCKING CARES? China made me proud and I am damn proud to be a Chinese. Seriously!

I think now I understand why they call sportsmen the original “superheroes” because they are. Watching the gymnasts twist and turn, Phelps swims like a frigging fish and still manages to look darn good, and the Thai lady who won gold at the women weightlifting event, and our badminton players fighting really hard for our country to win our first ever gold (not that our government REALLY cares, seriously), I take my hats off for them. They inspire me. Like, how after the 10km run last Sunday, I went for a swim the following day. Again, yesterday and again, tomorrow. Yes, I’ve caught the Olympic bug :)

Let us all pray for a gold medal for our countrymen.

Viva La Vida! (err... i know. That's like Spanish hehe)


Legolas said...

I had tear in my eyes when I saw the Chinese who was way behind in points (1-10 against Japan) in Judo suddenly won the match, and she screamed and shouted with such great excitement. The shot in slow motion definitely had a big effect.

ethn said...

i knw wat you mean. i think in sports, no one is a loser. everyone is a fighter and i respect them for their discipline and sportmenship