Saturday, September 30, 2006

watch wireless

i love this nifty lil gadget. i love the idea & the design, too.

Monday, September 25, 2006

smashin' Monday

it's Monday and i am all perky! yeap, positive, bright and happy! eventho' i was 17 minutes late for work.

no, i didn't win 4-D (ad's car plate no came out 2nd prize and none of us bought it! tulan). i guess it is one of those days where u just woke up from a very good sleep and u feel happy to go to work. no kiddin', huh.

anyways, i am happy to announce the BIRTH of bling design! we have finally put together some designs for our blog, Bling Design. a lot of room for improvement and we are still playing with the layout, colours, etc. please don't get all 'jijik' at our toes (profile picture). it's well-pedicured & i swear if u look close up, there isn't any black stains. haha...okay, nicer picture will be used soon.

What is Bling design?
Bling design is spawned from two creative individuals who appreciates fine living & beautiful things in life. we call it bling because we want to put some 'bling' into people's needs in design, food and event. we do not want to be too different from everyone else & at the same time, injects some playfulness into our work.

[more here]

Saturday, September 23, 2006

smashin' clicking

i have always wanted an SLR camera for a very long time ever since i saw my uncle having one when i was only 7. yes, that is like not very long ago *giggles*

things have changed so much. it is the digital age for cameras and thus, the birth of Digital cameras (DUH!) and Digital SLR.

and, i am sooooooooooooo dying to own one.

yaknw. photography can be a very pretentious thing. really. you see, anyone can take good photos. they just have to click away until they snapped the best shots. wait. where am i goin' at .....

....... i want a DSLR! i love the Nikon D70 (see above). sigh... i'll whore for it if i can. anything! name it!

Friday, September 22, 2006

...of dollies and foes

ha ha ...

i always cracked up when i read these blogs ( sic & bed ) cos they are so witty. not witty by tryin' hard ie impersonating one of the character from LOTR (ok his post on the Msian Poll was quite funny, too) or posing in front of the camera like an heiress-wannabe, but witty writing. Read sic's 'The Definitive 100th Post'.

oh and i am less e-m-o now cos i figured that every shits that we go thru each day are life lessons. so, fck those shits and move on with more important things.

Mr. 'Singapore' (Lee Kuan Yew) spoke about how Chinese Malaysians are being marginalised in Msia and Indonesia on today's newspapers. some dude defended that it was 'misleading' and all that jazz. i'd say, prove it with 5-10 pages write up on the newspaper like how they published articles on why they should not be another bridge built in Singapore.

i've purchased a tabloid magazines (local) yesterday becos i figured i deserved some trash reading & trashing stars in their ridiculous outfits after a haaard day work at clients sites. SITES, like, from one place to another. so anyways, there were shots of Suri Cruise on the pages of the magazine (shots done by the famous Annie Lebowitz exclusively for The Vanity Fair) and man, i've to say she is soooo adorable. i got all teary eyes & my lips curled up, pouting. i could almost heear me and my fren go like, awww, she soo cute. but, no, i din do that. so u can stop the winces and cringes.

no more guessing if she is 'real' or abducted by aliens.
little suri who has gorgeous eyes from daddy and beautiful face from mommy.
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Wednesday, September 20, 2006


i was darn emo just now. i hate ppl who lied and think it is ok just so they are the weaklings or worse, the hero. And, it is more sad to know that it is your own family who did that to you.

very sad.

i hate being angry at my own family members.

Monday, September 18, 2006

chill out sunday

discovered the joy of "lepaking" (loosely translated: chilling out) in Starbucks cafe on a laidback sunday after we had discussed to do some work that we had planned out recently. and also, it is official that we no longer have any internet connection at home cos 1. hardly home 2. internet usage is only 20% each month, thus, wastage 3. wanna save; so, we lugged my iBook & did some work in Starbucks, instead.

it turned out that it was nice & relaxing. only if you've picked the right outlet to go to ie Uptown, both Borders in BTS & The Curve, Pusat Damansara, which, i think has very little crowd. anywaays, the above are some pics i've taken whilst ad was surfing away.

Question: Is it us or most KLites/PJnians are clueless as to what to do on a sunday? i mean, besides the obvious that is shopping? hmm...

i had managed to catch JT's opening act on VMA 06 last night! phew...was so worried that the show starts at 9pm (it was 10pm) and boy was he good! love his dance moves. and, beyonce, eventho her moves remind us so much of janet in her early years (think Rhythm Nation). i am still baffled why Best Female Pop video went to Kelly Clarkson's borrring 'Because of You'.

i'd also like to promote a locally produced TV series, 'Realiti' that was shown on 8tv last night. Or. every Sunday nite for that matter. i hardly watch locally produced tv series - well, maybe, now and then, i will watch 'Gol & Gincu' becos it does have a pretty decent script, actors & production. But, 'Realiti' is a fine TV series helmed by Ng Ping Ho (he who did erm, that TV series that brought fame to Joanna Bessey, Lina Teoh & Douglas Lim...arghhh.... i cant remember the name). Great production, nice settings, good looking & good actors & a pretty decent script about 5 contestants vying for the top spot in a reality tv singing competition. i'd say it is loosely based on Akademi Fantasia. watch it. it's good tv.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


if ur wondering how come i haven't been blogging, it is cos i have been lazy, busy and everything else lah. mainly lazy.




ps: lotsa new stuff at apple. nano in colours, for a start.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Breaking News

listening to Coldplay's X&Y again this morning had reminded me how good the album is. i guess too much pop makes everything else nicer incl. josh groban's 'You raise me up' ...err...which is also semi-pop :p

Last monday's 'Prison Break' finale (8tv) got us glued to our tv. it was unbeknownst to us that that episode was a finale even after checking out the TV Guide section on some local dailies. and to top it off, there was this fucking annoying '8tv's Quickie' couple yapping away about anything but the episode they've just shown. incidentally, there was this new guy replacing adam, and his name is Kesh and he was all nerves. it was his first appearance on tv & the way they did it, it kinda make u think that 8tv is like some b-grade low-budget tv station. nonetheless, i must give him the credit where credit is due because he was actually a better 'speaker' than the 'gremlin' slash yapper gal next to him. geez...i don't even remember her name. she makes tv totally unexciting, unhip, & ugly. yeowchhh...who's da bitch!

back to the finale. it was a cliffhanger. the lots (FINALLY) escaped from the prison, and of cos, they're on the run. some got ditched, another got his hand chopped off, which he so deserved. i am puzzled as to why they did not kill him. Meantime, the attorney, Michael's brother ex, found out that the VP is still alive. whoo hoo.... how interesting is that? it was one of the better episodes for season one. i had discovered that season #2 took off in the states a couple of weeks back and, and i might get to see it, MINUS the annoying 'Quickies' *grin*

meantime, 'One in a Million' is officially the crappiest talent show on the planet earth. it is. i've seen India's version of American Idol when i was in mumbai. it was A LOT more entertaining than 'One in a Million'. many reasons from terrible camera angles, to mediocre live band, which i've to say contributes to the 'lousy performances' of the contestants. and, the judges. oh gosh...they've got remarks like, 'saya bagi nasihat. tak nak dengar sudah-lah!' to 'you'are fat, suki'. fuck these attention-seeking, borrrrring judges.

i am not sure if you guys heard of this but brad pitt announced very recently that “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Now, that's sexy.

i watched a pretty good HK movie last night on paid-tv, 'Breaking News' with simon yam, kelly whiny-cheng, & richie ren. i really like the movie. i was imagining a hollywood remake of it. i think it will be a blockbuster hit. hehe...


ps: i had a very bad experience in the gym yesterday in yoga class. i saw some gal's VA J-J! urgh...the class hasn't started but most of the girls, 3/4 of them darn kiasu, had started stretching and all, and then this one gal in her baby blue short shorts started stretching her leg on the floor and whoa! her *&^%$#$#@! tertayang to the PUBIC! i mean, public! yeeaccks! thereafter, i was so disturbed that i could not enjoy my yoga class as much as i wanted to. thankfully, it din affect my lunch. sigh.

Monday, September 4, 2006

Reality TV

There are many reasons that i like project runway. one of it is that the show inspires me.

"INSpiring?", asked a fren puzzled & mortified.

"Yeah. but not that it inspired me to dress like a woman!" was my instant reply & my quick defence of her slight suggestion in thinking that i, well, cross-dress. now that i thought about it, i should not be bothered in defending myself cos really, i am not into cross-dressing. the show is inspiring in a lot of sense. the creativity of each individual, how they cope with the stress i.e. how each contestant has to come out with a design in just one hour each episode can be fucking stress. it is not just the outfit but the whole creative direction that includes hair, make-up & accessories. i must admit that i am almost always thrill at seeing their 'creations' on the runway.

anywho, i am into the fifth episodes of Project Runway season #3, hosted by the beautiful, glamorous & owner of a very sexy pair of bronzed legs, supermodel/mom, Heidi Klum (Seal's a blardy lucky man). i have had my favorites from the first episode in this season and there were Keith Michael, Uli, Bradley & Alison. Keith Michael, however, turned out to be a jerk & a hoax. not only was he an arrogant SOB, he, well, literally won his designs by copying. it was a shocking revelation to think that he has the guts to do that after succeeding to brag about his design & trashed others ... i, now, think he did all that to mask his insecurity, which is quite moronic.

his departure relieved a lot of people in the competition, esp. laura cos i think laura hates his guts and possibly thought he was a threat to a lot of them incl. herself. him leaving had also given the opportunity for others to be more transparent, particularly, Michael Knight. i thought his design for Pam Grier, a hollywood icon in the 70s for the episode 'Iconic Statement', was stunning! he was very bold in colour choice and he has got vision in his work - that's a true designer. and to top it off, he doesn't have an ounce of air in the show. such a good boy.

on rockstar: supernova, i was devastated that Ryan Star had been cut last week! i reckon his ego killed him. tu lah pasal, jangan cakap besar! buat saja tak payah cakap banyak! siapa yang susah?

VMA 2006 was recently shown in the states and Madonna did not win a single moonman, which is quite surprising. and more surprising was Mr. #1 American Idol Clarkson walked away with a moonman for Best Female Video 'Breakaway'. What the....

there were many great performances that night, and from my research in the blogosphere, Beyonce nailed it. not Justin's opening act. neither did Shakira bootied her way in pleasing the audience. it was Beyonce's performance on her 2nd single, 'Ring the Alarm'. What the... fyi, it's a darn annoying song. somebody must give her a screaming queen award.

Saturday, September 2, 2006

Fall Movies Galore

when was the last time you've seen a really, really good movie?


you don't remember? don't worry. you don't have alzheimer. there were no good movies for the past i do not know how long. movies that moved you, inspired you and thrilled you. zilch. right?

maybe 'Inside Man' for me. Ad said 'King Kong', which is a pretty decent um, semi-chick flick albeit a make-for-Blockbuster-big-budget one. but, seriously. i haven't seen a 'Chungking Express', or a 'Bad Education' or even a ''Kung Fu Hustle" (watched it for the 4th time last nite) good quality kinda movies for a long time. i really crave for it...

...and i am glad to announce that there are lot of movies comin' out this Fall (Fall in the States is around this time) and let me assured you, out of ten movies, 8 are pretty decent ones, figuratively speaking. these movies are at the top of my MUST-watch list: -

  1. Babel ...from Tokyo, to Mexico and Tunisia, this is high-drama movie starring brad pitt, cate blanchett, and gael garcia. helmed by Alejandro Gonzalez (21 grams). this i cannot miss.
  2. The Prestige ... think two illusionists from the victorian era duelling. think Wolverine AND Batman duelling. phhuuuuhhh....a rush of blood to you-know-where.
  3. Marie Antoinette ... kirsten dunst plays the young queen of France in this much stylized movie helmed by my favorite (whoopie!) Sofia Coppola. check out kirsten on the latest Vogue as Marie here
  4. Little Children ... i wanna so watch this because it has got jennifer connelly and kate winslet. i am not sure who the heck is patrick wilson. the story sounds like a desperate housewives episode but it is not. it's supposed to be funny instead.
  5. The Departed ... hollywood remake of 'The Infernal Affairs' by mafia movie maestro, martin scorsese with a line-up that many don't even need to think twice of watching. there's leo, jack, matt... id' love to see how close is this remake to the original movie.
  6. The Guardian ... demi toy-boy Ashton Kutcher together with kevin costner in a movie that's about Coast Guards. Baywatch? i don't mind at all hehe...
  7. All the King's Men ... true story but a remake starring sean penn and jude law. this one might just put me to sleep and if it does, blame it to my curiosity and how much i adore jude law.
  8. The Black Dahlia ... josh harnett, aaron eckhart, hilary swank and a very cool title. don't think i need to say more. oh and maybe it is about time to see josh back in the movie biz?
  9. Hollywoodland ... quirky plot involving an investigator (adrien brody) and 50's TV Superman, George Reeves (ben affleck) and the affair he had with the wife (diane lane) of an MGM studio exec.
  10. Volver ... i heard Volver has got the most attention in Cannes recently. not surprising since the director, Pedro Almodovar, is famous for producing good stuff. think artsy, multi-layered, human drama & of cos, beautiful south americans.

There will be a lot more movies than just the above 10 but, really. Do you want me to talk about movie starring jessica simpson, will farrell, or stuff like, Saw III, The Night of the Living Dead - 3D, or The Grudge 2? gee...

some movie still images from the movie Babel. more [here]... enjoy.

Friday, September 1, 2006

how long do i have to wait?

i am infatuated with this fella. of cos the grey/white one lah.

anyone has got the slightest idea when is it gonna be released?

i also like Samsung D900 for it's features ie 2.0 MP camera, Super QVGA colour screen etc but i was never a samsung mobile phone person cos it's interface is quite lame. and, tho it is supersleek & black, i think i'd probably end up lookin' like a poser carrying it (which i hate). so, an active-walkman phone is still my thing lah.

ps: we're watching Project Runway s#3; shiok. managed to see two episodes only.