Monday, September 18, 2006

chill out sunday

discovered the joy of "lepaking" (loosely translated: chilling out) in Starbucks cafe on a laidback sunday after we had discussed to do some work that we had planned out recently. and also, it is official that we no longer have any internet connection at home cos 1. hardly home 2. internet usage is only 20% each month, thus, wastage 3. wanna save; so, we lugged my iBook & did some work in Starbucks, instead.

it turned out that it was nice & relaxing. only if you've picked the right outlet to go to ie Uptown, both Borders in BTS & The Curve, Pusat Damansara, which, i think has very little crowd. anywaays, the above are some pics i've taken whilst ad was surfing away.

Question: Is it us or most KLites/PJnians are clueless as to what to do on a sunday? i mean, besides the obvious that is shopping? hmm...

i had managed to catch JT's opening act on VMA 06 last night! phew...was so worried that the show starts at 9pm (it was 10pm) and boy was he good! love his dance moves. and, beyonce, eventho her moves remind us so much of janet in her early years (think Rhythm Nation). i am still baffled why Best Female Pop video went to Kelly Clarkson's borrring 'Because of You'.

i'd also like to promote a locally produced TV series, 'Realiti' that was shown on 8tv last night. Or. every Sunday nite for that matter. i hardly watch locally produced tv series - well, maybe, now and then, i will watch 'Gol & Gincu' becos it does have a pretty decent script, actors & production. But, 'Realiti' is a fine TV series helmed by Ng Ping Ho (he who did erm, that TV series that brought fame to Joanna Bessey, Lina Teoh & Douglas Lim...arghhh.... i cant remember the name). Great production, nice settings, good looking & good actors & a pretty decent script about 5 contestants vying for the top spot in a reality tv singing competition. i'd say it is loosely based on Akademi Fantasia. watch it. it's good tv.

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