Saturday, September 2, 2006

Fall Movies Galore

when was the last time you've seen a really, really good movie?


you don't remember? don't worry. you don't have alzheimer. there were no good movies for the past i do not know how long. movies that moved you, inspired you and thrilled you. zilch. right?

maybe 'Inside Man' for me. Ad said 'King Kong', which is a pretty decent um, semi-chick flick albeit a make-for-Blockbuster-big-budget one. but, seriously. i haven't seen a 'Chungking Express', or a 'Bad Education' or even a ''Kung Fu Hustle" (watched it for the 4th time last nite) good quality kinda movies for a long time. i really crave for it...

...and i am glad to announce that there are lot of movies comin' out this Fall (Fall in the States is around this time) and let me assured you, out of ten movies, 8 are pretty decent ones, figuratively speaking. these movies are at the top of my MUST-watch list: -

  1. Babel ...from Tokyo, to Mexico and Tunisia, this is high-drama movie starring brad pitt, cate blanchett, and gael garcia. helmed by Alejandro Gonzalez (21 grams). this i cannot miss.
  2. The Prestige ... think two illusionists from the victorian era duelling. think Wolverine AND Batman duelling. phhuuuuhhh....a rush of blood to you-know-where.
  3. Marie Antoinette ... kirsten dunst plays the young queen of France in this much stylized movie helmed by my favorite (whoopie!) Sofia Coppola. check out kirsten on the latest Vogue as Marie here
  4. Little Children ... i wanna so watch this because it has got jennifer connelly and kate winslet. i am not sure who the heck is patrick wilson. the story sounds like a desperate housewives episode but it is not. it's supposed to be funny instead.
  5. The Departed ... hollywood remake of 'The Infernal Affairs' by mafia movie maestro, martin scorsese with a line-up that many don't even need to think twice of watching. there's leo, jack, matt... id' love to see how close is this remake to the original movie.
  6. The Guardian ... demi toy-boy Ashton Kutcher together with kevin costner in a movie that's about Coast Guards. Baywatch? i don't mind at all hehe...
  7. All the King's Men ... true story but a remake starring sean penn and jude law. this one might just put me to sleep and if it does, blame it to my curiosity and how much i adore jude law.
  8. The Black Dahlia ... josh harnett, aaron eckhart, hilary swank and a very cool title. don't think i need to say more. oh and maybe it is about time to see josh back in the movie biz?
  9. Hollywoodland ... quirky plot involving an investigator (adrien brody) and 50's TV Superman, George Reeves (ben affleck) and the affair he had with the wife (diane lane) of an MGM studio exec.
  10. Volver ... i heard Volver has got the most attention in Cannes recently. not surprising since the director, Pedro Almodovar, is famous for producing good stuff. think artsy, multi-layered, human drama & of cos, beautiful south americans.

There will be a lot more movies than just the above 10 but, really. Do you want me to talk about movie starring jessica simpson, will farrell, or stuff like, Saw III, The Night of the Living Dead - 3D, or The Grudge 2? gee...

some movie still images from the movie Babel. more [here]... enjoy.

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