Wednesday, September 6, 2006

Breaking News

listening to Coldplay's X&Y again this morning had reminded me how good the album is. i guess too much pop makes everything else nicer incl. josh groban's 'You raise me up' ...err...which is also semi-pop :p

Last monday's 'Prison Break' finale (8tv) got us glued to our tv. it was unbeknownst to us that that episode was a finale even after checking out the TV Guide section on some local dailies. and to top it off, there was this fucking annoying '8tv's Quickie' couple yapping away about anything but the episode they've just shown. incidentally, there was this new guy replacing adam, and his name is Kesh and he was all nerves. it was his first appearance on tv & the way they did it, it kinda make u think that 8tv is like some b-grade low-budget tv station. nonetheless, i must give him the credit where credit is due because he was actually a better 'speaker' than the 'gremlin' slash yapper gal next to him. geez...i don't even remember her name. she makes tv totally unexciting, unhip, & ugly. yeowchhh...who's da bitch!

back to the finale. it was a cliffhanger. the lots (FINALLY) escaped from the prison, and of cos, they're on the run. some got ditched, another got his hand chopped off, which he so deserved. i am puzzled as to why they did not kill him. Meantime, the attorney, Michael's brother ex, found out that the VP is still alive. whoo hoo.... how interesting is that? it was one of the better episodes for season one. i had discovered that season #2 took off in the states a couple of weeks back and, and i might get to see it, MINUS the annoying 'Quickies' *grin*

meantime, 'One in a Million' is officially the crappiest talent show on the planet earth. it is. i've seen India's version of American Idol when i was in mumbai. it was A LOT more entertaining than 'One in a Million'. many reasons from terrible camera angles, to mediocre live band, which i've to say contributes to the 'lousy performances' of the contestants. and, the judges. oh gosh...they've got remarks like, 'saya bagi nasihat. tak nak dengar sudah-lah!' to 'you'are fat, suki'. fuck these attention-seeking, borrrrring judges.

i am not sure if you guys heard of this but brad pitt announced very recently that “Angie and I will consider tying the knot when everyone else in the country who wants to be married is legally able.” Now, that's sexy.

i watched a pretty good HK movie last night on paid-tv, 'Breaking News' with simon yam, kelly whiny-cheng, & richie ren. i really like the movie. i was imagining a hollywood remake of it. i think it will be a blockbuster hit. hehe...


ps: i had a very bad experience in the gym yesterday in yoga class. i saw some gal's VA J-J! urgh...the class hasn't started but most of the girls, 3/4 of them darn kiasu, had started stretching and all, and then this one gal in her baby blue short shorts started stretching her leg on the floor and whoa! her *&^%$#$#@! tertayang to the PUBIC! i mean, public! yeeaccks! thereafter, i was so disturbed that i could not enjoy my yoga class as much as i wanted to. thankfully, it din affect my lunch. sigh.

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Anonymous said...

Yes i can't stand KESH also. i think any tom dick or harry can speak better than him