Saturday, September 23, 2006

smashin' clicking

i have always wanted an SLR camera for a very long time ever since i saw my uncle having one when i was only 7. yes, that is like not very long ago *giggles*

things have changed so much. it is the digital age for cameras and thus, the birth of Digital cameras (DUH!) and Digital SLR.

and, i am sooooooooooooo dying to own one.

yaknw. photography can be a very pretentious thing. really. you see, anyone can take good photos. they just have to click away until they snapped the best shots. wait. where am i goin' at .....

....... i want a DSLR! i love the Nikon D70 (see above). sigh... i'll whore for it if i can. anything! name it!

1 comment:

Paul Tan said...

I just got myself a D80.