Monday, September 4, 2006

Reality TV

There are many reasons that i like project runway. one of it is that the show inspires me.

"INSpiring?", asked a fren puzzled & mortified.

"Yeah. but not that it inspired me to dress like a woman!" was my instant reply & my quick defence of her slight suggestion in thinking that i, well, cross-dress. now that i thought about it, i should not be bothered in defending myself cos really, i am not into cross-dressing. the show is inspiring in a lot of sense. the creativity of each individual, how they cope with the stress i.e. how each contestant has to come out with a design in just one hour each episode can be fucking stress. it is not just the outfit but the whole creative direction that includes hair, make-up & accessories. i must admit that i am almost always thrill at seeing their 'creations' on the runway.

anywho, i am into the fifth episodes of Project Runway season #3, hosted by the beautiful, glamorous & owner of a very sexy pair of bronzed legs, supermodel/mom, Heidi Klum (Seal's a blardy lucky man). i have had my favorites from the first episode in this season and there were Keith Michael, Uli, Bradley & Alison. Keith Michael, however, turned out to be a jerk & a hoax. not only was he an arrogant SOB, he, well, literally won his designs by copying. it was a shocking revelation to think that he has the guts to do that after succeeding to brag about his design & trashed others ... i, now, think he did all that to mask his insecurity, which is quite moronic.

his departure relieved a lot of people in the competition, esp. laura cos i think laura hates his guts and possibly thought he was a threat to a lot of them incl. herself. him leaving had also given the opportunity for others to be more transparent, particularly, Michael Knight. i thought his design for Pam Grier, a hollywood icon in the 70s for the episode 'Iconic Statement', was stunning! he was very bold in colour choice and he has got vision in his work - that's a true designer. and to top it off, he doesn't have an ounce of air in the show. such a good boy.

on rockstar: supernova, i was devastated that Ryan Star had been cut last week! i reckon his ego killed him. tu lah pasal, jangan cakap besar! buat saja tak payah cakap banyak! siapa yang susah?

VMA 2006 was recently shown in the states and Madonna did not win a single moonman, which is quite surprising. and more surprising was Mr. #1 American Idol Clarkson walked away with a moonman for Best Female Video 'Breakaway'. What the....

there were many great performances that night, and from my research in the blogosphere, Beyonce nailed it. not Justin's opening act. neither did Shakira bootied her way in pleasing the audience. it was Beyonce's performance on her 2nd single, 'Ring the Alarm'. What the... fyi, it's a darn annoying song. somebody must give her a screaming queen award.

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