Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers Rawk!

No spoiler, so, don't y'all worry cos I understand many of you have not seen the movie judging from how difficult it is to get a tic at the theatre.

Thanks to Ad, we managed to get a couple of tics and watched it last night. And, boy, was I blown away! Michael Bay did not spoil my childhood (cartoon) to say the least although I do have a few complains such as the slutty looking actresses with glossy lipsticks & fake eyelashes (c'mon, computer hackers looking like Tara Reid with a fake British accent?) & of cos, those slow-mo Pearl Harbour moment. Yucks.

Despite all that, I would definitely watch it again because I love Bumblebee & Optimus Prime (I miss my Optimus Prime which I think I've stashed it away in mom's house somewhere.) And, did I mention how good Shia Le Bouf was? Kinda remind me of the young Tom Hanks.

Ok. I've got to stop.

Oh, did I forget? It's a five-thumbs up! :p

Thursday, June 28, 2007

"The Strangers"

Music from the movie:

1. Infatuation by Maroon 5
2. Number 1 by Goldfrapp
3. Tell Me What You Gonna Do by Joss Stone
4. Clothes Off by Gym Class Heroes
5. Oh My God by Mark Ronson feat. Lily Allen
6. What Comes Around Goes Around by Justin Timberlake
7. I Don't Trust Myself (with Loving You) by John Mayer
8. Rehab by Amy Winehouse
9. Bad Dream by Keane
10. Finally Made Me Happy by Macy Gray

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A wedding & a collection of Style.


The mere mention of that word usually will send shiver all the way down to my spine. No. I am not twice divorced, remarried multiple times jaded divorcee. It is just that Wedding is really not my favorite topic of this lifetime (someone will be very disappointed; mom included :p). Maybe not at this age where career is far more important than anything else. Seriously.

If the news of a wedding is delivered to me from a friend about another friend's wedding, then that is an entirely different story. More often than not, I would be like, "Oh cool! Who is that lucky guy/gal?"

When I got the news that Ad's good friend is tying the knot, I was like, Cool much. After months of research on the location of the wedding, I was told that it will be on an island. I was like, That's hot! And, I didn't mean that as bad news. Besides, I love the beach and I needed a vacation so the news came as a surprise and a relieve to the both of us especially after we've wrapped up a project recently - a darn good excuse to R&R. This will also be my first wedding by the beach. Nice. I am now just counting down the days when I could fully utilise the sun, the sea, and lots of iced cold coconuts or margaritas by the beach. Of cos, my camera will be of good use during the event, too *smile broadly*

Now. I have one problem. The dress code: "Smart Casual". Beach wedding, smart casual, first time, preferably white. Uh-oh.

Love the look but too "I'm-so-stealing-groom's-thunder". Sadly, no.

Hawt, or what? I will be thrown out not by the host but by Ad for wearing this. Besides, I haven't developed those darn sexy abs (yet). So, no.

Nah. Too preppy/geeky.

Like much. But, the leather jacket a bit too much, no?

I don't think I need to comment on this. Um, Maybe....Hawt, hawt, hawt :p

Love this look. Easily achievable, too. Hmm...KIV

I like! KIV.

Simple, stylish, I think this is it.

Sigh. I can't decide. I like the last three "look". Wanna help me decide? :)

If you are wondering, the above were selected from two of my fav. designers, namely DSquared & Bottega Venetta for its Spring 2008 collections. I've noticed that pencil pants, Hairspray inspired style aka the 70s style is in. So, very quickly download an episode of "That 70s show" and copy Topher Grace's or Ashton Kutcher's get up. You will not go wrong ... well except for that pair of hideous shorts worn by TG while roller skating in last week's episode. LOL.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sky Bar: "Top of the World?"

Shot some really bad pictures at the swanky but a tad overrated Sky Bar in Trader's Hotel, KL on Saturday night - still experimenting with my camera & I seriously need to invest on a Speedlight flash.

If you are wondering if Sky Bar lives up to it'a name sake, then I can safely tell you that no it did not. It is like a copy of Luna Bar over in Pacific Regency Service Apartment which in my opinion is much cooler. And, mind you, that's not only in style. Although we've got a really good spot with a fantastic view of KLCC but it was too hot for comfort. Word of advise if you are heading there: Do not sit by the glass perimeter facing gorgeous view of KLCC cos it is very hot. The only consolation for the night has got to be the music which was seriously good.

Top to bottom:

1. Winne singing the blues. 2. Bren singing "Leaving on a Jetplane". 3. Ad & Bren. 4. Bren posing for me (Check out KL Tower on the right). 5. Ad doing hip hop. Erm... 6. Sky Bar this is not. Should be called Hot Sky Bar. 7. Winne, Audrey & William. 8. "Cheers!" 9. The pool. We all wish we could take off our clothes and jump right in. 10. KLCC take one. 11. More cheers! 12. KLCC take two.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Eat, Drink & ... Drive

I rolled out of bed this morning and promptly got changed after shower cos I was going to be late for work. Before leaving the house, I managed to warm up a cupcake that chatty_Jane had baked the night before. She had aptly called them, "my protocol cupcakes". Cute much.

I picked the dark chocolate piece (out the the 3 she had given me) adorned with tiny little hearts in blue, pink and yellow. A little "girly" I thought but that is chatty_Jane. As I took out the cupcake, warm and soft now, from the microwave oven, I very quickly licked the top that was layered with Lindt dark chocolate. It was ... HEAVENLY. But, at the back of my mind, I need to hurry cos I was really, really late.

Yes. I ate the rest of the cupcake in my car. While driving.

"Eew", some might say. But, seriously I was just multi-tasking. Have you not eaten anything while driving before? No, don't get me wrong. I love my car. I would not smear it with Lindt dark chocolates all over the steering wheel (mm mmmm) or stained my upholstery with food. It's just that when you are rushing, you want to kill two birds with one stone :p

In the past, I had eaten burgers, fries, and nuggets (drinks notwithstanding). My record was eating erm, fried chicken wings while driving back in college days. Call me irresponsible but bear in mind no (touch wood) human nor animal is harmed during this highly dangerous "stunt".

Well, except a chicken.


Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Desperate Parenting

I had this conversation with my nephews last week.

"So. Have you guys seen Pirates of the Caribbean 3?"

"Yeah." They both answered unanimously.

"Did you like it?"

The younger one replied, "Yeah. It's very nice"

I frowned and looked at him, "What do you mean? Were you scared at all? Could you understand the story?"

They were confused and unsure how to answer me.

"It was too long and too much love stories going on between that dude and that girl." said the older one who is in Standard 5 this year.

"Yeah. Too much saccharine but not too overbearing, no?"

They looked at me even more confused.

"It's like Desperate Housewives." the older one replied.

"Huh? You watch?"

"No. I guess it is. But you know my friends watch it," he looked at me conspiratorially and waited for my response.

"I don't think it is suitable for them, no?"

"YEAH! So unfair!" he exclaimed and pout.

I simply smiled and thought about his exclamation, "Unfair?" I supposed he didn't get to talk about it in school. What baffles me after my conversation with the boys is that how could parents actually allowed their kids to watch such TV series without adult's supervision. Can you imagine when they have grown they aspired to be like Edie? Or, worse, that loser, Susan. I might sound like a boring uncle, but I do not want my nieces or nephews to grow up wanting to be a desperate housewives or husbands whose goals in lives is to get laid.

Also, I think parents should be more responsible by controlling their children the type of shows they could or could not watch. No?

Saturday, June 16, 2007


Err...Ok, he is neither a dad nor hot. Jangan salah faham. LOL

Thursday, June 14, 2007

All Gay Men Are Stylish?

Reading has become such rarity for me past months what with all the "I'm so busy" excuses lately. Since the hand over of our project, (post-mortem work aside), I am a tad freer than before. And, I have finally found time to read, which is really my favourite past times...and play with my new "baby" :p, catching up with all the tv series that we've missed, among other things. Life *sigh*.

I have recently added Photography journals and magazines in my ever growing numbers of magazines of different genres - cooking, Interior Design, fashion, lifestyle magazines, female & gossips. Yeah, we love to read. No, actually we are more attracted to the glossy magazines than reading it, really. But, I reckon Ad has taken out gossip/thrashy mags since the inception of E-News on channel 76 on Astro. Just so you know, it really is my least favourite channel unless I've nothing much to watch cos how much of gossips can one take in a day, man?

Goss aside, these are some articles I've read today that I find it amusing, inspiring, entertaining and baffling. This particular article extricated from this month's Detail's magazine pique my interest to write about it.

Who Says All Gay Men Are Stylish? -By Katherine Wheeloch

The idea that all homosexuals are fashionable is bull—just look at all the friends of Dorothy who dress like they're still in Kansas. Tell us what you think about the myth of gay style below.

According to a perception that clings to popular culture like a sparkly barnacle, a visit to a predominantly gay neighborhood should yield style enlightenment. Going to the West Side enclave of Chelsea in New York should be like strolling the via Montenapoleone, in Milan. Fashion-challenged men and women should flock to these places and take notes.
Tracing the roots of this myth is easy.

The Stylish Gay Man is at least as old as the Magical Negro, and older than the Nerdy Asian. Since time began, homosexuality has been associated with aesthetic acumen. It's a reasonable generalization—one that Edward II, Quentin Crisp, Liberace, and others did little to weaken, and one that understandably sashayed into the late 20th century and the early 21st; most of the openly gay men American society first accepted as public figures were clothing designers.

"This idea comes from how awareness of homosexuals grew over the last 40 or 50 years," says designer Isaac Mizrahi. "To someone who only knew of three gay people, it looked like all gay men were stylish."

But even now that the confetti from the gay-makeover party has settled, the myth of the Stylish Gay Man persists. William Sledd, a 23-year-old Gap manager from Paducah, Kentucky, just signed a deal with Bravo to do an online, critic-at-large—style show based on his video blog, "Ask a Gay Man." This spring it blew up as the fourth-most-subscribed-to video blog on YouTube. Sledd has a side-swept haircut like Clay Aiken and often wears a tight argyle sweater or a slogan T-shirt. He says things like "What's up with all the black? I don't think there are enough pink ninjas in the world." He's entertaining. But what makes him a style expert—besides the fact that he's gay?

"Schooling and exposure determine your ability to say what looks good and what doesn't look good, not your sexual preference," Mizrahi says. "It's like saying all black people have rhythm."

And as a walk through Chelsea demonstrates—in the spring, it's often a visual smorgasbord of pink polo shirts skimming potbellies, patch-bedecked denim jackets, and silvery sneakers worn with an 11-year-old girl's naive enthusiasm—the idea that homosexual males have more style sense than any other category of human beings is patently untrue. If you were picking teams, kickball-at-recess-style, for a fashion championship, who would you call first dibs on? Lance Bass, George Clooney, Alan Cumming, Jay-Z, Rufus Wainwright, or Brad Pitt?

Take your time. (Read on)

My say:

There are people, gay guys specifically, who are offended by this article. But, seriously. Simply because you are gay, you are stylish?

That is a generalisation that many gay men would like to think/believe in but many times, it is really more myth than truth. I have seen many disastrous fashion faux pax committed by local gay men in the clubs, gyms, and on the street for that matter. Loud colour, bling bling, mismatch bags and shoes i.e. over size branded bags, or belt just to flaunt IS NOT fashionable just so you know. And, do not get me started on supertight Tees fit for a 10 year-old worn on a pot-bellied 40 year-old man. On bright daylight! Or, yellow Crocs!

Is this stylish to you?

Sigh. I am not saying I'm a fashionista with damn good taste. I am, in no way, saying all gay men have bad taste, too. There are some gay men who have impeccable taste and manners out there and more often than not their styles are usually more subtle than it is loud.

Ultimately, it is your upbringing, schooling and a person's creativity when it comes to being stylish and I truly agree with Mizrahi. Is Brad Pitt stylish? Yes. Is he gay? No.

I rest my case.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007


This is cute. And, if you like this you will like The Bitter Stickgal's comic. Her stuff is tongue-in-cheek with a very strong message behind each drawing. I especially love "I Love Claypot Frog Porridge".

Stick Man in Action

Monday, June 11, 2007

Goo-goo Ga-ga

From Top - Bottom: 1.) "I think I want a kid, too." 2.) Goo-goo ga ga. 3.) "Ooo I'm cuter! I'm cuter! Baby, move away!" said Bren. 4.) "Put me down! Put me down, you horrible vain pot!" cried the baby. 5.) "I'm the UL-TA-Q-MAN!" 6.) Hello reflection! 7.) "Chiak!" 8.) "Ahhh...much better." 9.) "I wanna play! I wanna play" 10.) My version of angry.

Tuesday, June 5, 2007

3 Days in June

The first 3 days in June, we experimented quite a bit with our new "toy". Ladies and gentlemen, let me present you, unabashedly, the stuff that we've clicked ... so far :p