Saturday, June 30, 2007

Transformers Rawk!

No spoiler, so, don't y'all worry cos I understand many of you have not seen the movie judging from how difficult it is to get a tic at the theatre.

Thanks to Ad, we managed to get a couple of tics and watched it last night. And, boy, was I blown away! Michael Bay did not spoil my childhood (cartoon) to say the least although I do have a few complains such as the slutty looking actresses with glossy lipsticks & fake eyelashes (c'mon, computer hackers looking like Tara Reid with a fake British accent?) & of cos, those slow-mo Pearl Harbour moment. Yucks.

Despite all that, I would definitely watch it again because I love Bumblebee & Optimus Prime (I miss my Optimus Prime which I think I've stashed it away in mom's house somewhere.) And, did I mention how good Shia Le Bouf was? Kinda remind me of the young Tom Hanks.

Ok. I've got to stop.

Oh, did I forget? It's a five-thumbs up! :p


Legolas said...

I'm not very fond of Transformers somehow. My childhood was about some other things which I can't remember. Maybe studies? Does that mean my childhood was spoilt? Haha.

Will try to catch it if there's time.

Rodrigo said...

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