Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A wedding & a collection of Style.


The mere mention of that word usually will send shiver all the way down to my spine. No. I am not twice divorced, remarried multiple times jaded divorcee. It is just that Wedding is really not my favorite topic of this lifetime (someone will be very disappointed; mom included :p). Maybe not at this age where career is far more important than anything else. Seriously.

If the news of a wedding is delivered to me from a friend about another friend's wedding, then that is an entirely different story. More often than not, I would be like, "Oh cool! Who is that lucky guy/gal?"

When I got the news that Ad's good friend is tying the knot, I was like, Cool much. After months of research on the location of the wedding, I was told that it will be on an island. I was like, That's hot! And, I didn't mean that as bad news. Besides, I love the beach and I needed a vacation so the news came as a surprise and a relieve to the both of us especially after we've wrapped up a project recently - a darn good excuse to R&R. This will also be my first wedding by the beach. Nice. I am now just counting down the days when I could fully utilise the sun, the sea, and lots of iced cold coconuts or margaritas by the beach. Of cos, my camera will be of good use during the event, too *smile broadly*

Now. I have one problem. The dress code: "Smart Casual". Beach wedding, smart casual, first time, preferably white. Uh-oh.

Love the look but too "I'm-so-stealing-groom's-thunder". Sadly, no.

Hawt, or what? I will be thrown out not by the host but by Ad for wearing this. Besides, I haven't developed those darn sexy abs (yet). So, no.

Nah. Too preppy/geeky.

Like much. But, the leather jacket a bit too much, no?

I don't think I need to comment on this. Um, Maybe....Hawt, hawt, hawt :p

Love this look. Easily achievable, too. Hmm...KIV

I like! KIV.

Simple, stylish, I think this is it.

Sigh. I can't decide. I like the last three "look". Wanna help me decide? :)

If you are wondering, the above were selected from two of my fav. designers, namely DSquared & Bottega Venetta for its Spring 2008 collections. I've noticed that pencil pants, Hairspray inspired style aka the 70s style is in. So, very quickly download an episode of "That 70s show" and copy Topher Grace's or Ashton Kutcher's get up. You will not go wrong ... well except for that pair of hideous shorts worn by TG while roller skating in last week's episode. LOL.


Legolas said...

The second last looks alright, but need to change the top a bit. Change to a short sleeve casual shirt. My silly opinion. :-)

savante said...

What about the hot red shorts? :P

ethnwg said...

legolas: i quite like that too; besides, it's not that difficult to look for similar stuff ard town :p tks!

savante: i'd prefer taking him back to the hotel room, instead. LOL. i believe that's Chad (White) :P

Mel said...

Well... the last one looks good and I think it suits you. Old british school boy look~ Like a Gentleman. *smile*

ethnwg said...

hey mel! tks for the advice. it is between that or the pic before that.... i dunno. i haven't started shoppin' yet. i'd do it sometime next wk

can u feel my excitement?


Mel said...

*smile* Shopping is always fun provided that my bank account doesn't go red broke... Again, if I am doing the picking, I will still go for the last one. I love the clean neat look~ ties blar blar blar, nice outfit for the winter season. *hmmm* I guess I need another coat to keep me warm. *smile* Having said so, I will think twice if I have to wear it in a humid + hot KL... I don't feel like sweating in that~ *smile*

Mr Wanna said...

I think the second last one is a good bet. One seldom go wrong in skin tone hues. Besides, wouldn't having a tie like in the last picture be a bit too much? No?