Sunday, June 24, 2007

Sky Bar: "Top of the World?"

Shot some really bad pictures at the swanky but a tad overrated Sky Bar in Trader's Hotel, KL on Saturday night - still experimenting with my camera & I seriously need to invest on a Speedlight flash.

If you are wondering if Sky Bar lives up to it'a name sake, then I can safely tell you that no it did not. It is like a copy of Luna Bar over in Pacific Regency Service Apartment which in my opinion is much cooler. And, mind you, that's not only in style. Although we've got a really good spot with a fantastic view of KLCC but it was too hot for comfort. Word of advise if you are heading there: Do not sit by the glass perimeter facing gorgeous view of KLCC cos it is very hot. The only consolation for the night has got to be the music which was seriously good.

Top to bottom:

1. Winne singing the blues. 2. Bren singing "Leaving on a Jetplane". 3. Ad & Bren. 4. Bren posing for me (Check out KL Tower on the right). 5. Ad doing hip hop. Erm... 6. Sky Bar this is not. Should be called Hot Sky Bar. 7. Winne, Audrey & William. 8. "Cheers!" 9. The pool. We all wish we could take off our clothes and jump right in. 10. KLCC take one. 11. More cheers! 12. KLCC take two.


savante said...

Whoever William is, he's hot. Why didn't he take off his shirt and dive into the pool?!

ethnwg said...

tsk tsk

paul, dat's ms. audrey's bf. see no touch.